Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4701 Monster Race Heavenly Court Powerhouse

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"Ding! Congratulations to the host for recruiting Luo Xuan, Liu Huan."

This is the result of the second and third squire summons.

"Luo Xuan, Liu Huan?"

Qin Yi raised his brows with a puzzled look on his face. Luo Xuan's name is relatively familiar to these two names, but he is somewhat unfamiliar with the name Liu Huan.

"Character: Luo Xuan;

Identity: The **** of fire in the Heavenly Court of the Mythical World of Fengshen, Xingjun of Fire Dexter in the Southern Three Qis, Xingjun of Fire Dexterity, Immortal in Flames;

Realm: Jinxian Great Perfection Realm (the peak of the quasi-tianzun realm);

Weapons: Huode Xingjian, Feiyan Sword, Wulong Wheel, Wanli Qiyunyan, Zhaotian Yin, Wanya Pot, etc.;

Martial arts: the law of the heavens and the earth, three heads and six arms, controlling the fire of the sky, etc.;

Talent: AA. "

"Character: Liu Huan;

Identity: The **** of fire of the Heavenly Court in the mythical world of Fengshen, and a Qi practitioner on Jiulong Island;

Realm: Late Golden Wonderland (Eighth Realm of the Emperor);

Weapons: Fire Star Sword, Cloud and Smoke Arrow, Fire Bow and Arrow, etc.;

Martial arts: control the sky fire, fire virtue cloud smoke art, gods, demons, fire gods, etc.;

Talent: AA. "

Luo Xuan was a man with red hair and red eyebrows, wearing a red Taoist robe, and his body was surrounded by endless flames. Liu Huan followed behind him, with a slightly thin body and a red divine bow on his back.

"It turned out to be these two."

There was a flash of surprise in Qin Yi's eyes. Luo Xuan and Liu Huan were both Qi cultivators from Jiulong Island, and they were senior brothers.

Luo Xuan even showed extremely tyrannical combat power in the Conferred God Battle. He once burned Xiqi, defeated Huang Tianhua, and was later named Huo De Zhenjun. He became one of the people who spoke to the heavens, and his status was equivalent to Wen Zhong Zai Lei. Ministry status.

And Liu Huan is Luo Xuan's younger brother, and he is also a Qi cultivator on Jiulong Island. Although Luo Xuan's performance is not as bright, but after the Conferred God Battle, he was also named one of the righteous gods of the Fire Department.

Of course, the cultivation bases of the two are not too high. Luo Xuan, who has a higher cultivation base, only has the cultivation base of the peak of the quasi-tianzun realm, just like Wen Zhong who was just summoned.

However, like Wen Zhong, Luo Xuan himself stood at the pinnacle of the Quasi-Heavenly Venerable Realm, and he could quickly break the shackles of the peak of the Quasi-Heavenly Venerable Realm with the help of the collision between the cultivation system of the mythical world of Fengshen and the cultivation system of the Heavens and Myriad Realms.

Before long, Luo Xuan can break through the virtual fairyland.

Therefore, the results of these two summons were not too bad.


Suddenly, a vast demonic energy gushed out of the space channel, filling the void, evolving a roaring ancient beast, and the ancient and wild aura permeated the four directions.

I saw a ferocious beast with a white head and bare feet, like a monkey, stepping out of the space passage.

Behind him is a big bird with nine heads and countless ghosts.

The auras of the two are extremely tyrannical, wrapped in monstrous demonic energy and boundless blood, as if shaking the entire system space.

Luo Xuan and Liu Huan's faces changed slightly, their bodies were shaky, as if they could not bear this momentum, their breath fluctuated constantly, and they seemed to sink into the demonic aura.

"My Buddha is merciful!"

At this moment, a Buddha's horn sounded, awakening Luo Xuan and several other squires under the virtual fairyland, and the dazzling Buddha light shrouded them, which saved Luo Xuan and others from sinking into the demonic aura.

"Thank you Maitreya Buddha for helping."

Luo Xuan and the others looked to the side, it was Maitreya Buddha who took action to protect them and couldn't help thanking them.

"Good, good."

Maitreya Buddha nodded and smiled, revealing a warm smile.

However, he looked at the two beasts in the space passage with a haze in his eyes.

He wouldn't care too much about these two monster powerhouses, but he couldn't care less about the existence behind them.

"Demon Emperor Jun, Dong Huang Taiyi."

Maitreya Buddha's eyes were condensed. These two masters of the demon clan's heavenly court in the prehistoric era were not simple characters. They dominated the demon clan and competed with the witch clan in the prehistoric era.

Although these two beings have not attained the sage's dao fruit, they are also the most arrogant beings in the quasi-sacred realm. They cut off three corpses and set foot in the quasi-sage's great perfection. There is only half a step left to achieve the sage's fruit. distance.

Even the Maitreya Buddha itself is not as good as the masters of these two monsters.

Among the Buddhist sects of the entire Journey to the West myth world, apart from the two supreme saints who are hidden from the world, only the World Honored Sakyamuni, the Tathagata Buddha, can be compared with the demon emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi.

In addition, even he himself, as well as the past Buddha of Xitian Buddhism, the ancient Buddha of burning a lamp, are inferior to the two demon emperor Jun.

In particular, Donghuang Taiyi, who holds the Chaos Bell in his hand, is the first person under the saints in the world of Honghuang mythology.

Even the World Honored Sakyamuni once said frankly that he was no match for Donghuang Taiyi who held the Chaos Clock, and within a few moves, he would definitely lose.

Facing Dong Huang Taiyi holding the Chaos Bell, only the Sage Supreme can defeat him.

Although there is a reason for this innate treasure, the Chaos Bell, the power of Donghuang Taiyi is beyond doubt.

After all, being able to obtain and use the Chaos Bell is also part of Donghuang Taiyi's strength.

Donghuang Taiyi and Demon Emperor Jun, these are the existences that Maitreya Buddha is afraid of, and also the existence behind these two demon powerhouses.

Although at this moment, the demon emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi have not been recruited by Qin Yi to come to this world, but two demon clan heavenly powerhouses appear one after another, and there may not be no shadow of the two demon clan heavenly rulers behind them.

Moreover, from Qin Yi's body, Maitreya Buddha also felt a trace of the breath of the two demon clan rulers.


The demonic energy surged, causing a storm to spread across the sky.

Qin Yi looked at the two demon figures in front of the space passage, and his expression changed slightly.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for recruiting the ghost car, Zhu Yan."

The prompt sound of the system also sounded, this is the result of the fourth and fifth squire summons.

"Character: Ghost Car;

Identity: One of the Ten Great Demon Commanders of the Heavenly Court of the Demon Clan in the World of Prehistoric Mythology, the Patriarch of the Fierce Beast Ghost Car Clan;

Realm: Daluo Jinxian early stage (virtual fairyland early stage);

Weapons: ghost car star wheel, ghost car armor, etc.;

Martial arts: law the sky and the earth, control the poisonous gas, swallow the sky and devour the earth, rebirth from a drop of blood, etc.;

Talent: S. "

"Character: Zhu Yan;

Identity: One of the Ten Great Demon Commanders of the Heavenly Court of the Demon Clan in the World of Prehistoric Mythology, the Patriarch of the Zhuyan Clan of Fierce Beasts;

Realm: the middle stage of Daluo Jinxian (the middle stage of virtual fairyland);

Weapons: Tiantian Stick, Hundred Iron Demon Ape Armor, etc.;

Martial arts: Law of Heaven and Earth, Rebirth from a Drop of Blood, Acupoint Martial Arts, Heaven Shaking Stick Technique, etc.;

Talent: S. "


Qin Yi nodded in satisfaction, and they were two immortal gods. They were not particularly powerful, but they also had a certain growth in the background of the Fushen Dynasty.

After all, both Guiche and Zhu Yan have the potential to break through the quasi-sacred realm, that is, the real fairyland.

"Chen Zhu Yan (Ghost Car), I see Your Majesty, and I am willing to serve His Majesty!"

Zhu Yan and the two walked on foot, came to Qin Yi, bowed and bowed, and the sound shook the world.

"Get up quickly."

Qin Yi stretched out his hand again, and an invisible force lifted Zhu Yan and the two up.

Zhu Yan and the two bowed again, then walked behind Qin Yi, half a step behind Maitreya Buddha, and lined up with Huang Zhong and others.

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