Reborn on Top of Football - v8 Chapter 136 The Scariest Thing (6)

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The next game will be led by Barcelona, ​​secretly supported by Real Madrid, and supported by various sponsors. But that will be half a month later, and now the international match day is coming again, and the stars, including Wang Ai, have packed their bags and returned to their countries.

Europe and South America are much more convenient. After all, the distance is short. Wang Ai will fly directly to Hangzhou to participate in another small training camp for the national team and use the visiting Qatar team as an opponent for actual combat training.

No matter how much Wang Ai used his brains in the professional arena, how much effort wasted, and how much trouble he encountered, it has nothing to do with the honor arena. These are two parallel tracks. Wang Ai could only put aside all kinds of regrets temporarily, and set off with Xu Qinglian.

Huang Xin and Shi Wenjun planned to go to Tubingen in early spring to guide their work, so Xu Qinglian and Wang Ai reluctantly set off together.

Xu Qinglian's old root, Wang Ai, was playing with his temper recently, just as Wang Ai was upset, so he originally wanted to bring Huang Xin, who was the most worry-free. As for Xu Qinglian, who had only been abroad for a week and had to run back, she was not happy either. But there is no way, as Wang Ai's wife, she has been absent from too many occasions that should be attended, not to mention that she will be responsible for implementing Wang Ai's anti-gambling idea when she comes back this time.

If she didn't follow, she was afraid that Wang Ai would cause trouble. Entertainment stars will not object to high ticket prices, and sports stars will not object to sports lottery, both because they live on this, and because the stakes are unclear. Only those with multiple identities like Wang Ai dare to think about it.

It is not convenient for the star Wang Ai to counter gambling, but Wang Ai, an associate researcher of the Academy of Social Sciences, can do it. The heir of the Northern Light Industry can also do it.

Wang Ai can start with a combination of multiple personalities, but as his wife, no matter which Wang Ai dies, she will have no husband. So she would rather make Wang Ai unhappy than forcefully take over the matter.

Wang Ai is angry, Barcelona is afraid, Xu Qinglian is angry, Wang Ai is afraid.

Above thousands of miles of sky, the two were angry and ignored each other. Wang Ai didn't wake up until he got off the plane at Hangzhou Airport and was blown by the humid warm wind. He looked at Xu Qinglian and said, "Are we two suffering from progeria?"

"What's the meaning?"

"Everyone says old people are like children?"


"Why are we both so childish all of a sudden?"

During the conversation between the two, the guards consciously dispersed to give the legendary young couple a space to whisper. Not far from the airport, Ma Dong's car was already waiting, and it was a little strange to see this group of people not leaving. When they got out of the car and got closer, they found that Wang Chaoju was coaxing his wife.

Or coaxed by his wife?

Xu Qinglian grabbed Wang Ai's hand subconsciously: "It may be that we have regrets in our childhood, and now we have a chance to make up for it?"

Wang Ai said "ah" and thought for a while: "Then...continue to be angry?"

"You're going to die." Xu Qinglian gave Wang Ai a small fist: "Oh, Ma Dong is looking at us in front of us."

"Old Ma, are you busy?" Wang Ai smiled and hugged Ma Dong.

Ma Dong let go of his hand: "Hey, what are you busy with, doing odd jobs. Look at so many pictures of you, tomorrow the Internet will definitely call me 'the horse guide who does odd jobs' again."

"Netizens tease you because they like you." Wang Ai looked at Ma Dong's depressed look and said again: "Don't make trouble in the lake, think that calling it like this means that you have no skills, and then what is the corner. After so many years You have arranged many things properly, and you can’t do it without the ability? This is called a management talent.”

Ma Dong thought about it, and smiled: "Okay, I will be so angry with netizens tomorrow!"

Wang Ai laughed happily, and put his arm around Ma Dong's shoulder: "I heard that you are going to be the deputy team leader when I came back last time. Is there such a thing?"

"Hey, it's the end of the year, and I'm still doing odd jobs with Team Leader Guo."

"If you want to say that, I've been around all these years, but I'm still a big soldier."

The two got into the car talking and laughing, and soon arrived at the hotel where the national football team stayed. It was just beside the West Lake. Wang Ai was familiar with the report, signature, getting the room card, pass, and chatted with Lao Tang for a while, and joked with Guo Bingyan . It was only when I went upstairs that I realized that everyone was bringing their girlfriends or wives with them this time, and each family had a room.

Probably because the top 40 has already qualified, and the task of the competition is relatively easy.

After a while, everyone went downstairs to eat, and there was laughter in the restaurant. Old Tang took the opportunity to announce that he could go to the West Lake after dinner, but he was not allowed to stay out at night, go to entertainment places, or eat indiscriminately. Everyone laughed and agreed, Wang Ai and his party had not lost their jet lag and had no appetite at the moment, so they had an early meal and greeted everyone before taking Xu Qinglian out.

The West Lake in March can’t be seen how beautiful it is at night. If the surrounding buildings are not very elegant and there are many historical sites, Wang Ai feels that it is no different from the artificial lakes in ordinary cities. It is nothing more than a big bubble. But he didn't dare to tell Xu Qinglian, she was talking about the White Snake.

On the third day after arriving in Hangzhou, Wang Ai was playing with everyone at the training ground this morning, when suddenly Guo Bingyan came over with a phone and frowning: "Wang Ai, the track and field center asked you to take a bj test, and the results are up to standard If so, I will take you to the Olympics in summer."

"Oh yes, there is also the Olympics." Wang Ai suddenly said: "Then our national team?"

The serious Guo Bingyan was stunned for a moment, and then forced a smile: "Of course it is approved. The track and field center discussed with our football management center. Now we are not negotiating but ordering."

With the permission of the national team, Wang Ai escaped successfully, took his wife to defend and flew directly to bj. On the way, I got in touch with the national track and field team. They arranged to go to the test tomorrow morning, and Wang Ai and his wife happened to be back home. It was only when I went to Haidian’s home that I heard that the lion took Kangsi out to play...

Wang Ai made up his mind so he didn't call and scold the lion, because he heard that the destination was Shenyang, and the lion must have brought Kang Si to handle the handover with Lao Gao. As a pure outsider, Mai Chao was promoted to the top leader of Transcendence Sports, and the potential resistance is still not small. The Lion, the former Transcendence Queen, can guarantee smooth sailing in the past.

As for Kang Si, she must have been bored in bj all winter.

The only one staying at home was Tang Mudan, who was not self-motivated. She told Wang Ai that Wang Ai's old mother had arranged for the pick-up of the child these days, and Wang Ai was relieved. At this time, she called the two foreign girls in Shenyang to exchange Check the information. After the phone call, Wang Ai still had a hot chat with Xu Qinglian and Tang Mudan, and tried to persuade this heartless person, to the effect that: others are busy with self-improvement, and they will give their children a good foundation when they get older. There is no shortage of money, and my husband is also playing bj, but he has no official position, and he can't build up his vision and contacts. What will your child do in the future?

It's not impossible to rely on our family, but are you not afraid that your children will look down on you?

Tang Mudan was about to burst into tears after talking: "Okay, you think I'm an eyesore, so I'll go."

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