Military Technology - v5 Chapter 2460 abundant liquidity

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Everyone present debated this issue, and then turned to look at Wu Hao, waiting for his opinion.

Facing the eyes of everyone, Wu Hao smiled, and then said to Lin Jianliang: "If you meet a relatively outstanding talent, you can give a green light, but in this regard, you must grasp the scale, and we can't just recruit everyone. Not that big of an appetite.

As for the personnel flow within the company, it is still necessary to maintain stability. For the part of the people you mentioned, you can first conduct training or talk admonitions, and pay attention to observation and strengthen assessment. If there is still no change, then persuade to quit.

After all, we are a company, not a charity. Keeping some people dawdling in the company is a kind of harm to those who work hard. The company's internal training still needs to be strengthened. The lecturers are not limited to the company's internal management and experts, but also invite some famous experts and professors from various universities, or experts in the industry to give lectures.

In the future, internal training will not only provide excellent talents for the company, but also provide various excellent talents for the entire industry and even the whole society.

What I hope is that our company's employees are excellent within our company, and they will become excellent talents in the entire industry when they go out, and become the targets of competition for major companies.

Let all employees feel that working in Haoyu is a very unforgettable and proud experience, instead of becoming a painful memory that everyone doesn't want to mention. "


Hearing his words, everyone present laughed.

After everyone had laughed, Wu Hao looked at Qu Qingqing, the chief financial officer, and asked, "How much is the company's current liquidity?"

Hearing Wu Hao's question, Qu Qingqing immediately replied seriously: "Currently, the company's liquidity is about 260 billion yuan, and with the hot sales of new products, there will be more revenue in the account, and the liquidity in the book will be reduced by then. will exceed 400 billion.

However, after deducting some expenses and payments to upstream supply chain manufacturers, the funds we can use may be more than 100 billion. "

Hearing Qu Qingqing's words, Wu Hao nodded and said, "Several pieces of our medical device products will be approved to go on the market soon, so I plan to build a medical device intelligent manufacturing factory dedicated to the production of high-end medical device products. The investment in the first phase of the entire factory is about 5 billion yuan.

In addition, we will also invest in the construction of a two-nanometer fab, and we will invest 10 billion yuan. "

Speaking of this, Wu Hao took a look at Zou Xiaodong: "Next year we will build a new super solid-state battery manufacturing plant, and the entire investment will be about 4 billion yuan.

Is there any problem with the funding security of these new projects? "

Hearing Wu Hao's question, Qu Qingqing thought for a moment, then shook her head: "No problem, the company currently has ample funds on the books, which can fully support these projects."

Speaking of this, Qu Qingqing said with a smile: "As Haoyu Aerospace went out independently, the company no longer needs blood transfusions, so the company's financial pressure is much less, which makes us relieved."

Hearing what Qu Qingqing said, Wu Hao couldn't help laughing: "If that's the case, then I'll give everyone more money this year so that everyone can have a good year."

"Thank you Mr. Wu!" Hearing his words, everyone present thanked him one after another.

Wu Hao waved his hands with a smile, and looked at Dong Yiming who was sitting beside him like an old monk in meditation. Since he was stripped of his errands in management and operations, Dong Yiming's current job is mainly in charge of the company's logistics and infrastructure. Although he is the vice president, he doesn't really have much power, and he is responsible for a bunch of things.

Even so, Dong Yiming is still very serious in his work, and he is responsible for all projects well. The long-term exposure to the sun and rain also made Dong Yiming's complexion darker than ordinary people, and his hair is also a little gray when he is less than fifty.

Sensing Wu Hao's gaze, Dong Yiming turned his head to look at Wu Hao and said with a smile, "Mr. Wu, do you have any instructions?"

Wu Hao shook his head with a smile, then looked at Dong Yiming and said, "The new projects I mentioned just now, whether it is a medical device manufacturing plant or a fab, Youhu is always super solid.

The battery manufacturing plant is a major project led by us, so please pay more attention to Dong Zong.

Originally, I planned to let you take a good rest after finishing these few projects, but the plan couldn't keep up with the changes. Now there are several projects at once, and you need to work harder. "

"No problem, this is the work I am responsible for. I will do my best to complete these projects and live up to the company's trust in me." Dong Yiming agreed very neatly.

Dong Yiming's answer also made everyone on the scene admire that this man who is nearly fifty years old still has such a lot of energy. And this spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and actively dedicating is more worthy of everyone's praise and study.

As for Dong Yiming, he definitely couldn't figure it out when he was asked to be responsible for this aspect at the beginning, and he even had a lot of resentment. But as time went by, he gradually gained experience in this line of work, and even became a bit like a fish in water. In particular, seeing a series of major projects and buildings rising from the ground in his hands gave him a great sense of accomplishment.

For him who is nearly fifty years old, he doesn't have much career ambition now, and he doesn't want to have the ability and experience to compete with this group of young people. He has already figured it out now, that is, before retiring, he should do a good job of what he is doing and warm up to his full potential.

Anyway, being able to achieve his position is already very remarkable. He never thought that a small company he worked for would become a technology giant with global influence.

So for him, it's all worth it. As long as Wu Hao doesn't fire him, he plans to stay in this job until he retires. Now that I have enough energy, let's take over some more projects.

As an old man of the company, he can be regarded as a witness to Haoyu Technology's development and He also watched Wu Hao and his juniors grow up little by little, becoming famous entrepreneurs at home and abroad .

And the generous treatment in the company, as well as everything he created with his own hands, gave him a strong sense of belonging. For him, this company and this park are his family. He is very familiar with every plant and tree here.

He knew that his current ability could no longer keep up with the company's development, and he couldn't help Wu Hao anymore. So what he can do now is to do his best to do the things that Wu Hao explained, and not let him worry about it. This is the greatest support for him.

Hearing Dong Yiming's words, Wu Hao nodded slightly, and then said with concern: "Take it easy, don't get tired. Just grasp the overall situation, and leave those trivial things to the people below, there is no need to do it yourself."

Dong Yiming smiled and nodded when he heard the words: "I know, don't worry, I won't be tired."

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