Supremacy Games - Chapter 1189 Nimo’s Awakening!

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Chapter 1189 Nimo’s Awakening!

Without further ado, Felix teleported back to the nearest cliff and beamed one of the roes on the ground, planning to study and hopefully cook it right now.

So, he would plan another stealing attempt if they were worth the trouble.

"Without the UVR, it's impossible to find the best recipe." Felix said out loud as he scanned the transparent roes.

"It's best if you eat the first one raw." Lady Sphinx advised him, "This will help you understand if those roes can provide some benefits. Cooking merely enhances those beneficial effects not create them out of nothing."


Felix's expression turned a bit revolted at the thought of eating those roes uncooked.

Felix was used to going beyond and above for the sake of strength, but this was still a tad too much...Especially when those roes are even bigger than dragons' eggs.

"Stop being a b*tch and eat it. It's just a big version of caviar." Asna teased.

"Caviar my ass..." Felix mumbled in annoyance as he manifested a crystalized knife and a plate...Then, he cut a big piece of the roes and placed it on his plate.

The moment he brought the plate near his mouth, he was assaulted by a nasty smell that triggered his gag reflexes.

'Come on, you have eaten much more disgusting stuff for less.'

Felix encouraged himself and finally took a huge bite from the gooey transparent red caviar...He swallowed it immediately without bothering to chew it even once.

"How do you feel?" Lady Sphinx asked.

"Sick..." Felix wiped his mouth with a pale complexion like he was just forced to eat dog sh*t.

"You better eat more then."

Felix knew that there was no escaping from this, so instead of prolonging his misery, he decided to use his size manipulation to get this done as quickly as possible.

He increased his size to the point the roe resembled a chicken egg in an adult's hand...Then, he threw it in his mouth and swallowed it whole.

After waiting for a few moments, Felix began to feel like his intestine was holding into a flood!

"It gave me f*cking instant Diarrhea!"

Felix used his poison manipulation to clean his intestine, knowing that he couldn't afford to reduce his size before doing it.

He refused to take a sh*t in the open with his massive size while knowing that many Elementals were having their eyes on him.


Meanwhile, Asna was having the best time in her life as she laughed at his miserable situation.

After five minutes of having his intestine filled and then cleaned by him, Felix finally was given a break.


He landed on his back and kept huffing with great difficulty like he was fighting his own demons.

When the pain finally went away and he was able to focus on other things, Felix realized that he had gotten a bit stronger physically!

He swiftly reduced his size and beamed a physical testing machine. Without an ounce of hesitation, he punched it with everything he got, causing the nearby water waves to get pushed back by the shockwave!

"425, 541 BF!" Felix uttered with a shocked expression as he read the final calculated number...His strength had been increased by a whopping five thousand BF from a single uncooked roe!


Felix beamed the remaining roes and looked at them with an ecstatic expression, seeming like he didn't care anymore about the horrible taste or the stench.

"Five thousand BF from one roe is really something." Asna asked, "Will you get the same if you eat the rest?"

"Doubtful, such benefits from food lose their properties on the same user faster than anything else consumed." Lady Sphinx replied.

Still, Felix wasn't dishearted by the news as he knew that he would be getting stronger either way.

Without delay, Felix increased his size again and threw the remaining roes in his mouth at once like he was eating pills.

After swallowing everything with a twisted expression, he sat down on the ground in a meditation position, awaiting the monster to awaken in his bowels.

'Have mercy on me...' He prayed to the higher powers as he felt his stomach starting to act up.


Fifteen minutes later...

Felix could be seen lying on his back with a deathly pale complexion and a horrified traumatic expression.

"It's over...It's finally over..." He spoke with a rugged voice like he had lost it in a session of concert screaming.


Before he could do anything to heal himself, the Firestone effect activated and began absorbing large quantities of neutral energy to fuel his swift recovery.

In a few moments at best, Felix had returned to his top condition.

"It better be worth that agony." Felix wished as he prepared to test his new strength at the machine.<.com>


With one strike carrying everything he got, Felix pulled back, leaving smoke arising at the red pad like it was struck by a missile.


"440, 500 Bf!" Felix's grin reached his ears as he read the final calculation.

He ate more than twenty behemoths' roes and got in return a total increase of 15k BF! In addition to the previous 5k BF, this entire endeavor had given him a similar enhancement to an entire Dragon Mark!

God knows how much he had to go through to finish each Dragon Mark!

"I need more!" Felix's eyes turned slightly green as he greedily zoomed on the gathering of Behemoths in the abyss!

Although he knew that the next roes eaten would probably increase his strength by merely thousands if not less...But, Felix didn't care at all.

In his eyes, even a one hundred BF increase was hard to come by at his high level...So, he would never shy down from anything that could help him get physically stronger.

"I need a plan to steal them without getting myself caught." Felix thought out loud as he kept observing the agitated behemoths.

He understood that those behemoths were never going to go hunting together without leaving someone to guard their roes this time.

They didn't do this before since no one ever dared to get close to the abyss as their dreadful smell was all over the place, acting as a warning.

'I have to wait for them to restart their daily activities first.' Felix knew that nothing he planned was going to work when there were hundreds of Behemoths outside of the abyss and inside of it.

Hell, he was certain that the roes caves were occupied as well, making it impossible to teleport inside, do the deed, and escape.

Felix wanted to avoid making this messier than it should be by actively fighting the entire school.

He knew that he was being watched by The Third Ocean Queen and if he acted too barbarically and aggressively, it would paint a bad image.

So, he waited, waited, and waited...After seven days, The Dawn Behemoths finally seemed to have calmed down and began to carry on their daily activities.

"As expected, many are left to act as guards." Felix frowned after seeing that a third of the school was left behind to guard the abyss.

Instead of making a move, he decided to wait a bit more to see if the numbers were going to be reduced.

Unfortunately, The Dawn Behemoths kept operating on a rotation process, where two-thirds of their school go hunting for everyone, and the remaining third guarded their home.

"This isn't working." Felix was done with waiting and knew that he had to make a move even if the situation was still too risky.

"Nimo, can you use your lust laws on them?" Felix asked.

Eee Eee!

Nimo nodded eagerly.

"Alright, you draw their attention outside of the abyss and hold them down. I will teleport inside and steal what I could." Felix stressed, "But, don't kill them."

Eee Eee...

Less excited, Nimo still nodded in understanding.

Without delay, Nimo blinked above the school of Dawn Behemoths...With their size difference, he resembled an ant standing before a mammoth.

Still, Nimo didn't seem to be scared even a little. He merely smiled wickedly in front of them and manifested the lust law symbol above his head.

Before the Dawn Behemoths could react, a flood of pinkish aura was projected rapidly all over the place until the entire abyss was filled by it.


The Dawn Behemoths' eyes had gotten red as they kept hollering their mating calls. Since two-thirds of the school were out hunting, there was a great imbalance in the female/male distribution in the abyss.

This resulted in many male Behemoths being left alone, watching their companions doing the deed while they were burning with lust.

Since they were still animals, their instincts took over them completely and made them unable to sit through it!

So, they resulted to the simplest solution...Violence!


The lonely Behemoths smashed their bodies against the lucky ones, forcing them to separate from the females...Without an ounce of hesitation, they jumped on the female and continued the process.

The females clearly didn't give a sh*t about which one was riding it as long as it got her needs satisfied.

Unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen with this sausage fest as the males continued to battle it out, using their sharp teeth, large bodies, and whatever weapons were in their possession to win their mates back!

Nimo was merely smiling with dreadful pinkish eyes as he watched this mayhem ongoing, seeming like he was feasting on the lusty emotions in the air.

'More...More...More...' He uttered real words in his mind, a clear indication that his intelligence was already on a human level!

Neither Felix nor his tenants had any idea about this...In their eyes, Nimo was still the lovable cute idiot raccoon.

It looked like he planned on keeping it this way for some reason...

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