Six Realms Conferred God - Chapter 4879 enlightenment

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The old man said: "Let's go now."

After the old man's voice fell, more than a hundred ancient emperors set off immediately, fearing that if they were slower, others would take the lead.

However, Xiao Han is not in a hurry. He knows that even if he enters the holy city first, he may not be able to unlock the holy power of the holy city seal.

This is not a comparison of speed, but strength.

Only if you have the strength to defend the holy city you occupy, can you gain the power of the holy way in the holy city.

If you don't have this ability to defend the holy city, even if you go to occupy the holy city first, you will still be robbed.

"Brother Xiao, seeing that you are so composed, you seem to have a well-thought-out plan, and you know the rules here very well." Seeing that Xiao Han was not in a hurry to leave, Gu Bai said.

Xiao Han said: "The holy power of the holy city seal needs to be obtained within a specified time, so even if you grab a holy city first, if you don't have that strength, you will be robbed by others, so there is no need to be so anxious. "

"So that's the case, then we really don't need to be too anxious, let them fight first, and when they are almost done fighting, we can make a move." Gu Bai said.

Xiao Han and Gu Bai strolled forward, and soon saw seven cities in the distance, not very far apart.

"Let's grab a seat in the city here." Xiao Han walked towards one of the cities.

"I'm going to **** a city too." Gu Bai said.

The two moved separately, and Xiao Han came to the gate of a city, which had been occupied by people, and now there were six ancient emperors gathered outside the city.

Naturally, these six ancient emperors were unwilling to leave easily, and all wanted to obtain the ownership of this city.

Xiao Han was not in a hurry, he just watched from the sidelines, and a scuffle broke out among the six people soon.

Xiao Han observed the strength of the six people from the side, and two of them were indeed very strong, more than a star and a half stronger than the other four.

After a fierce battle, four people were defeated and missed the holy city.

The eyes of the remaining two people looked at Xiao Han who had never made a move, and one of them said coldly: "Do you want to make a profit?"

Xiao Han said: "I don't take advantage of you either, you two go up together, if I lose I'll leave, you two just fight, it's fair."

"It's really arrogant." An ancient emperor snorted coldly.

"Then I will fulfill you." Another ancient emperor came directly to kill him.

Xiao Han held the Heavenly Thunder Stick, and all the power of the holy way burst out and condensed on the Heavenly Thunder Stick.

Xiao Han's power exploded completely, and he also wanted to deal with one opponent first, so that it would be much easier for him to deal with another person.

Xiao Han stabbed out with a stick, thunder rolled, and he killed with the power of destroying the world, capable of destroying everything.

The ancient emperor who was attacked by Xiao Han was startled immediately. They were also exhausted in the battle just now. Now that Xiao Han made such a move, he immediately felt great pressure.

The power of the holy way all over the ancient emperor also exploded completely, holding a long spear, the holy way was wrapped around the spear, the spear swept directly, and a powerful light of the holy way burst out, directly tearing the void.

And when this ancient emperor attacked, another ancient emperor also made a move, and he could also feel the strong sense of pressure from Xiao Han's attack, so when he made a move, he went all out.

The ancient emperor held a long sword, and all the power of the holy way was concentrated on the long sword. The long sword was dazzling, and was urged by the ancient emperor, and stabbed towards Xiao Han.

Xiao Han looked at the long sword stabbing, the power was not weak. If he only relied on his own physical defense, he might not be able to get a bargain, and he had to deal with another person, so he sacrificed the Divine Bell of Good Fortune and blocked it in his own way. behind.


Xiao Han's Heavenly Thunder Stick collided fiercely with the ancient emperor's holy light, Xiao Han's power to destroy the world broke out, and the holy light was shattered.

Xiao Han's stick drove straight in, and the sky thundered violently, blasting at the ancient emperor.

At the same time, another ancient emperor's long sword struck and struck the God of Creation Bell, which hummed and blocked another ancient emperor's sword.

The power of Xiao Han's thunder swept across, and the ancient emperor roared, rioting completely, killing the spear, blood tumbling, this is a complete fight.


The moment the ancient emperor collided, all his strength was defeated, his whole body was thrown upside down, and hit the ground, a mouthful of blood spewed out from the corner of his mouth.

Immediately, Xiao Han turned around, and also blasted out with a stick, the powerful force erupted again, the stick swept across, his own power combined with the power of the holy way, and the power of the holy way failed to explode by 80%, which was quite terrifying.

"Swords coming from all directions!" The other party roared, gathering the long swords with the power of the holy way, and the eight swords in the void slashed at Xiao Han in eight directions.

Boom! Boom!

Xiao Han swept with a stick, and the eight swords collided with the Tianlei stick, and the swords were shattered in an instant.

The ancient emperor's face changed drastically. Xiao Han's power is so powerful that he can sweep it away?

Xiao Han swung the thunder stick to kill again, a stick bombarded down, and the breath rolled down, the ancient emperor was shocked, and immediately broke out with all his strength to resist.


When the stick fell, the ancient emperor's body sank, the ground exploded, and a big hole appeared under his feet.


The ancient emperor's defense exploded, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and he fell to the sky.

Xiao Han put away the Tianlei stick, and said lightly: "I have accepted it."

Xiao Han walked into the city, and then came to the place where the power of the holy way was sealed in the holy city.

There is an empowerment platform here, and all the holy power is sealed on the empowerment platform. As soon as the time is up, the seal of the empowerment platform will disappear, and the empowerment will begin.

Xiao Han sat on the initiation platform and just waited. If someone comes to challenge him, he can just defeat him directly.

As time passed, no one came to fight for the city, and the seal on the empowerment platform was already shining, which indicated that the seal was about to be released.

After a while, the seal of the empowerment platform flashed with light, and then the seal disappeared, and a majestic power of the holy way suddenly burst out, pouring directly into Xiao Han's body.

Xiao Han ran the exercises, and then urged the Chaos Pill to absorb the power of the holy way.

The power of the holy way directly enters Xiao Han's body, and Xiao Han only needs to refine it.

And after the direct infusion of the power of the holy way, all the power of the holy way will have a huge impact on Xiao Han's body.

During this process, Xiao Han's physical body will undergo a great transformation as if it has undergone a baptism of the holy way.

To a certain extent, this is much stronger than the physical body of a person who has not been empowered by the power of the holy way. If the two sides meet, once they fight, the strength gap between the two sides will be reflected.

Xiao Han was extremely comfortable, as if his physical body was bathed in warm sunlight, the entire meridians were expanding, and the internal organs were also strengthening.

After the body has been bathed by the holy way, it is no longer an ordinary body. With the blessing of the holy way, although it is not completely transformed, it has already surpassed the emperor's physical body.

The empowerment of the power of the holy way lasted for half an hour. During this half hour, Xiao Han's Chaos Pill and Chaos God Tree also improved a lot.

The Chaos Sacred Tree became denser and denser, and countless forces condensed on the Chaos Sacred Tree. If it erupted completely, it would be extremely terrifying.

When Xiao Han and others received the empowerment from the people of the holy city, the rest of the people who did not get the holy city were also engaged in fierce competitions. Only nine people fought to the end and became the final winners.

Their reward is also the power of the holy way, but the amount and time are far less than those in the holy city.

"Next, there will be the impact of the light of the holy way. This time, twenty-two people will be directly eliminated, leaving thirty-six people." The old man spoke, and everyone could hear it.

Afterwards, Xiao Han and others all came to the place where the old man was. Xiao Han saw that Gu Bai was still there, which meant that he also got the holy city.

The old man saw that all fifty-eight people had arrived in front of him, and continued to speak: "The impact rules of the Light of the Holy Dao are very simple, there will be a powerful power of the Holy Dao covering all of you, and you must resist with all your strength. If you don’t stop, you will be ejected by the light of the holy way.”

"Those who are ejected will be eliminated. Get ready and invite the light of the Holy Way."

The old man shouted loudly, and a ray of light sprinkled on the sky. This ray of light carried a very powerful power of the holy way, which made people feel a huge oppression.

All the ancient emperors erupted with the strongest strength to resist, the pressure of the light of the holy way made people feel extremely uncomfortable, even if they resisted with all their strength, it was extremely difficult.

In less than a minute, someone was ejected by the light of the holy way, and this was not the person who captured the holy city.

Afterwards, the remaining eight people who did not capture the holy city were ejected one after another.

Xiao Han's aura burst out, and he was as stable as Mount Tai. As long as he can persist until the 22nd person pops out, he will pass the test, so he is very confident.

As time goes by, more and more people are almost unable to hold on, and they are competing to see who can hold on for a second longer.

At the back, someone was ejected almost every ten seconds or so.

Xiao Han closed his eyes, operated his exercises, activated the Chaos Pill, and began to actively absorb the light of the holy way. This light of the holy way is so powerful, don't let it go for nothing.

The old man saw that under the light of the holy way, there are still people actively absorbing the power of the holy way, which is really crazy.

After the twenty-second person was ejected, the light of the holy way disappeared, and everyone was sweating profusely, as if they were about to collapse.

Xiao Han was a special case. Although he was soaked all over, he didn't show signs of collapse.

The old man looked at Xiao Han, but showed a look of approval, and then said: "The third competition is the competition of your strength, the ring competition, and the top three at the end can enter the Holy King Tower."

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