Road Survival, I Have a Hint System! - Chapter 1457 vehicle synthesis

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Su Mu walked into the garage.

Looking at the rows of vehicles, I was full of envy.

If she has such a worth, is there still a need to work hard in the dungeon?

Suddenly, Su Mu remembered something.

In the list, two cars of the same type can be synthesized into an enhanced version of the new car.

There are so many cars here, if they are all synthesized together, will there be any changes?

Su Mu thinks this idea can be tried.

Anyway, with so many cars, throwing them here is a waste. After the day after tomorrow, they will all become scrap iron.

Might as well give it to her.

Let her try it out.

If it succeeds, it can end the end of the world earlier.

Thinking of this, Su Mu began to experiment with his ideas.

She came to the middle of the two cars, held down one car with one hand, and started to synthesize.


A white light flashed.

Two Bugattis made one new Bugatti.

Although the new Bugatti is not much different from the original Bugatti in appearance, it is obviously thicker, the glass is stronger, and the engine horsepower has become greater.

"it works!"

Su Mu was very happy.

She began to synthesize vehicles continuously in the garage.

A car disappears, only to be replaced by new cars that get weirder and weirder.

When the last original car disappeared, Su Mu started the second round of synthesis.

She once again combined the new car two-in-one.

Su Mu never tires of it, but Imagawa Reiko is sleepy watching it from the sidelines.

Dozed off from time to time.

"Finally finished."

In a daze, Reiko Imagawa heard Su Mu's voice, and raised her head abruptly.

A huge car appeared in front of her.

In other words, this can no longer be called a car, and it is more appropriate to call it a steel monster.

The car has eight huge tires.

Each of the tires was taller than her height.

The car's site is also more than 1.5 meters above the ground.

Under the car is a thick layer of alloy steel plate, and the surface is also plated with a layer of black tungsten. It is estimated that anti-tank mines will not be able to penetrate it.

The body is even bigger and hideous, with prismatic armor and spikes all over the surface, and there is a huge sharp ram in front, which can smash through all obstacles in front.

If it weren't for the lack of any weapons on the car, Imagawa Reiko would even think it was a huge military combat vehicle.

When she ran away from home, she worked as a biker for a while.

She likes to wander around the streets and alleys on a motorcycle.

What she likes is not motorcycles, but the unfettered feeling of riding a motorcycle.

She once thought that motorcycles were the coolest vehicles in the world.

However, compared to this steel monster, the motorcycle is as ridiculous as a toy.

Imagawa Reiko felt short of breath, and she wanted to go up and feel the power of this big guy.

However, in the next second, this big guy was put away by Su Mu.

"This thing is too ostentatious on the street now, it's better to wait for the end to come."

Su Mu put the car away.

Now drive this thing on the street, and the police will come to the door in minutes.

She is not strong enough now, so let's not be so ostentatious.

"My lord, are you still satisfied?"

Reiko Imagawa hurried over and asked Su Mu respectfully.

"Very well, I am very satisfied. In a few days, I can let you sit in the car and experience it. If you can satisfy me. Can you understand what I mean?"

Su Mu glanced at Reiko Imagawa and said.

"I understand, my lord." Reiko Imagawa said, blinking his big eyes.

She was taught from a young age to be a person of value.

Only when it shows value will it be valued.

And the most valuable thing for her now is the resources at home.

"What do adults want to do now, rest for a while, or continue to collect supplies? What kind of supplies are needed, I should have them at home."

Reiko Imagawa said.

"Has this time come yet?"

Su Mu glanced at the time, it was already noon, she hadn't eaten since last night, and felt her stomach was growling with hunger.

"Let's eat something first, is there anything to eat around here?"

Su Mu asked.

"There is a fried dumpling restaurant near here. It is a directly-operated store under my family. The ingredients are very fresh and the taste is good. I have eaten here twice and are very satisfied."

Reiko Imagawa said hastily.

"Fried dumplings? It's also very good, that's all."

Su Mu nodded.

The two left the empty garage, walked two streets, and found the fried dumpling shop that Reiko Imagawa had mentioned.

The business of the fried dumpling shop is booming, and there is already a long queue at the door.

However, with Reiko Imagawa around, the two naturally didn't have to queue.

Soon, a waiter took the two of them to a private room.

"Bring a portion of the signature dumplings."

Reiko Imagawa ordered.


The waiter is out.

After a while, plates of fried dumplings with various flavors were put on the table.

Two bowls of rice were served together.

Su Mu is not used to eating dumplings with rice.

I asked for the seasoning and adjusted the sauce.

Not to mention, the taste is light and sweet, but the overall taste is good.

The only pity is that it may not be available in the future.

It's a pity to say that her short skirt can only store things, but it can't stop time.

After fresh things are put in, they will still cool down and spoil.

Otherwise, no matter what she said, she would order a thousand or eight hundred plates, put them in a short skirt and eat slowly.

"Is there a place to get weapons?"

After eating three plates of fried dumplings, Su Mu felt that it was almost done, and asked.

"The management is relatively strict. My dad's bodyguards are equipped with pistols. Other guns should not be available. Even if they are, they will not let me know."

"However, my brother has a manor in Chou Country, which has a lot of guns in his collection, but he has to buy a plane ticket."

Reiko Imagawa said.

"Ugly country, forget it."

Su Mu shook his head.

It's too far to go there, and besides, it's not very stable now, and garbage will fall from time to time.

On the way to the fried dumpling shop just now, she saw two tragedies caused by garbage falling from a height.

If the plane you are on is hit by garbage, it will be destroyed.

She didn't even have a chance to escape.

Moreover, Fuso is not without weapons and equipment.

In addition to the local guards, there are also Ugly country garrisons.

All kinds of large tactical equipment are also available. UU Reading

At worst, wait for the doomsday to take advantage of the chaos and search around.

Just wait a few more days.

There is no need to rush.

Su Mu was thinking about his future action plan.

Now the basic food and water are available, the clothes are available, the weapons are available, and the vehicles are available.

What Su Mu still lacks now is a large amount of fuel and various special protective equipment.

But it is impossible for ordinary people to buy these two things in large quantities.

There must be a special channel.

Su Mu set his eyes on Reiko Imagawa.

"My lord, is there anything I can do?" Sensing Su Mu's gaze, Reiko Imagawa asked quickly, putting down his chopsticks.

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