Starting From Supporting Qian Renxue To Plunder the Heavens - v4 Chapter 312 12 The power of the spell!

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"The twelve spells? It's also related to the patron saints of the twelve zodiac signs. Is it their ability?"

Leticia looked at Izayoi Izayoi curiously, but Izayoi didn't know how to answer. He could only show the power of the divine spell in front of Leticia.

"The power of the twelve divine spells brings together the twelve great miracle abilities condensed by the legendary power of the twelve zodiac signs. The power is determined according to the strength of the user."

The twelve divine mantras in total refer to the “rat mantra”, “cow mantra”, “tiger mantra”, “rabbit mantra”, “dragon mantra”, “snake mantra”, “horse mantra”, "Goat God Spell", "Monkey God Spell", "Chicken God Spell", "Dog God Spell", "Pig God Spell".

These magical powers are not the ability to fix death, but exist in the form of spells.

Each charm represents a kind of divine power of the zodiac, each with different magical and unique magic, which can endow the holder with powerful power or ability.

Under the introduction of Reverse Izayoi, the twelve great spells were all displayed in front of the two partners.

The appearance of these twelve spells all look like a round octagonal runestone. The front of each spell is engraved with zodiac animal patterns of different colors, and the back is engraved with strange runes.

The front pattern is composed of intermittent lines with different colors. The rat is gray and black, the cow is blue, the tiger is black and white, the rabbit is purple, the dragon is blood red, the snake is green, the horse is light blue, and the sheep is light blue. Cyan, monkeys are brown, chickens are orange-red, dogs are dark yellow, and pigs are pink.

The other side is engraved with different rune characters. According to the judgment of Reverse Izayoi and the others, it is the oracle bone script of the ancient times on the earth.

The charm is about the size of the palm of an ordinary person's hand, and it seems to be easy to use in the hand.

At least, when Izayoi was holding the spell, Izayoi looked quite comfortable.

"Do these divine spells have any power?"

Leticia took over a spell, and then she felt as if she had an innate ability, which made her feel extremely wonderful.

Rei Hui Izayoi shrugged, "The twelve divine spells are all affected by the treasure of my king. Without my permission, no one will be allowed to use the power of divine spells."

"And when it comes to each one, it's not bad."

The Rat Charm has a powerful life force, and it can give life to inanimate objects, that is, it has the ability to transform stillness into movement, which is one of the best abilities in the Hakoniwa world.

The bull talisman is the power of power, which can make the holder infinitely powerful, and there is almost no upper limit to the strength of the Izayoi itself. Difficult to connect.

The Tiger Talisman can provide the power of balance, which can balance the yin and yang or divide the yin and yang of the bearer, so that the various forces in the bearer's body do not conflict with each other.

Reverse Izayoi's own physique and strength are quite special, and now he has acquired a lot of messy abilities through the grand ceremony. If he is not controlled, it will only have a negative impact on him.

Originally, he wanted to ask Lu Xiao and Qian Renxue to take back those abilities, but now it seems that they don't need it anymore. The Tiger Talisman has completely settled the problem.

As for the Rabbit Charm, it is the power of speed that gives the reverse back to Izayoi. It can make the bearer move at supersonic speed. It is also effective on objects and can give the bearer a fast speed.

Reverse Izayoi's speed itself is based on a strong physique. Now that he has the Rabbit Talisman, plus the strange power of the Bull Talisman, Reverse Izayoi is looking forward to someone who can take his punch.

Next is the dragon talisman. As the most legendary mythical beast, it is also the only undefined zodiac sign in the ordinary world. The power it possesses is the power of blasting.

It can make the spell itself burst into explosive flames, giving the holder a powerful blasting ability.

Moreover, because Reverse Izayoi has the blood of a giant dragon, the power that this dragon spell can explode will be multiplied.

Although it is not comparable to the simulated star creation chart of Izayoi Izayoi, it is also a powerful attacking ability rarely seen in Hakoniwa.

The snake charm, the power of invisibility, can make the bearer invisible, and it is also effective on objects. After deep invisibility, it does not affect movement. This ability makes Kasugabe and Leticia face slightly back after the introduction of Izayoi. one step.

After all, men who gain stealth power always make women unconsciously defensive.

Although Izayoi does not need to use the snake charm to peep at all.

"I remember that Perseus had the power of invisibility back then, but I didn't expect that Izayoi-kun has mastered it now."

Kasugabe sighed with emotion, then secretly hinted at Izayoi, "I guess it will be more convenient to tease the black rabbit in the future?"

Reverse back to Izayoi and pretend that I didn't hear anything. The friendship between these women is really outrageous. If they sell it, sell it!

The seventh one introduced by Reverse Izayoi is the Horse Talisman, the power of healing, which enables the bearer to remove all influences caused by external forces, and at the same time grants the bearer the ability to cure all diseases.

It can be said that with this spell, there will be no casualties other than old age and death in front of Izayoi.

If this ability is publicized, then countless people will be eyeing Reverse Izayoi, either to capture the horse charm, or to please Reverse Izayoi, hoping that one day they will be able to use this charm.

After introducing the horse talisman, I returned to Izayoi and took out the sheep talisman. The power of this charm is somewhat special. It is the power of spiritual projection, which can make the bearer's soul leave the body, give the bearer's soul out of one's body, and give Man's ability to dream.

To put it bluntly, it is possible to be a wave of magic sticks, at least I have no idea what the power of this magic spell can do.

Putting the sheep charm aside, the next monkey charm is to make the reverse return Izayoi very interested.

The power of transformation can make the bearer change any object into any animal, but cannot give life to inanimate objects, and can give the bearer the ability to transform anyone into an animal shape.

After listening to the introduction to the monkey spell, Kasugabe and Leticia took a step back.

The power of this divine spell is also very dangerous!

Kasugabe and Leticia looked at each other, and then made up their minds.

Be sure to let Jun Shiliuye make up his mind to use the power of these two magic spells on Hei Rabbit. A dead Taoist friend will never die. Anyway, the relationship between Black Rabbit and Neihui Shirouye is unclear. Some people will like it!

Reverse Izayoi completely ignored Kasugabe and Leticia, he picked up the chicken charm, and then played it carefully.

"The chicken charm, the power of floating, can make the holder control the object to float. It can also be used together with the rabbit charm to achieve the effect of fast flight. I didn't expect that the ability to fly can be obtained so easily."

Although Reverse Izayoi is powerful, he does not have the ability to fly.

Even the flying ability obtained through the gift is only an external force in the end. Now the power of the divine spell can be said to be his innate talent, but it resolves his shortcoming of not being able to fight in the air.

In the future, whoever will have an air battle with him, he will be able to play the opponent.

After trying to use the chicken charm to control Kasugabe to fly, Izayoi picked up the dog charm, and then skipped the introduction and directly took out the pig charm.

"The pig charm gives me the ability to release light, but it is released from the eyes. Its power is not much weaker than the blasting of the dragon charm, but it can't accept the increase of my dragon bloodline."

Reverse Izayoi shrugged slightly, it was obvious that the last pig charm could not satisfy him very much.

Kasugabe Yao and Leticia looked at each other, and they all looked at the dog charm that was put away by Izayoi. Although they were very curious, they also knew that this charm must have some magical power. Special, otherwise, Izayoi will definitely introduce it.

After all, in the eyes of Reverse Izayoi, the leakage of information is nothing, as long as you are strong, what will happen even if someone else knows the information?

In the auditorium outside the arena, looking at the dog spell introduced by Reverse Izayoi who skipped the introduction, Bai Yasha asked Lu Xiao in an itching heart.

"What is the power of the dog spell? We're curious."

Shiroyasha felt that there must be something strange about the power that can make a **** like Izayoi feel hard to tell.

Black Rabbit and Kuyuan Asuka also cast their gazes over. At this moment, Kuro Rabbit hesitated because she heard Kasukabe Yao's words to sell her.

If Izayoi used the power of these divine spells to trick her, she might not be able to resist at all.

Whether it was the stealth of the snake charm, or the speed of the rabbit charm and the floating power of the chicken charm, Black Rabbit couldn't think of any countermeasures.

After thinking about it, Hei Rabbit felt that he had to reduce his sense of presence in front of Reverse Izayoi, lest it would be no fun for the children to make fun of her.

"Want to know?"

Lu Xiao smiled slightly. He created the power of the twelve divine spells. Although he borrowed the twelve spells, the twelve spells were only the product of magic, and were only effective on ordinary creatures.

And the power of the twelve great divine spells is a complete divine power. If you put it in this little garden, even a double-digit increase can be obtained!

"We're curious."

Bai Yasha repeated it, and then looked at Lu Xiao expectantly.

The Queen of Dreams and the others also pricked up their ears. They felt that they might hear some serious news.

Qian Renxue lightly tapped the handle of the chair, "The power of the dog talisman is the strongest among the twelve divine spells. At the beginning, I was also very puzzled why Xiaoxiao put this power into the twelve divine spells. It was only later that I figured out.”

"The power of the other twelve divine spells is actually based on this ability."

"If you don't have the power of the dog spell, maybe it won't be long in the future, Reverse Izayoi will become an item that others are fighting for."

"The power of the divine spell possessed by the dog spell is the power of immortality. It can make the bearer forever young and immortal, and at the same time completely immune to damage beyond the lifeline."

After Qian Renxue finished her introduction, Shiroyasha stood up.


How could someone have the ability to be immortal?

Longevity in Hakoten is very simple. As long as it reaches four digits, the life expectancy is almost equal to the sky.

And breaking through the three-digit number, it is impossible to end up dying under normal circumstances.

As a top two-digit existence, Shiroyasha naturally enjoys the authority of immortality, but the power of the dog spell is not in immortality, nor in eternal youth.

But not to die!

What does it mean to be completely immune to damage beyond the lifeline?

It means that as long as the power of the dog talisman is recognized by Hakoniwa, no one in Hakoten will be able to pose any threat to Reverse Izayoi.

After all, if it exceeds the tolerance limit of Reverse Izayoi, then the damage is useless.

Without reaching the limit, and with the healing power of the horse charm, who could harm Reverse Izayoi?

Perhaps the ability to use seals or imprisonment is better, but Izayoi also has the ability to simulate the creation of stars, which is difficult to do.

Even if someone wants to overturn the table, it is necessary to see if other people agree.

As for whether the dog charm will be recognized by Hakoba...

The purpose of Lu Xiao and Qian Renxue was already known to everyone, so how could Hakoten be disobedient?

"What's the next level?"

Because the first level has already passed, although no one cleared the level except for Izayoi and the others, at least more than half of the team survived.

The remaining contestants were sent out of the trial space in confusion, and then thrown into another trial space in confusion.

"The next trial clearance conditions are very simple, but it is quite difficult to do."

Lu Xiao smiled slightly, he looked at somewhere in Hakoten, and then introduced it very accommodatingly.

"This second level is very simple. It reverses the ending of the havoc in the sky."

Hearing Lu Xiao's words, Bai Yasha blinked, and then looked somewhere in Hakoniwa with a toothache. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

Is this a face slap?

This is definitely a face slap!

You must know that Havoc in Heaven is about the legend of the great sage Monkey King, Sun Wukong, who fought against the heavenly court. Based on the legend of the great sage Equalling Heaven, Hakoten gave birth to the great sage Equalling Heaven, one of the seven demon kings.

Now, Lu Xiao took this legend out as a test, is he really not afraid of attracting the mess of the Great Sage Monkey King?

"Forget it, he's not a fool either, he can see the situation."

With a sigh, Bai Yasha decided to leave it alone. Anyway, he was whipped to death. What is he, the Great Sage Monkey King.

Moreover, this trial was a reversal of legends, and for the Great Sage Monkey King, it was considered a life-saving wise.

Not sure, if Hakoba adopts the revised legend, the Monkey King can go further.

At this time, the three of them had come to a forest where birds and flowers were fragrant.

Looking at the mountains with colorful auspicious clouds floating in the distance, the final goal of this trial came from the ears of the three of Izayoi.

Reversing the ending of the havoc in the Heavenly Palace.

"It seems that we need to find the Great Sage Monkey King first, but there is no need to talk nonsense, that one is not so good at communicating."

Reversely Izayoi stretched his waist, and then took Kasugabu Yo and Leticia toward the mountain full of colorful clouds.

If he guessed correctly, there is Huaguo Mountain!



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