Reborn on Top of Football - v8 Chapter 135 The Scariest Thing (5)

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Wang Ai pondered for a long time before saying "I think about it", and hung up the phone.

My heart is heavy.

When Wang Ai was a child, he saw farmers playing Jinhua in his hometown. After a year of hard work, he couldn't hold back for fifteen minutes and lost. It was really miserable. Especially since this thing is still addictive, chopping off your fingers might not even work.

Heart addiction is hard to get rid of, even taking medicine is not effective, so you have to fight hard. But there are only drug rehabilitation centers in the world, but no gambling rehabilitation centers. Once the individual has no self-control and the family cannot control it, it will be an abyss.

Thinking of many lovely fans suffering misfortune because of himself, Wang Ai couldn't even eat dinner.

"I feel sorry for everyone these years, especially my fans." Wang Ai sighed and told his family about the matter: "But what Li Jun said..."

Huang Xin comforted: "If a person is destined to suffer a loss in gambling, it doesn't matter if you are there or not."

Shi Wenjun also said: "It is true that some people start to gamble because of you, but at the same time, there are also people who have no time to gamble because they watch your games."

Xu Qinglian concluded: "Public figures must get used to and accept the misfortune of individual fans. There are too many samples, and birth, old age, sickness and death are the norm, and there is nothing to be concerned about."

Wang Ai took a deep breath, nodded, shook his head again, picked up the fast food and ate. But throughout the dinner, Wang Ai didn't speak, and was still in a trance from time to time.

"Don't think about it, the competition is coming up tomorrow, don't you want to show off your power?" Huang Xin persuaded again after the meal.

Wang Ai smiled with a complex expression: "Hundreds of billions of gambling funds are lost every year in the territory, and many of them are brought up by me. Whether I contribute a lot or consume a lot, I can't tell."

While the big beauties and little beauties watched, Huang Xin continued: "If your consumption outweighs your contributions, at least our country's media won't report you so vigorously, right? After all, you still contribute a lot Much more than consumption, besides, consumption is not your subjective behavior. When life is rich, there will be more people watching football, and gambling is its accompanying product. You are just the direct cause, not the root cause. As long as China is rich and the people do not form a strong Rejection culture, without you, this money will not be saved."

Wang Ai nodded silently after listening, and the big beauty smiled and said: "If you want to convince you, you can't use theory."

The three women laughed together, Wang Ai also smiled and shook his head: "Then, let me think of a way, ordinary people don't distinguish between the direct cause and the root cause, and I have to do something to plan ahead."

The little beauty immediately said: "No, you can't fight against the gambling syndicate, you forgot that you were in danger at the World Cup in Korea and Japan? Hundreds of billions, let alone hundreds of billions, even tens of billions, billions are enough for them to take risks Already!"

Xu Qinglian pondered for a while: "Wang Ai, don't worry about this matter, you concentrate on preparing for tomorrow's game, and we will find a way. Even if you are asked to do something, there will be no serious consequences."

Wang Ai finally relaxed: "Okay, then I will work hard for you."

Disturbed by this sudden news, Wang Ai, who was going to vent his anger in the next day's game, let it go. As a result, he couldn't find the feeling of breaking the goal when he started the game. Fortunately, he didn't need an assist. So decisive, Wang Ai, who still has vision and skills, assisted two in the first half.

Driven by the atmosphere at the Bernabéu, Wang Ai finally recovered a little in the second half. First, he received a cross from his teammate in the opening sixth minute and raised the header high in the crowd to score. The ball, when he turned around, the ball was divided, and he created a single pole and scored the ball very wonderfully.

With two goals and two assists, the Bernabéu fans still gave warm applause when Wang Ai left the field early, unaware that this was not Wang Ai's expectation at all... What he actually thought was that this game should at least achieve five-star success, just like c As Luo did some time ago.

Coincidentally, both of Wang Ai's assists in this game were given to Ronaldo, which made the La Liga scorer list collectively updated again after the game. At present, Wang Ai ranks first with 44 goals, Ronaldo ranks second with 39 goals, and Messi ranks third with 38 goals. If it weren't for Wang Ai's gift of Ronaldo two this time, Messi would have overtaken.

"Messi chased hard enough." When they returned home, the women were discussing: "He didn't score many goals at the beginning of the season."

Wang Ai sat on the sofa and picked up a glass of juice: "I'm tired from the super giant war, and Ronaldo and I didn't show any strong fighting spirit. In addition, he has a few good teammates, so he is changing his role and trying to change his role. The striker becomes the attacking midfielder, almost like me."

"Then it was..." The little beauty looked at Wang Ai: "You two are scoring more and more goals, he can't sit still?"

Wang Ai shrugged, Huang Xin smiled and said, "Is this considered involuntary?"

"Three bulls are placed on the same field, even if they are covered with bruises, as long as one of them provokes, the other two can only follow up whether they want to or not. This is an instinct." Xu Qinglian said leisurely: "Commercial football is such a rule. , unless you want to buck the trend."

Speaking of this, Xu Qinglian looked at Wang Ai full of temptation: "Dear Dr. Wang, Master Wang, do you want to give up the golden boots and championship trophy that are already tired of you? Just take a step back and you will have a brighter future. You can buy When countless treasures are stuffed into the treasure room, you have beautiful scrolls like flowers to accompany you to enjoy the wind and moon, you have countless scientific and technological ideals to devote yourself to, and you have a large number of family businesses to play the role of domineering president, as long as..."

Xu Qinglian raised her finger: "Giving up a little, life is never complete, we all have to learn to give up, don't we?"

Wang Ai scratched his chin: "Don't play psychology with me!"

Amidst the laughter of the little yellow horse and the little white horse, the big beauty said "heh", leaned back and hugged her shoulders: "In the end, you still have a flame in your heart, and you are still thinking about your football status. Give up gold The ball award is already your biggest concession, right? You use your historical status to comfort yourself. You have been trying to get rid of the system, but since you are in this system, you must be driven by this system, and your aesthetics and values ​​must also Converge with this system. In the final analysis, there is no essential difference between you and others, it is just that you are more brutal technically and tactically.”

Wang Ai looked at Xu Qinglian for a while: "But I have brought something new to this system, right? I am planning to bring more things, right? So, this system is assimilating me, and I am assimilating this system. If you say everyone is like that, then you also have to admit that what I bring is far greater than what other people bring."

Xu Qinglian stared: "Go to the gym!"

Wang Ai shook his head and rolled away consciously. The little yellow horse and the little white horse looked at each other tacitly and turned on the TV. I saw a guest on the Spanish TV station talking freely: "The result of the deepening of the friendship between the two super giants appeared. It's the scariest thing."

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