Peerless Martial Soul - Chapter 5922 So what if you don't have a cultivation base? Still kill you!

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"In the VIP area, everyone is rich and powerful, and we casual cultivators can't compare."

The hammer fell three times, no one dared to compete with Chen Feng.

"Congratulations to this young master, who bought the Flowing Flame Stone at the price of five thousand spirit crystals!"

Following the auctioneer's congratulations, a maid handed the Flowing Flame Stone to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng accepted it calmly, and after telling Qin Yuning a few words, he continued to read the Fengtian Formation Code.

"Congratulations, my lord, the three thousand spirit crystals won the Vajra Dragon Scale!"

"Congratulations, young master, 3,500 Spirit Crystals won the Bishuizhu!"


Qin Yuning was lavish, directly offering the highest price, and easily bought the remaining four kinds of elixir.

"Xiaofeng, everything you want is here."

She handed the elixir to Chen Feng.

Only then did Chen Feng quit the practice, and said with a smile, "Sister Yu Ning, I've cost you a lot."

Qin Yuning was full of joy when she called out sister.

"Say what?"

"You are my savior, don't talk about this fairy medicine."

"Even if it's worth tens of thousands of spirit crystals, as long as you open your mouth, I'll sell it to you!"

cluck cluck...

Gritting teeth for the south weather.

Treat him with courtesy and courtesy.

To that kid, he actually looked like a little girl with every mouthful of Xiaofeng!

He is Liuying Tianzun's disciple, whoever sees him can't respectfully call him son?

But today, he lost to a trash with no cultivation!

"When you place an order, I will kill you immediately!"

Nan Xiangtian suppressed the anger in his heart so as not to be noticed by Qin Yuning.

Chen Feng smiled suddenly, and said to Qin Yuning: "Sister, you go ahead, I'll go back."

"But there are so many things, I just take them back, it's a bit difficult..."

Qin Yuning nodded, pretending to be an older sister and exhorted: "You don't have a cultivation level, so you can't store the elixir, and there may be danger on the way."

"However, I have something to do and I can't leave. Why don't I let Brother Nan see me off?"

Nan Xiangtian was stunned for a moment.

Send him back?

Isn't that a great opportunity to get rid of him?

"Then trouble Mr. Nan."

Chen Feng showed a harmless smile to humans and animals: "It was a bit of a misunderstanding before, but Mr. Nan is the apprentice of Liuying Tianzun, so his character is naturally not good."

"I don't know what Master Nan's intention is?"

He also agreed?

Nan Xiangtian almost laughed out loud!

"Miss Qin doesn't have to worry about trivial matters."

He almost jumped up, and said to Chen Feng with a smile: "Brother Chen, let's go."

Qin Yuning did not doubt Nan Xiangtian, and watched the two leave.

After leaving the auction house, Nan Xiangtian followed behind Chen Feng unhurriedly, showing a cruel smile.

Although Chen Feng lived very close to the auction house, he had to pass by a secluded alley.

When he reached the middle of the alley, Chen Feng coughed suddenly, accidentally dropped the object in his hand, and hurriedly bent over to pick it up.


Nan Xiangtian taunted directly: "Now that you have lost all your cultivation, you can't bear the breath of the fairy medicine."

"Killing you is easier than stepping on an ant."

Chen Feng was shocked: "You want to kill me?"

"That's right!"

Nan Xiangtian threw a formation talisman, and the cyan streamer enveloped the two of them.

Immortal first-level formation, closed-breathing formation.

It can hide all the breath in the formation and not be noticed by the outside world.

"Now, no one will find out that I killed you."

Nan Xiangtian showed a ferocious smile: "Woman who dares to touch me, die!"

He punched Chen Feng directly, without even using his immortal power.

After all, to kill a person with no cultivation, to use immortal power is to flatter him!

Chen Feng turned his surprise into a smile, with a bit of playfulness.

"Haven't you ever wondered why I came here?"

Nan Xiangtian was taken aback for a moment.

At this moment, Chen Feng slammed his fist to the ground, smashing the spirit crystal.

The spar exploded, and the spiritual energy contained in it surged like a spring.

Suddenly, Nan Xiangtian said with a sneer, "You want to use the power of the spirit crystal to deal with me?"

He laughed out loud, and his smile was full of contempt!

"Don't talk about these spirit crystals, even 10,000 of them can't hurt me!"

"You are not only a waste, but also an idiot!"

Nan Xiangtian simply stopped moving, opened his arms, and looked at Chen Feng provocatively.

"I'll just stand here and let you fight!"

Chen Feng smiled coldly.

I knew Nan Xiangtian was stupid, but I didn't expect him to be so stupid!

He raised his hand and swiped at the treasure in front of him, like flying flowers picking leaves, and then shot it all over his body.

Swish Swish Swish!

Several beams of light shot up into the sky, forming a hexagonal cage, trapping Nan Xiangtian in it.

The aura that escaped from the spirit crystal was absorbed by the treasure to maintain the operation of the formation.

Nan Xiangtian's smile froze, and he exclaimed, "This is... the Immortal Rank Formation!"

"You clearly have no cultivation base, why can you arrange an immortal formation?"

As far as he knows, no matter what kind of formation, it must be supported by the formation's own immortal power.

It is impossible to activate the formation purely by the power in the spirit crystal!

"The frog in the well!"

Chen Feng smiled playfully: "A dignified disciple of Tianzun, who doesn't even know how to use spirit crystals to activate formations."

"So what if you don't have a cultivation base? You will still be destroyed!"

With the last trace of aura flowing into the formation, the formation works instantly!

The power of the treasure merged into the formation, turning into a huge vortex, spinning rapidly!

Nan Xiangtian secretly thought that something was wrong, and immediately urged his movements to escape.

With a movement of body, it looks like a swimming dragon!

The speed is so fast that you can't see the figure at all, as if it disappeared out of thin air!

"Even if you can arrange formations, so what?"

"With my speed, it is enough to break through this formation in an instant!"

The sound came from all directions, and the direction could not be discerned.

Chen Feng was still smiling.

As the vortex continues to expand, the traction becomes stronger and stronger.

A figure gradually appeared in the sky, it was Nan Xiangtian!

His speed was several times slower than before, bound by the traction of the vortex.

"This, what kind of formation is this!"

Nan Xiangtian panicked!

Even if the formation he had seen was powerful, his speed was too fast.

Often before the formation condenses, he rushes out of the range of the formation, which is useless to him.

However, he was too arrogant to stand still and let Chen Feng make a move.

What's more, Chen Feng has no cultivation, but he can use spirit crystals to arrange taboo formations!

There is no way to escape if you devour the immortals!

The vortex gets bigger and bigger, and the traction power multiplies.

Nan Xiangtian could no longer break free from the shackles of the vortex, and was pulled into the vortex.


The powerful pressure of the vortex directly crushed his body, and blood flew from the broken flesh!

"Don't, don't kill me!"

"I am Liuying Tianzun's disciple. Once I die, Master will know, and you don't even want to live!"

Nan Xiangtian hissed loudly.

Chen Feng looked indifferent, no matter how much he begged for mercy, he didn't move.

The screaming continued for a while.

Nan Xiangtian's body was completely shattered, and his soul was also bound in the vortex and could not break free.


Chen Feng stomped his feet, the treasure shattered, and the formation began to shrink.

In an instant, it shrank into a thumb-sized black bead, trapping Nan Xiangtian's soul.

"Little bastard, let me out!"

Nan Xiangtian yelled and scolded endlessly.

Chen Feng sneered: "Don't think I don't know what you're thinking." "If I didn't temporarily lose my cultivation, why would I need to use the formation to deal with you?"

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