Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 74 Arrangement of hidden sages

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Latest website: Klein listened carefully to Abner's discovery, and said with a low smile:

"In other words, even if you didn't agree to cooperate with the "High Overlooker", he would deliberately reveal that he was cooperating with the Hidden Sage, so as to blackmail you into submission?"

"That's right!" Abner nodded, and said after deliberation, "And I suspect that he has more than one card in his hand... He may be the outer **** who knows the 'unknown' best. If I don't Promise, then it is very likely that he will usher in endless means...

"So after weighing it up, I think it's the best choice to agree to him while leaving some restrictions... After all, it's not bad to have him to try the unknown, isn't it?"

Klein was silent, and said after a few seconds: "Seeing that the 'High-Dimensional Overlooker' does things very well, it doesn't look like 'crazy' at all, but why is he so obsessed with the 'unknown'? It feels like he can get closer to him." at all costs....

He didn't know that "Liu Bo" was a "true traveler" from high-dimensionality, and had a great attraction for "high-dimensionality overlookers".

"Maybe I can't help myself..." Abner didn't say much, and he is not ready to tell Klein about his true origin.

Can't help himself... Klein glanced at Abner thoughtfully, didn't continue this question, and said instead:

"I remember what you said before, the last shortcoming of the hidden sage's becoming a god, the 'Knowledge Emperor' Extraordinary characteristic was deliberately handed over to him by the goddess, there must be a plan in it...

"And you guessed that the "hidden sage"'s god-making ceremony might require "secret" authority, and you would attack the goddess at a suitable opportunity, and then fall into the trap of the goddess.

"But now it seems that the hidden sage" has found another way to complete the ceremony! "Or, this is actually within the expectations of the goddess?"

Abner slowly shook his head and said: "Although the goddess has excellent strategies, she is not exhaustive, and she naturally has unexpected things.

"For example, the cooperation between "Hidden Sage" and "High-Dimensional Overlooker", if the latter hadn't sold the former, I'm afraid she and I would have to wait until the information of a parallel world covers reality.

"Of course, since the essence of the goddess' plan has not changed, as long as the "hidden sage" still holds the "Emperor of Knowledge", we have a chance to capture him.

"And now that we know His hidden methods, it is naturally easier.

"I just want to lock the parallel world where the "hidden sage" actually arranged the ritual, but it's more troublesome." Hearing this, Klein asked in surprise, "Didn't the high-dimensional Overlooker sell him?"

Abner sneered and said, "Although the Hidden Sage has a cooperative relationship with the High-Dimensional Overlooker, it is impossible to really trust an Outer God!

"What's more, the continent-wide mysterious event in his ascension ceremony needs to make intelligent beings unable to see through the essence, which naturally includes 'high-dimensional overlookers', "hidden sages in many parallel worlds Some arrangements have been made here, but the world that He actually uses for rituals is hidden very deeply, and even the "high-dimensional overlooker" doesn't know where it is.

"The parallel world I've explored in the past two weeks is just a 'replica' of one of the fake worlds created to confuse people." "The high-dimensional Overlooker' helped him create many 'parallel worlds'?" Klein was a little incredulous, He didn't think the Outer God would be so kind.

Seeing the question, Abner shook his head again and said, "You have to be clear about one thing, that is, 'parallel worlds' are naturally derived', not just those created by 'high-dimensional overlookers'.

"In other words, the high-dimensional viewers 'only joined the process of natural derivation of the parallel world', allowing them to determine the scope, timeline, fate of things, and other 'information' according to their own wishes.

"So, the number of parallel worlds cannot be counted at all, after all, they are constantly being born and dying every moment.

"In addition, I guess the cooperation between the Hidden Sage and the High-Dimensional Overlooker is at most about learning some stories about his family members from the latter, and then using "mysterious reappearance" to complete the cooperation

into "traversal" and finally "information overlay".

"It turns out that...the parallel worlds are not created with extraordinary abilities, but exist objectively like the 'collective subconscious sea, the world in the mirror'...In other words, the ones I saw in my previous life There may be truth in the time travel..." Klein suddenly thought, and immediately started to associate.

This is not necessarily the case. After all, there is no such description in the original book. Perhaps the symbol was born based on the comprehensible part after the "initial" observation of "Liu Bo" crossing.

And in the end, it made the "high-dimensional Overlooker" cheaper, and he became much stronger than the original book... While Abner muttered in his heart, he continued:

"However, although there are many low-dimensional parallel worlds, it's not impossible for me to determine the approximate location...but I still need Cattleya's cooperation."

Hearing this, Klein instantly understood what the other party meant, and said with a smile, "You want to spy on the whereabouts of the 'Hidden Sage' at the ceremony where the 'Hermit' lady was promoted to the 'Master of Prophecy'?"

"Yes!" Abner nodded slightly, "The demigod promotion of this path, even if he doesn't try his best to instill 'knowledge' like before, there is a high probability that he will take a look from the air.

"And as long as he dares to come, I have the means to track down his dimension. UU reading"

He originally planned to confirm the status of the "hidden sage" during Cattleya's ceremony, and he promised to assist the other party to complete the advanced ceremony a few weeks ago, but now he needs to go one step further.

Klein's eyes lit up when he heard it, and he thought of the "difficulty" he encountered, and asked, "Can you share the specific method? the matter of finding the 'God of Wishes' Cottard, you can Learn from it."

Abner glanced at him, shook his head with a smile and said, "You really can't learn my method...but you also have your advantages, so there is no need to learn from me."

"My advantage?" Klein asked in confusion.

"Yes, your advantage is that compared to me, Amon, and the dark demon wolf, you are weak and can become his hunting target!

"Since it is difficult for you to find Him, why not let Him come to you.

"An "ancient scholar" may not interest the Dark Demon Wolf, but if this "ancient scholar" can also attract "Origin Castle", then that is another matter..."

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