Peerless Martial Soul - Chapter 5921 Taboo Formation: Devouring Immortals

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Chapter 5921 Forbidden Formation: Devouring Immortals

Nan Xiangtian frowned suddenly, his heart was full of jealousy.

Moreover, he didn't believe Qin Yuning's words at all.

No one can defeat the fifth level of the Golden Immortal Realm with the realm of the peak of the Earth Immortal.

"Nan Xiangtian, one of Liuying Tianzun's three apprentices."

With a hypocritical smile, he took advantage of the situation and asked Chen Feng: "Which senior's apprentice is brother?"

"Since he can fight across a large realm, he must have a good reputation."

Chen Feng said lightly: "Foreign casual cultivators are not worth mentioning."

Nan Xiangtian was stunned.

I thought what kind of background Chen Feng would be, but turned out to be a casual cultivator?

Could it be that he deliberately lied to himself?

"Brother was joking."

Nan Xiangtian was relentless: "If Xiongtai is the disciple of a hidden master, it's not convenient to disclose it."

"But Master always likes to challenge the strong, so please tell me quietly, and I can swear not to tell others."


Chen Feng frowned slightly: "I'm just a casual cultivator, believe it or not."

"It's you, don't make Qin Yuning's idea."

Qin Yuning helped him, and he naturally helped Qin Yuning.

But these words fell into Nan Xiangtian's ears, as if he was threatening him.

Qin Yuning is his man!

Nan Xiangtian's face darkened instantly, and he snorted coldly: "You are a casual cultivator, and you deliberately approach Miss Qin because you are greedy for her body and family fortune, right?"

"Brother Nan!"

Qin Yuning frowned: "Xiaofeng lost his cultivation to save me, how could he be a bad person?"

"And he is my savior, show him some respect!"

A flash of anger flashed in Nan Xiangtian's eyes.

What method did the useless trash use to make this **** trust him so much?

However, seeing Qin Yuning getting angry, Nan Xiangtian couldn't say anything.

After passing Chen Feng straight away, he sat firmly on another bench.

"Xiao Feng, don't mind."

Qin Yuning explained: "Brother Nan is very kind to me, I always treat him as my elder brother."

"Maybe I said that out of worry because I saw you strangely."

Chen Feng waved his hand and didn't care.

Although he didn't know how strong Nan Xiangtian was, he didn't bother to pay attention to this kind of scum.

Seeing the two of them chatting passionately, Nan Xiangtian became more and more jealous.

"Just let you, a waste, be proud for a while."

He sneered in his heart: "I will kill you again when the auction is over and you are separated!"

"Dare to touch the woman I like, **** it!"

Chen Feng noticed something, and glanced at Nan Xiangtian without leaving a trace.

"Yuning, I suddenly remembered that I need something, please help me prepare."

He listed several materials in succession.

Qin Yuning just nodded, didn't ask what to do with it, and immediately asked someone to prepare it.

During the time she left, the auction officially started.

Although the first few treasures were precious, Chen Feng was not interested.

Instead, he picked up an ancient scroll and looked through it, immersing himself in it.

This ancient scroll is exactly the Heaven-Sealing Formation Code obtained by beheading Bai Hao.

This is the book of immortal formations, which records hundreds of immortal formations.

Not only that, but there are many taboo formations, the variety of which shocked Chen Feng greatly.

"This book of formation seems to have a lot of background."

He vaguely guessed.

The person behind Bai Hao must be the one who planned the attack.

And this array code, which seemed to come from that person's hand, has now fallen into his own hands.

Turning to the fourth page of the array code, there are a few large characters in sight.

Forbidden Formation—Devouring Immortals!

Although it is a first-level formation of the immortal rank, it does not require any immortal power.

The rarer the material for the array, the stronger the array's power.

Anyone who enters the formation will be bound by the formation and will continue to absorb strength.

The longer you are trapped, the more power you lose, and you can even **** it into dry bones!

Just now, the materials that Chen Feng asked Qin Yuning to prepare were for the formation.

"With this formation for self-defense, Nan Xiangtian can't help me."

Chen Feng took the opportunity to glance at Nan Xiangtian.

Liuying Tianzun's apprentice should be the best at body skills, and his speed is very fast.

The effect of devouring the power of the Immortal Devouring Formation can just limit his speed.

"The first lot, the Flowing Flame Stone!"

On the auction stage, the female auctioneer in a red dress opened a wooden box.

Inside the box is a fist-sized stone with a transparent shell and lava flowing inside.

"It's the Flowing Flame Stone!"

"If a cultivator with flame power in Jinxian territory can get one, his strength will increase by at least 30%!"

All the cultivators exclaimed, their eyes were extremely fiery.

This is exactly the treasure Chen Feng wanted.

But most cultivators don't know that the Flowing Flame Stone has another function, which is to suppress the immortal power of death.

Gather all five kinds of five-element celestial medicines, and mix them with pure to clear rootless water to refine an everlasting elixir.

The pill contains endless vitality, which happens to be in harmony with the immortal power of Nirvana.

Not only is it possible to refine the immortal power of death, but also a cultivator with high comprehension can control the power in the alchemy and cultivate the immortal power of immortality.

Combining the two powers into one is the strongest immortal power in legends—the immortal power of life and death!

But the possibility of refining the immortal power of life and death is extremely slim, Chen Feng does not have extravagant hopes.

As long as the Nirvana Immortal Power can be dissolved, one can restore one's cultivation and continue to improve one's strength.

"Three thousand spirit crystals!"

"Three thousand three hundred!"

"Three thousand five hundred!"

Everyone is fighting in full swing.

Chen Feng remained silent, but Nan Xiangtian deliberately laughed and said, "Why, Qin Yuning is not here, so you dare not even offer the price?"

"It really is a waste that only relies on women!"

Chen Feng glanced at him slowly, with a bit of disdain in his eyes, and didn't say a word.

"Are you laughing at me?"

Nan Xiangtian showed anger, and was about to taunt back.

"Xiaofeng, I'm back!"

Qin Yuning just came back, seeing that Nan Xiangtian's expression was not right, she suddenly frowned.

"Brother Nan, what are you talking about?"

Nan Xiangtian quickly suppressed his anger, and said with a hypocritical smile: "It's nothing, just talking about cultivation."

Chen Feng just smiled and said nothing.

But such a proud look is full of irony.

"That's good."

Qin Yuning smiled and sat beside Chen Feng: "Xiao Feng, this is the fairy medicine you need."

"Just make an offer, and I'll pay for you."

Chen Feng was also polite: "Thank you, Miss Qin."

Qin Yuning suddenly frowned: "You call Duoshengfen that way, I am older than you, please call me sister."

Chen Feng smiled, not unwillingly, but although she is old, she doesn't look like an older sister.

"It's fine if you don't want to."

Qin Yuning pursed her lips angrily, but her eyes were bright, as if she was deliberately teasing Chu Shaoyang.

This scene fell in Nan Xiangtian's eyes, and he almost vomited blood in anger!

Damn beast!

Young Master, I have been pursuing her for many years, but I have only gotten closer to her.

What method did you use to make this **** treat you so well?

If eyes could kill, Chen Feng would have been killed thousands of times.

Chen Feng ignored him at all, and slowly raised his hand: "Five thousand!"

In an instant, the entire auction house fell into silence.

The cultivators turned their heads and sighed helplessly when they saw that it was the people from the VIP area who made the move.

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