Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4753 The real meaning of system call

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Before the Virgin of Lishan and the Virgin of Wudang merged, the Virgin of Lishan had already cut out the good corpse and the obsessive corpse, and practiced both to the perfect state, thereby breaking through the peak of the real fairyland.

After merging with the Virgin of Wudang, everything of the two can be integrated, and the realm of the Virgin of Wudang has skyrocketed.


If the Virgin of Wudang cut out the evil corpse, or if the Virgin of Lishan cut out the corpse of goodness and obsession, perhaps, at this time, the Virgin of Wudang had already broken through the quasi-immortal king realm.

Even so, the Virgin of Wudang is not far from cutting out the corpse and breaking through the quasi-immortal king realm, only the last layer of film is missing.

Perhaps, it won't be long before the Immortal Virgin can break through the realm of the quasi-immortal king.

For a time, Qin Yi couldn't help but feel turbulent.

"Maybe this is the real meaning of system summoning?"

A thought suddenly appeared in Qin Yi's mind, which quickly took over the whole mind.

For Maitreya Buddha, Our Lady of Wudang, Antarctic Immortal Weng and other beings above the real fairyland, the help of the Godless Dynasty to them, except for providing enough cultivation resources, is not much help.

The blessing of luck that does not fall into the gods has little effect on the existence that has broken through the real fairyland.

Although today's Buluoshen Dynasty is gradually occupying the entire five realms, and the luck is still improving, it still does not have much blessing for the existence of the true fairyland.

This is not because of the luck of not falling into the gods, it has no effect on the real fairyland powerhouse.

But because the blessing of luck needed by the real fairyland powerhouse is too huge, with the continuous expansion of the Godless Dynasty, more and more powerhouses join the Godless Dynasty, and their strength is getting stronger and stronger.

This also leads to the weakening of the blessing of luck that every person who does not fall into the gods will get the blessing of luck. In addition, more and more people who will not fall into the real fairyland will break through the real fairyland, so that the real fairyland powerhouses who will not fall into the gods will not be able to get Such a huge blessing of luck before.

Wudang Virgin, Antarctic Immortal Weng and other retinues are no exception.

Although compared with the local true immortals of the five realms such as the Great Wuji Buddha, the cultivation speed of many servants such as the Wudang Virgin is much faster.

But compared with before breaking through the real fairyland, it is naturally not the same.

However, now, Qin Yi has found an opportunity to rapidly improve the cultivation of many squires.

Imagine, if Qin Yi recruits a Wudang Virgin or Lishan Virgin again, and then merges with the Wudang Virgin, the Wudang Virgin may break the bottleneck and directly break through the quasi-immortal king realm.

Or, if Qin Yi recruits another Maitreya Buddha, Maitreya Buddha can also break through the quasi-immortal king realm.

Even if enough Styx Sect Masters are recruited, it is not impossible for Styx Sect Master to complete a breakthrough, prove the Dao of Hunyuan Daluo Jinxian, and achieve the honor of the Immortal King.

Of course, it is not easy for Qin Yi to achieve what he wants.

After all, the system is linked to countless worlds and infinite timelines of countless worlds, and the number of entourages that can be recruited is like the number of Hengsha, and the number of people is incalculable.

In this case, Qin Yi wants to continuously recruit the same existence, the probability is small, one can imagine.

Qin Yi was able to recruit the Virgin of Lishan, and it was a blessing to invite the Virgin to complete the breakthrough.


Qin Yi wants to use this method to make the cultivation of the strong under his command advance by leaps and bounds, which is not easy.

Qin Yi was not discouraged, no matter what, it was also a way to improve the strength of the strong under his command.

It can be used whenever there is a chance to recruit the same being.

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