Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4712 retreat

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In Qin Yi's view, even if the immortal master Jingtai and others suppressed the Unfallen Dynasty, their means would not be too much, and they would not cause the Unfallen Dynasty to suffer too much loss. process, so that the Fushen Dynasty will not get out of control, beyond their control.

In fact, even if the Immortal Master Jingtai and others did not suppress the Godless Dynasty, Qin Yi would not let the Godless Dynasty quickly occupy the entire five realms.

After all, before that, Buluo Shen Dynasty only controlled the Eastern Border Territory.

Even the Eastern Frontier is not fully under control. Only half of the Eastern Frontier is under the control of the Godless Dynasty.

In the final analysis, there is not enough talent pool for the Godless Dynasty. This is not only because the number of strong people is not enough, but also because the number of civilians in the Godless Dynasty is not enough.

Zhuge Liang, Zhang Liang, and other top civil servants who did not fall into the shadows, the number is actually enough.

Just like Zhuge Liang, with his ability, there is no problem in governing the entire Eastern Frontier.

But the crux of the problem is that the number of low-level and middle-level civil servants is far from enough. Without enough medium and low-level civil servants, even with the abilities of Zhuge Liang and Zhang Liang, it is impossible to manage a realm.

Make bricks without straw.

Zhuge Liang, Zhang Liang and the others could never do everything by themselves, and even if they had broken through the quasi-tianzun realm now, they wouldn't have so much energy.

If Zhuge Liang and others were to forcibly manage a realm, not to mention that it would slow down their cultivation and prevent them from breaking through the virtual fairyland in a short period of time.

I am afraid that Zhuge Liang will once again end up in a dead end because of exhausting his energy. Zhang Liang and other top civil servants are no exception.

After all, each of the five realms has as many worlds as Hengsha, and each world has billions of creatures, how troublesome it is to manage.

All kinds of trivial things are endless.

All kinds of things are intertwined, even Zhuge Liang and others will be exhausted.

Even if the forces of all parties in the five realms surrendered to the Buluoshen Dynasty, many strong people, including the civil servants of many forces, all surrendered to the Buluoshen Dynasty.

But in fact, there are not too many civil servants who can be used for the dynasty.

Although bound by the Great Dao Oath, it is impossible for these civil servants from other realms to betray and not fall into the dynasty.

But the ideas that these civil servants uphold are likely to run counter to the Buluoshen Dynasty, and they need to go through a series of training before they can truly be used by the Buluoshen Dynasty.

All, these civil servants still need a period of training.

Only when there are enough civil servants in the middle and low levels of the Godless Dynasty, can the Godless Dynasty continue to expand and truly control the five realms.

At this stage, even if they don't fall into the gods, they can temporarily rely on Qin Yi's power, as well as many powerful people in the five realms, such as the Great Wuji Buddha, to control the five realms.

This is not supposed to happen. Once it lasts for too long, it is easy to have things beyond your control.

However, due to the insufficient number of civil servants in the Godless Dynasty, the shortage of mid-to-high-end powerhouses, and many problems such as the fact that the powerhouses in the five major realms have not completely returned to their hearts, this situation can only be maintained temporarily.

Of course, these things are not a problem. As long as there is enough time and enough civil servants are cultivated in the Buluo Shen Dynasty, these things can be solved little by little.

Moreover, with Qin Yi's suppression of the Great Dao of the Heavens, there will be minor chaos in the Godless Dynasty, but there will be no major chaos.

Not to mention, Qin Yi has already solved the restriction that the real fairyland cannot appear in the five realms.

For example, Antarctic Immortal Weng, Wudang Notre Dame and others have already broken through the realm of half-step true immortals. Standing at the peak level of virtual fairyland, they may take the last step at any time and break through true fairyland.

Perhaps, in the next moment, the Antarctic Xianweng and others have already broken through the real fairyland, and by then, the dynasty will be as stable as Mount Tai.

Furthermore, even if Qin Yi didn't make a move, there would still be Styx Sect Master and Maitreya Buddha's suppression background. Even if a quasi-immortal king made a move, he would not be afraid. Suppressing the five realms would be extremely easy.

Even if a true demon, and the people behind it, want to target the Godless Dynasty and the Godly Dynasty, there will not be too many problems.

"In this way, continue to retreat and practice."

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

With the Hunyuan Star Relic Golden Pill, the practice of the deity can also be smoother.

Although Qin Yi's deity has condensed the supreme immortal body, his immortal body is only initially condensed. If he takes three Hunyuan star relics, it is enough to make Qin Yi's immortal body stronger.

Even, it is not necessarily impossible to set foot in the small realm of "Nine Turns Emperor's Immortal Body", and with the power of the flesh, it is possible to compete with the existence of the ordinary middle stage of the real fairyland.

Of course, it is not possible to do this with only three Hunyuan star relics, but Qin Yi can spend Slaughter Points to exchange for some body refining elixir, which can be used in conjunction with the Hunyuan star relics to make his body reach a higher level. level.

Similarly, the more tyrannical the body is, the more convenient Qin Yi can practice.

At the level of the true fairyland, the soul and the body are integrated, and the body is a raft of suffering. The tyrannical body can feed back the soul and make the transformation of the soul faster.

Qin Yi's divine soul was already on the verge of condensing the supreme immortal soul. After the body became stronger, he fed back the divine soul, and Qin Yi's speed of condensing the supreme immortal soul would be faster.

As long as Qin Yi condenses the supreme fairy soul, he can break through the real fairyland.

With the help of the system disc, Qin Yi's realm has already reached the level of the real fairyland. As long as he gathers the supreme fairy soul, Qin Yi has fulfilled all the requirements for promotion to the real fairyland, and he will naturally be able to break through the real fairyland.

Therefore, to a certain extent, the Hunyuan Star Relic Golden Pill is of great use to Qin Yi's breakthrough.


Qin Yi moved, turned into a streamer, left the secret realm of enlightenment, passed through countless void dimensions, and came to a secret realm in the deepest part of Tianyao Continent.

In this secret realm, there is nothing else, only a 999-storey attic made of purple jade, standing here.

Pieces of glazed and purple jade tiles bloomed with dazzling light, and countless divine patterns lingered around them, as if being clocked by heaven and earth, the thing that the Dao was most inclined to.

The fluctuations of the Avenue of Time came from this attic, as if shaking the river of time.

This attic is the space-time cultivation attic.

As Qin Yi accumulates more and more killing experience, Qin Yi can also keep the space-time training pavilion open and open the maximum time flow rate.

Although doing so, it is consuming Qin Yi's killing experience all the time.

But because Qin Yi didn't use the killing experience to improve his cultivation for a long time, all the killing experience was saved and used to open the space-time cultivation pavilion.

In addition, Qin Yi will also gain a lot of killing experience when he completes many system tasks, conquers many forces, and kills many powerhouses, so he can keep the space-time cultivation pavilion open.

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