My Master Breaks Through Every Limit (My Master Keeps Breaking Through On The Verge Of Death) - Chapter 1121 Spirit Butterfly

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On this day, the entire Hidden Spirit Gate released ten thousand rays of light.

The clouds in the sky were arranged to welcome guests.

At this time, the guest island next to Yinling Island has been decorated and began to welcome guests.

This time, Yinling Island invited all the big Luos of the entire human race to participate, and also invited the major forces in the human race.

Human Race Daluo, even if the main body can't come, also sent clones over, after all, a pack of Daluo Zhenlong's jerky is worth a trip for them.

In addition, there are more than 300 golden immortals from the major forces of the human race.

The entire guest island is full of friends.

This banquet, firstly, informs the entire Immortal Realm. After that, the continent of Longxian Palace belongs to the Hidden Spirit Sect.

The second is to form a good relationship with the human race Daluo and the major forces.

After the Hidden Spirit Sect ascended to the Immortal Realm, they got along fairly well in the human race.

The real fairy puppet controlled by grapes began to walk among the guests with various dishes.

The dishes I tasted when I came to Yinlingmen this time were all controlled by the golden fairy who was killed on the front line.

The dishes made by the two gourmets together with Tianshi Jinxian are not inferior to the Quanlong Banquet at all.

Dishes with strange aromas were brought to the table, teasing the taste buds of each guest.

At this moment, the real dragon banquet is in the hidden spirit gate.

At this time, all the disciples were sitting on their own tables, waiting in full force, as if they were guarding against a powerful enemy.

At this moment, a dragon chant resounded through the world.

When the disciples looked up, they saw a huge dragon composed of various dishes flying towards their location.

In the end, the giant dragon spread out over the disciples, and the dishes fell precisely like shooting stars toward each table.

"The whole dragon feast begins~"

All the disciples started to move instantly, respectively extending their katsuobushi to the dishes that were beneficial to their cultivation.

"I heard that the Dragon Feast this time is cooked by a secret method, and it won't be filled with a few bites like the last time." Eryuan said excitedly while looking at the dishes on the table full of saliva.

"I heard that the elders have already kept those big Luo Zhenlong in captivity. When you want to eat dragon meat, you can directly take it from your body." Ertie said to his silly sister.

"I've known it for a long time, and I also know that if you want to keep the flesh of Daluo Zhenlong full, it's best to take it once a thousand years." Eryuan raised his head and looked up at the sky, wondering if there would be another wave in a while. vegetable.

"You don't need to talk to Er Yuan at this time, she is only thinking about eating now." Li Leihu said with a big smile.

In the guest island, Xu Fan was meeting with the human race Daluo one by one with a glass of keel wine.

All the big Luos expressed their admiration for Xu Fan. Although Xu Fan was in the golden fairyland, no big Luo dared to underestimate him.

At this time, what Xu Fan didn't know was far away in the Qianshan Jedi of Nandou Immortal Realm.

Han Feiyu was drooling as he watched the Zongmen senior brothers feasting on the dragon feast.

"What the **** am I living like this~" Han Feiyu said helplessly while dodging in the dead wind.

"There's still half an hour before the next absolute wind comes, please hurry as soon as possible." The voice of the mechanical puppet Xiao A sounded in Han Feiyu's mind.

In this endless void, only Han Feiyu flew forward slowly with a glowing protective cover on.

A gust of wind blew past, but Han Feiyu easily avoided it, and finally adjusted his direction to prepare for the coming of the next gust of wind.

"I thought I could contact the master and talk to the master, but I didn't expect to contact the grapes."

"Also let me see this kind of picture, don't know how hurtful it is~"

Han Feiyu took out a large piece of meat patty and began to nibble, and then drank a large glass of Wannian stalactite.

"Yesterday I thought this patty was delicious, but now..."

At this time, Grape also zoomed in and gave Han Feiyu a close-up of the full dragon feast.

"The whole dragon feast that belongs to you has been stored in the treasure house, and you can taste it when you come back." The voice of grapes sounded from the mirror in Han Feiyu's hand.

"More than 100,000 years, when will this be a head?"

"By the way, does Junior Brother Wuji have any news?" Han Feiyu asked suddenly with concern.

"No, but according to the trace of the original jade pendant he left in the sect, he is now in a stable condition." Grape replied.

"That's good." Han Feiyu nodded and said.

At this moment, a bright light in the distance suddenly attracted Han Feiyu.

"Flying in the direction of that bright light, I sensed the breath of Nandou Immortal Realm, and that might be the exit." The voice of the mechanical puppet Xiao A suddenly sounded.


"Han Feiyu was instantly excited, and pushed the few spiritual powers in his body to fly quickly in that direction.

"Your speed needs to be three points faster, or you will encounter the absolute wind." The voice of the mechanical puppet Xiao A sounded in Han Feiyu's heart.

"Nothing~" Han Feiyu's expression became extremely firm, and finally took out a one-time acquired Lingbao and photographed him.

Immediately, Han Feiyu regained his true immortal cultivation and passed through that ray of light in an instant.

At this moment, Han Feiyu appeared in a The valley was full of spirit flowers that Han Feiyu did not know, and some of them had even begun to transform into spirits.

Han Feiyu took a deep breath, and a large amount of spiritual power was inhaled into his body.

"Freedom, this is the taste of freedom~" Han Feiyu couldn't help shouting.

But at this moment, a shadow covered Han Feiyu.

Looking back, I saw a stunning girl with double butterfly wings on her back and only important parts of her body covered by petals appeared above Han Feiyu, looking at him curiously.

"The Hua Lingdie clan, in the extreme south of Nandou Immortal Territory, has a Daluo saint sitting in the clan."

The voice of Han Feiyu's gadget spirit resounded in his heart.

"Girl, where is this." The two looked at each other for a while, and Han Feiyu said first.

"This is the Holy Land of our clan, why are you here?" The Spirit Butterfly girl put away her curious eyes and questioned Han Feiyu.

"I was transferred into it by the turbulent flow of space, and I don't know why I appeared here. If there is any loss, I am willing to compensate." Han Feiyu said.

"You defiled my clan's holy land, I'm curious what you use to compensate."

A cold voice sounded, and the Daluo Saint of the Spirit Butterfly Clan stepped out of the void and appeared in front of Han Feiyu.

"Magic weapon, immortal jade, as long as I have it, anything will do." Han Feiyu quickly asked the portable tool spirit to stop mobilizing the golden immortal puppet.

"Then I want you to give me 100 billion immortal jade, do you have it?" The Daluo Saint of the Spirit Butterfly Clan looked at Han Feiyu with more and more dangerous eyes.

A pink aura sank into Han Feiyu's brows.

"From today, you are a vassal of my Lingdie family. When will you pay off the debt? When will you be let go."

"You're following the flowers first."

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