Mystery: Start with the Reader - v10 Chapter 34 mansion art

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In the City of Silver, Derrick returned to the top of the round tower and met Chief Colin Iliad again.

"Your Excellency, I have already received the promise of blessing." Derrick said quite frankly and directly.

Colin Iliad, with gray hair and old scars on his face, heaved a sigh of relief, nodded slowly and said:

"That's good, that's good."

He rarely repeated a sentence.

Before Derrick could answer, "Demon Hunter" Colin left the window and said calmly:

"You go back first, I'm going to start preparing for the promotion ceremony." Derrick glanced at the chief, and said sincerely:

"You must succeed!"

He didn't stay any longer, and immediately left the round tower and returned to his own home.

After rearranging the ceremony and placing the remains of the six powerful creatures he hunted in the correct position, Colin Iliad began to prepare the potion.

After these things were completed, the Chief of the City of Silver closed his eyes, lowered his head, and recited in the language of giants:

"The fool who does not belong to this era, the mysterious master above the gray mist, the yellow and black king who is in charge of good luck..."

The next moment, Colin Iliad saw the light.

In the holy and clear light, a holy angel with twelve pairs of illusory wings descended suddenly. While the pure white feathers fluttered and fell, he wrapped the "demon hunter" with layers of wings of light.

This is a blessing from Mister Fool. …

In the land abandoned by the gods, in the ruins of a certain hill.

After thinking about it on the "grey fog" and reporting Sharon's safety, Klein just returned to reality, his eyes were dull, and he saw a delicate and beautiful building behind Abner in disbelief. , a three-storey villa that is incompatible with the surrounding environment.

The villa has its own garden. At first glance, there are many plants planted, but after careful observation, you can see that those are just fake flowers and grasses with "concave" shapes.

The inside of the villa is brightly lit, and the door opens slowly without wind, which is a bit like the "old castle on a barren hill" in a "horror movie".

"This is the secret art 'Mansion Art' that I developed... Hehe, speaking of it, when I was still a 'Educated Scholar', I had the idea of ​​developing this secret art on the way to the Pass River Valley in the Southern Continent Already...but it wasn't really done until a while ago.

"Its principle is similar to the private lounge in the 'Dream Labyrinth Tower'. When I was still an 'Insight', I couldn't use it in reality, or the time it could last was too short...

"However, after being promoted to 'Wisdom Angel' and having the relevant authority of 'wisdom' and 'creation', this secret technique not only lasts for a very long time, but also expands to the extent of an entire castle.

"Of course, the current 'mansion technique' is 'Zaratul',

In other words, the re-enactment of 'Alvin Abraham' using the mutated 'record' ability is slightly worse than the original version. "

Abner explained a few words with a smile, and then said, "Don't be dazed, let's go in and have a rest."

In terms of enjoyment, it has to be you... Klein complained in his heart, and then followed Abner along the path in the garden and walked into the open gate of the villa.

As soon as he entered the foyer, a gust of warm wind rushed towards his face, dispelling the chill on Klein's body and making his mood brighten unconsciously.

Immediately afterwards, two rows of maids in maid outfits welcomed Abner and Klein under the leadership of a professional butler.

Although these maids are all charming, and some of them are quite familiar, Klein clearly observed them... No, maybe the "spiritual body threads" of "their" are all concentrated in the "chara" In the hands of "Figure" is a "puppet" controlled by him.

"It's all made of local materials, made of monsters in the dark...the appearance is based on some female stars in my film and television company." Abner explained a few words casually, and then introduced Ke Ryan took it to the dining room.

"Monsters in the're such a badass,


Do you have to make this place look like a scene from a horror movie? You don't have to digest the 'Crafty Mage' potion..." Hearing this, Klein couldn't help but complain.

Hearing his words, Abner stopped in his tracks, turned his head and stared at him for a while with a half-smile, until he saw Klein getting a little hairy, then raised the corners of his mouth and said, "Don't be surprised, you will do the same in the future of."


Abner, who had met Vera and stayed overnight in Sodlark Palace in order not to arouse suspicion, returned to his home at No. 28 Kingstor Street in the early morning, and then entered the "Alvin Palace" through a full-length mirror. among.

"It turns out that Vera's body is trying to block the 'primordial witch'...but she is a princess, no, the character of the Queen's avatar

The main body is bolder...'Prince Pulitzer'? this name

The head is good, but if you become the "Prince Pulitzer" now, wouldn't you be locked up by Loen, and fight Intis and Feysac to death for Loen?

"Well, the character of Vera's avatar may have some shadows of the original character of Her Royal Highness, UU Reading, so I have more affection for the Loen Kingdom..."

The so-called "Prince Pulitzer" is the customary title of Queen Loen's husband, similar to Prince Miron of Fusac.

It's just that unlike Feysac, who has always been a queen in the past, there were very few queens in the Loen royal family more than a thousand years ago, including Vera, there were only three, so the "Prince Pulitzer" has been vacant for more than 700 years.

Therefore, due to certain reasons, Abner rejected the proposal of the future Queen Loen after a little thought...

While his thoughts were spinning, Abner had already arrived at the control center of the "Palace" and sat on his own seat.

Soon, the "projection" of "Goddess of Wealth" Helena appeared in front of him, holding a palm-sized hand in his hand, but it was firmly sealed by three different forces: "Darkness", "Moon" and "Glory of Civilization". The "door door" where I live.

This is the sealed item "0-37", the shrunken "Leave of Truth"!

"As you expected, George III really had a deal with the Son of the Outer God behind the 'Door of Truth'... He also wanted to assist George III in completing the 'Dark Emperor' ceremony, but because of the relationship between him and me' Due to the "cohesion" effect, it was driven away by the goddess of the night, the ancestor of the blood race, and the **** of steam "God's descent", and this sealed item was completely sealed by those three, and finally handed over to me." Helena reported the previous discord It is well known, but the result of a battle with a higher standard than the melee of the angels in the hidden mausoleum of the "Blood Emperor".

"This is not surprising, every sealed item related to the Outer God, unless it was brought in by the previous 'I', the rest must be hidden by the means of those guys outside the barrier!

"Well... except for the 'Wishing Lamp'.

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