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While Miss "Justice" greeted each other with other members in turn, "The Fool" Klein also quietly observed the status of the participants.

Miss "Justice" is not in such a bright mood as before, is there any problem encountered? However, the digestion of her "manipulator" potion is not slow, and the relevant rules should have been summed up... After a while, let Abner send her an invitation to go to "Eden" to get the relevant "persona mask" , counted as experience.

Well, I won't tell her the truth about the "Psychological Alchemy Association" for now, lest the effect of "experience" be bad.

The digestion speed of Ms. "Magician" seems to have slowed down in the "Mystic" stage...but I don't need to worry about her affairs. With the help of Abner and Ms. "Judgment", this lady's extraordinary The road can go a lot easier.

Miss "Judgment" is still at the stage of "law mage", but as she becomes the Queen's bodyguard and deputy director of "MI9", her name of "invisible fear" has become more and more resounding!

Backlund is still able to maintain a good order, at least half of her credit... Is this playing the role of "Chaos Hunter" in advance?

According to Abner, her meritorious deeds can already be exchanged for another main material of "Chaos Hunter", "Scarab Emperor's Tentacle" and other auxiliary materials, just waiting for Emlyn to get "Order Wolf's Vertical Eye" ", you can try Advanced Sequence 3.

It's just that Abner is fully capable of getting the materials directly from the blood marquis, but he didn't do that... Is there another plan?

Miss Hugh working out? What bad "destiny" are you avoiding? Just like "Goddess" doesn't directly give me the characteristics of "Master of Miracles"?

Hey, since he was promoted to "Spiritual Angel", he has become more divine...

"Temperance"... Sharon's ceremony will not be completed in a few months. This is why Maric did not choose to go to the Southern Continent to help Emlyn by himself, but only used Miss Jane to contact the remaining "Temperance Sect" personnel Tell him the reason - he has to guard the box where Sharon is kept.

Ms. "The Hermit" hasn't asked "The Fool" any questions recently, which means that Bernadette still hasn't returned... Abner said that she was looking for the "Darkness" card, but she didn't know where it was.

"World"...needless to mention this, they are still "wandering" in the Land Abandoned by God.

Next, "Star" and "Moon" are currently in the Southern Continent, and they are both active in the territory of the clone of the angel "Blood Moon Queen" under the command of "The Fool".

They also seem to have gotten in touch with "Pale Admiral", "Admiral Song" and "Dragoon Rider General" through Abner, and they are plotting to overthrow the regime of a city-state controlled by the "Rose School of Thought".

The previous battle where "Admiral Song" killed "Admiral Seven Kills" was apparently for the control of the route and the title of "Pirate General", but in essence it was to cut off the wings of "Rose School"... ...

The little "Sun" has not made much progress, and the chief named "Colin" seems to want to wait for another "Silver Knight" to appear in the City of Silver before restarting the exploration of the "Royal Court of Giants".

But just before the convening of the Tarot Club, the "Sun" "sacrificed" the map and key of the "Alien King" Kingdom of God... and then looked for a chance to "divination".

"Tower"... Lao Liu's body is still sending "wisdom eyes" to various low-dimensional "parallel worlds" in the "Blood Plain", looking for the traces of "hidden sages". It's getting closer and closer, and you can find it in a few days at most.

In addition, because of the attack of the Feysac Third Legion on "Beldan" last month, Viscount Abner Bryan's momentum was unmatched in the Northern Continent. Since then, no one dared to provoke him easily, even The chief judge of the "God of War Church" Inquisition who instigated the army to attack Beldan was punished for this.

Mr. "The Hanged Man" has already prepared the "Disaster Officiant" ceremony last week. Judging from his current state, it should be a success...

Heh, it seems that what Lao Liu said is right, I still have a bit of face at the "Storm Lord", but I just said hello casually, and he acquiesced to Mr. "The Hanged Man"

that excuse.

After scanning the ancient bronze long table, the members of the Tarot Society just finished saluting to Mister Fool.

Because there is no Roselle diary, and there is no question of accumulation, the process of the party directly enters the transaction link.

"Moon" Emlyn immediately sat up straight, looked around and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have a request."

"Are you going to hunt that 'puppet' of the city-state of Calaston?" "The Hermit" Cattleya asked, pointing to the core, based on the information she received during the previous exchange.

"..." Emlyn took two seconds to digest the other party's question, and maintained an elegant smile, "You guessed right."

"The Hermit" Cattleya nodded lightly and said:

"What kind of combat power does the enemy have? How much strength can you show besides the Tarot Society?

"Of course, the most important thing is, what kind of compensation can you pay?"

"Because the opponent is a demigod from the 'Rose School of Thought', and Karaston is located in the southern continent, not far from their lair, so we are likely to face more than five demigods.

"However, there is no need to worry about the existence of angels and above being blocked for us.

"On our side, the Temperance School of the 'Rose School' will send a demigod to support them. 'Admiral Pale', Admiral Song', and 'Lieutenant General Dragonrider' all have powerful cards and means to resist demigods. The Church of the God of War and Destruction' will also dispatch a Sequence 3 'Ferryman'. . . . .

"In addition, I also borrowed a level '1' sealed item from the family to restrain the 'Puppet', 'Star' seems to have a demigod-level means...

"In terms of high-end combat power, UU Reading we should be on par with the enemy, but we can't completely suppress the opponent.

"As for the reward..."

Having said that, Emlyn was a little speechless, and glanced at the "star" Leonard beside him.

This is the common goal of the two of them, and everything cannot come from him.

And "Star" Leonard coughed, and just about to speak, "World" Gehrman Sparrow at the bottom of the long bronze table suddenly spoke:

"I can accept this request."

Since Miss Messenger has agreed to participate, Klein manipulated the dummy "World" and took the initiative to accept the order, "Of course, this requires a certain medium."

Without waiting for Emlyn and Leonard to respond, he made Gehrman Sparrow look at Forsi who was listening with gusto:

"So you guys better come up with something that impresses Miss 'Magician'."

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