Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7466 .as long as you can protect him

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Chapter 7466

"Sect Master, this is a very normal thing, because you are not that kind of person yourself. Although I don't know exactly what happened, I understand you. For Feng Che, maybe you had the intention of taking advantage of Feng Che at first. But it's just the beginning..." the Great Elder said after hearing the words.

"Maybe, maybe it's because I've lived too long, and I've seen the original hatred. Feng Che is still young, so he shouldn't be involved in those things. As long as he can protect him well, I believe that sooner or later, when Feng Che grows up , My hatred will be avenged!" Feng Yizhu thought for a while and said.

Also under the questioning of the Great Elder, Feng Yuzhu revealed that the Feng clan might have come for Feng Che, and that's why they sent Feng Che away!

As for why the Feng Clan wanted to find Feng Che, Feng Huazhu didn't elaborate, but the Great Elder also knew that it would not be a good thing!

Although the Great Elder is not from the Feng family, he has a close relationship with Feng Yizhu. Without Feng Yizhu, he would have disappeared a long time ago. Naturally, whatever Feng Yizhu wants to do, he will support it to the end!

The two discussed it over and over, and then the Great Elder left!

After the Great Elder left, Feng Yanzhu looked at the Wutong Sect at the foot of the mountain in a daze!

Originally, Feng Yanzhu planned to disband the Wutong Sect, but the words of the Great Elder just now made him dispel this idea. The Great Elder was right. Disbanding the Wutong Sect at this time may arouse the suspicion of the Feng Clan even more!

At that time, relying on the ability of the Feng family, I am afraid that all the Wutong sect members will be found one by one, and it will be even more troublesome!

It's better for soldiers to cover the water and soil!

After all, the Wutong Sect is also a major sect in the Central Tianyu, even the Feng Clan would not dare to force their way in, and they can still defend Feng Che for a while, so Feng Yuzhu gave up disbanding the Wutong Sect!

When the Wutong Sect was first established, Feng Huazhu planned to fight against the Feng Clan!

But his character is still not ruthless enough, teaching those disciples day and night, and let Feng Yuzhu hide his hatred for the Feng clan!

Instead, he treats the disciples of the sect like an elder!

Perhaps it was also because of his personality that he sent Feng Che away directly, and even wanted to disband the Wutong Sect!

Feng Yanzhu sighed helplessly. He had no idea about the future of the Wutong Sect, but he firmly believed that even if the entire Wutong Sect was involved, the Feng Clan would not let Feng Che be found!

Feng Wanzhu is very firm on this point!

But what made Feng Yanzhu gratified was that although the Feng Clan came aggressively, their speed was very slow!

In fact, thanks to Feng Mo's inconvenience, the matter of finding Feng Che was handed over to the chief elder of the Feng clan, and he didn't want to expose his ugly face. As a result, everyone in the Feng clan, except the secret guards sent by Feng Mo , secretly looking for Feng Che to go back outside!

The Great Elder of the Feng Clan and others are very cautious. They feel that the person they need to find is the young master of their Feng Clan. The other party lives in the human race. As the Feng Clan, they naturally cannot embarrass the young master. Naturally, they cannot rely on their strength to bully others , You must be polite first and then soldier!

If those human races treat their young master well, they will also give compensation!

He even felt that the young master might not be willing to follow them back to the Feng Clan. Naturally, he needed to establish a good relationship with the human race around the young master, and strive to make the young master willing to follow them back to the Feng Clan as soon as possible!

Therefore, there were many people sent by the Feng Clan, but they were all divided into many teams!

And very low-key looking for Feng Che's whereabouts!

After all, in the eyes of the Great Elder of the Feng Clan and others,

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