Rubik’s Cube Heavens - v6 Chapter 181 fighting

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Nebula did not immediately deliver the gem to Thanos.

The battlefield outside is really empty, and a wave of missiles washed the ground, making the environment in the entire battlefield unobstructed.

If she walked out of the building with gloves, she would be discovered by Natasha and the three who were in charge of the long-range attack.

Once Nebula approached the battlefield with gloves, Natasha and Clint would definitely stop him immediately.

Therefore, Nebula was temporarily hidden in the lobby on the first floor.

She intends to observe the situation first and find a suitable time before sending the gem to Thanos.

Nebula felt that the timing should be good.

Because the battle outside has shown a trend of winning and losing, the Avengers are gradually becoming exhausted under the attack of Thanos.

Steve and Sol are the worst.

Thor was deliberately targeted, and whenever he attacked, Thanos would immediately beat him into a daze.

If Natasha hadn't shot to the rescue, I'm afraid Sol would have known how many times he died.

Steve is about the same.

After all, his strength is too weak, even with shield protection, he will always fly upside down in Thanos' random chop.

No way, Steve's weight made him unable to resist Thanos' tremendous strength.

As for Tony Stark and Colonel Rhodes, they were still in a coma in the armor at this time.

Natasha's attack can threaten Thanos, but it is a pity that Thanos' dynamic vision and reaction nerves are too strong.

The magic revolver can crush ordinary people, but for Thanos, he can see the trajectory very clearly.

Therefore, Thanos will dodge or block bullets that are shot at his head, and most of the time he will ignore the bullets shot at his body.

Although there have been many pits and pits on the armor, as long as the armor is not broken, Thanos will continue to beat Sol in front of him with bullets.

The situation of the battle is like this. As Thor gradually loses his strength in the constant beatings, the ending of the battle can already be predicted.


In the muffled sound, Steve was kicked out by Thanos.

Immediately afterwards, Thanos slanted his body and let Thor's storm axe fail.

He quickly stretched out his hand and grabbed Thor's neck again, and used Thor as a shield to block him.

Natasha's bullet made Thor scream again.

And Thanos took this opportunity to smash Thor to the ground.

Raising the Tyrant Butcher's Knife, he slashed hard at Thor, who was still dizzy.

Fortunately, Sol responded in time, and hurriedly placed the Storm Tomahawk above it.


With a crisp vibration, Sol felt a huge force coming from the battle axe.

This made him unable to hold the weapon any longer, and the Storm Tomahawk immediately flew away.

Before he could react, Thanos suddenly raised his foot and stepped on it.

The metal boots stepped directly on Sol's nose, causing Sol, who was already dizzy, to lose his perception of the outside world in the pain.

clang clang clang-

A series of bullets were resisted by Thanos's "Tyrant Butcher's Knife".

Gritting his teeth against the huge force of the bullet, Thanos stabbed the butcher knife standing in front of him downward.

At the moment of crisis, Sol finally managed to regain a sense of sobriety.

He hurriedly screamed and clasped his hands together, holding the blade of the butcher's knife between his palms in time.

Although Thor tried his best at the juncture of life and death, the butcher knife he was holding was still falling a little bit, and the tip of the blade had touched Thor's breastplate and pierced the breastplate with cracks.

The sound of gunfire was more rapid, and Natasha kept pulling the trigger in a hurry. At the same time, she could no longer stay at ease at a distance, but was charging quickly towards the battlefield.

Thanos didn't care, he just hid his head behind the tyrant's butcher's knife, and continued to use his arms while gritting his teeth and reluctantly using his body to catch bullets.

He made up his mind that Thor, who had cut off the head of his counterpart, must be killed first.

For the first time in the battle so far, Thanos let out a low roar with all his strength, and the enormous power made Thor hard to resist.

Crunch - Katcha!

A larger crack appeared on Thor's breastplate, and the sharp blade of the tyrant's butcher's knife stabbed a little further.

At this moment, a sound of breaking the air suddenly appeared in the air.

Thor's hammer suddenly flew from a distance and hit Thanos on the shoulder, causing him to stumble.

The empty door opened wide, and the head was exposed from behind the Tyrant Butcher Knife.

Natasha, who had already rushed over, seized the opportunity instantly and aimed a shot at Thanos' head.


The bullet approached Thanos one step ahead of the sound.

In the face of this attack, Thanos had no time to resist, he turned his head reluctantly and met the bullet with the cheek pad of his helmet.

There was a loud 'bang', and Thanos' head lurched back, and his body staggered backwards unbalanced.

This made Thor finally get rid of the crisis of life and death, and he immediately rolled out on the ground in embarrassment, keeping a distance from Thanos.

After a short while, Thanos regained his balance.

He looked up and saw Natasha, Sol, and Steve were already standing together.

With a 'hum', Sol raised his hand and recalled the Storm Tomahawk.

Then he looked at Steve excitedly, stared at the Thor's Hammer in the opponent's hand, laughed and shouted: "Ha! I knew it!


Steve didn't say anything.

With his shield in his left hand and Thor's Hammer in his right, he stared at Thanos breathlessly.

When his breathing calmed down a little, he immediately whispered, "I'm going!"


Thor roared, waving the storm axe and charged up again.

Natasha quickly jumped out from the side, raised the magic pistol in her hand and fired instantly.

This made Thanos roar a little irritably.

He quickly tilted his head to dodge the bullet, and suddenly rushed forward, sweeping the tyrant's knife in his hand.


Sol managed to block the attack, but the huge force made the handle of the Storm Tomahawk hit Sol's chest.

During this stalemate, Thanos suddenly made a hook, tripping Thor out of balance.

Then Thanos pressed Sol with his body and fell down together, and avoided Steve's flying hammer.

Immediately afterwards, Thanos slammed down with an elbow, smashing Sol's head directly into the ground.

Before the action stopped, Thanos immediately made a tactical roll, and while dodging the bullet, he quickly approached Steve.

Steve's response was also not slow.

When Thanos had just half-kneeled, he immediately swung the Thor's Hammer from bottom to top, and smashed it on Thanos' chin with a 'Peng'.

The huge force smashed Thanos' body directly from the ground, flying more than three meters high, and then flew backwards and smashed to the ground.


Steve took advantage of the situation to pursue, he raised Thor's Hammer, and received a thunderbolt from the clouds high in the sky.

As he dropped Thor's Hammer down, the thunder instantly hit Thanos' chest, making it seem like he was nailed to the ground by the thunder, and he opened his mouth and let out a scream.

However, listening to Thanos' angry cry of pain, Steve knew that Thunder alone could not defeat him.

With an idea, he thought of the characteristics of Thor's Hammer.

Therefore, Steve immediately stopped the lightning strike, and jumped up quickly, holding Thor's hammer and smashing it down on Thanos' chest.

He wanted to put Thor's hammer on Anos, so that the other party could not get up.

However, Steve misestimated Thanos' physical resistance.

When the thunder disappeared, Thanos had instantly regained his mobility.

Facing Steve who fell from the sky, Thanos suddenly rolled to the side.


Thor's Hammer fell in the air, hitting the ground and causing an electric current.

Although the current did not pass through Thanos' body, Thanos didn't care at all.

He gritted his teeth and endured the pain of thunder and lightning, and quickly pounced on Steve.

Before Steve could react, Thanos grabbed Steve's wrist holding Mjolnir.

The sound of 'dangdang' bullets sounded from the helmet.

Thanos still ignored it, facing the bullets that kept falling on the back of the helmet, he roared and lifted Steve's body directly.

The next moment, Thanos smashed Steve's body on the ground.

This made Steve lose his ability to resist in an instant. He was almost out of breath when he was smashed, and his entire back was numb, as if he had lost consciousness.

But Thanos didn't want to let Steve go.

He quickly raised his right leg, and the metal boots slammed down on Steve's head.

At this moment, a hoot suddenly appeared from behind Thanos.

Natasha rushed over in time, and she jumped in the air and swept her legs with all her might.


The vibranium suit of the calf collided with Thanos' helmet. UU reading www.

Thanos misestimated Natasha's strength, he thought Natasha was just an ordinary human fighting with weapons.

But who would have thought, Natasha's strength is not weaker than Sol.

Therefore, Thanos only felt a shock at the scene in front of him, and he was suddenly kicked out by Natasha.

The body swayed and shifted a few steps. Thanos lowered his center of gravity and stabilized his body with his legs.

He shook his head forcefully, making the dizziness disappear in front of him, and immediately turned to look at Natasha.

However, just as he turned his head, he saw that Natasha had already rushed in front of him.

The arm was stretched forward by Natasha, and the muzzle of the magic revolver was less than two meters away from Thanos' head.

At this moment, Natasha, who was in the air, suddenly let out a low growl, and squeezed her finger on the trigger.


Magic Revolver has been changed to scatter mode at some point.

With a deafening gunshot, a large number of magic bullets shot out from the muzzle.

At the critical moment, Thanos put his arm across his face in time.

The next moment, a huge force suddenly fell on Thanos' arm.

A sharp pain appeared.

The metal gauntlet shattered instantly, and a large number of bullets penetrated into Thanos' skin.

Thanos' arm slammed back and hit his face, and was lifted diagonally upwards by the force of the bullet.

At this moment, Thanos' vision has been restored.

He saw Natasha's figure clearly.

He watched Natasha move her left hand back, and he watched Thor's Hammer automatically fly into Natasha's hand.

As Natasha swung Thor's hammer vigorously, the next moment, Thanos' eyes suddenly turned black, and he lost consciousness for a short time...

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