Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 106 fight back

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Abner removed the huge screen that covered the sky after finishing the pretense... no, after eliminating the "doomsday" and saving the creatures in this low-dimensional world.

Then, with a thought, he reappeared the body of "Abner" in this world with the help of the "Abner" granted by the "High-Dimensional Overlooker", allowing him to return to the place where Xio and Forsi lived. around.

It's just that this "Abner" is no longer the "he" of the past after all, but is managed by a "wisdom eye" of Abner in the main world.

Abner did this because firstly he didn’t want to see his “friends” in this world sad, and secondly because he had a premonition that this low-dimensional world might still help him, so he reserved some means.

After doing all this, Abner returned to the "Salvation Boat" that had sunk into the bottom of the sea, and found that the "God of Knowledge and Wisdom" and "Mother Earth" had left the container, and only "Night Goddess" was still waiting. it's here.

Relatively speaking, one of the containers of the "God of Knowledge and Wisdom" and the "Goddess of the Earth" is not stable, and the other is too weak to be a good carrier of the power of the true God. "Assist", so it has reached its limit at the moment.

And the remnant of "Goddess of the Night" container "Ancestor of the Phoenix" is much more "professional", but she is still waiting here, but there are still things that have not been explained.

I saw the goddess quickly arranged a ceremony to pray for "blessing", then recited her honorable name, and took out a dark card from the "Gate of Summoning".

That is a "card of blasphemy", a "card of darkness"!

Seeing Abner looking at him with strange eyes, "Night Goddess" said with a slight smile, "I learned this from Mr. Fool."

After finishing speaking, she handed the card to Abner: "Roselle's daughter not only distracted the "Hidden Sage" a lot of attention, but your behavior attached to her also gave "Hidden Sage" a lot of attention." pressure, otherwise He would not have held the ceremony so hastily...

"So, this is the reward she deserves."

Abner also recognized the goddess' words very much. Although Bernadette was completely ignorant of their plan to hunt the "hidden sage" from beginning to end, she was the one who covered up Abner's discovery of the world of the ritual world of becoming a god. fact.

He glanced at the "card of blasphemy" after receiving it, and asked casually, "The card of darkness has always been in your hand?"

"No, it was actually put together with Roselle's "Emperor of Knowledge" trait... After the "Hidden Sage" snatched that trait, Aloran was handed over to me. "Goddess of the Night" shook her head lightly, her voice was soft, and she responded with a hint of a smile, "The book you created by using the 'information overlay' of the 'Memory Theater' guided Bernadette into the 'low-dimensional' world, Roselle's early content can't be miscalculated... After all, you who brought this card to that world in a while are a standard "traveler" who has "eaten sweet potatoes". "

Hearing this, Abner couldn't help laughing, and sighed: "This may be "fate"!"

"Goddess of the Night" didn't answer any more. After giving him a meaningful look, his figure quickly became blurred, and the fragrance of night vanilla and deep sleep flowers pervading around him also disappeared, leaving only the feather covered The human remains of the "ancestor of the phoenix" of the body.

Next, Abner sent the "Abandoned Slough" back to the temple of the "Land Abandoned by God" and hid it—although after this world has lost its divine power and "true creator", the so-called "Land Abandoned by God" is no longer worthy of its name. It will be discovered and developed by people, but it will not be so fast.

After bringing the sleeping Miss "Plant" back to Fenepot, he sensed his own "Wisdom Eye" that had joined Forsi and Xio, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, and then he directly moved the "Traveler" The ability of the sequence has entered the world that "Bernadette" is currently exploring.


The main world, the southern continent, the Karaston area.

The "God of War and Destruction" church, the Loen military, the Spiritual Religion, and the coalition forces formed by Abner and Klein's "Friends Group" are still fighting against the "Rose School of Thought" least on the surface in this way.

However, the reason why this battle took place was not only to help the new church of the "God of War and Destruction" gain a foothold, but also to kill the "Rose School of Thought" as much as possible. Another layer of "bait" for the attention of the other party, so that Abner can smoothly "sneak into" the world where the other party arranged the ritual of becoming a god.

Therefore, the coalition forces did not put in all their strength at the beginning, which made the battle look evenly matched.

But now, since the "Hidden Sage" has been brought into the "Dark Heaven" by the "Goddess of the Night", and the "Rose School" seems to have exhausted its main force, there is no need to hide.

Therefore, after receiving Abner's "secret technique" to issue a general attack order, the battle situation in the city of Carraston immediately reversed.

Emlyn, Jane, The three of Gehrman secretly exchanged eye contact.

Then, the first two immediately entangled a "wraith" respectively, and Klein allowed Sharon's historical projection to be hit by the "curse" of Dax and another "puppet", allowing him to escape from the historical hole. Li pulled out Mr. Ards and the "Saint of Secrets" Botis marionette to win time.

As soon as Mr. Azik's figure appeared, he was brought by Botis to "flash" behind the "puppet" who attacked Sharon. The next moment, pale flames covered the whole body of the "Puppet", causing his soul to howl silently.

Dispersing the historical projection of "Sharon" casually, Gehrman Sparrow saluted the enemies politely, but said in a slightly crazy tone: "It's still five against four, but unfortunately, you guys Turned into four!"

Before he finished speaking, a bright bridge of starlight descended from the sky, and the figure of "Queen of Stars" Cattleya appeared in front of everyone.

Gehrman froze for a moment, then said again with a hint of madness in his smile, "I'm sorry, I was wrong just now... Well, it should be six against four now!"...

On the north side of the Calaston area, on the battlefield of the Loen Overseas Legion and the warlords supported by the "Rose School of thought".

Forsi, who received the letter from Abner's "secret technique", originally wanted to help Xio and the elf demigod, but before she could act, she felt that her spirituality was passing away like a flood that burst a bank. , which made her have to drink a bottle of "Silver Moon Potion" to barely support...but she didn't have the energy to support Xio.

"Should I be glad that Mister 'World' only summoned one angel? If it's two...I'm afraid I'm going to faint right now." Fors rubbed her forehead, complaining and complaining. One sentence.

Gehrman Sparrow is the "historical projection" summoned by her. The opponent has been fighting for a long time, and now he summons an angel... Even if she has become a demigod, it is a bit too much.

But at this time, the situation on the battlefield had changed, and Forsi didn't need to help.

Because a huge mech at least ten meters high fell from the sky, fell straight into the "Rose School of Thought" army formation, and aimed several artillery pieces at the "Silent Man" Mahmus who was fighting the two of them.

This is the support from "Morning Star City", which is the demigod mechanical clone of Supreme Council member Annick. ....

On the west side of the Calaston area, as "Vice Admiral Disease" Tracy and her mother "White Maiden" Katerina joined the battlefield, "Pale Admiral" Maria and "Dragon Rider" Gwen Also got strong support....

Although they didn't like the two witches who came to help them very much. -

On the east side of the Calaston area, Miss "Messenger" has already cornered "Silent Disciple" Jiaxima without any reinforcements, and none of the former chiefs of the City of Silver around her could intervene.

Just as Jiaxima became more and more crazy, ready to completely let go of the restrictions on the "0" level sealed item in his hand, and die with Reinette, his pupils suddenly reflected a person wearing a black robe with purple patterns and long gray hair. Ladies with simple rolled up hair.

That is the "Saint of Ashes" Sigrid Chick, who is also the "God of Spiritual Objects" Torzina

travel "tools". The next moment, Jiaxima's whole body burned with strange black flames from the inside out.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

The "Silent Disciple" screamed in pain immediately, he tried his best to use his "Curse Source" to divert the damage from "Black Flame", but in the end it was in vain. ....

Because the nature of the black flames wrapped around him was far beyond his imagination!

At the same time, the imprint left by the "sinister" Siea in Jiaxima's body was also touched by the "black flame", and an extremely evil and depraved aura would use this as a medium to descend from the air.

But as the "black flame" covered the breath, everything came to an abrupt end.

"Chick..." There was only an angry shout that seemed to come from a space that was separated from reality, but the subsequent content could not be heard at all.

Although the aura of "Abomination" Siah only leaked a little and was blocked by "Black Flame", but because it descended in Jiasima's body, a terrifying mutation occurred in this "Silent Disciple" immediately , His head exploded in an instant, leaving only a thin strip attached to his neck, and his abdomen bulged at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if some terrible monster was being conceived.

But Torzina did not get rid of her possession because of this. After all, it was nothing compared to the hundreds of years of pain and torment He experienced in the hands of the "Mother Tree of Desire".

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