Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3401 trouble

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Wu Jianwushuang doesn't care about this Qiankun ring, but the ancestor of Tian is different.

Tiandao arrived on the court is divided into nine ancestors and nine major factions. Because of the factions, there are not too many factions in terms of resource allocation. Especially the blood ancestors at this time need sufficient resources to ensure that OK, and now Jian Wushuang brings the Qiankun Ring left by Xuebei.

That is a collection of the life of a Void Five Realm. Among them, I am afraid that there are many pieces of the treasure. This is definitely a gift to the blood ancestors.

Sure enough, after Jian Wushuang took out the Qiankun Ring, the Lord of the Ancient Wheel immediately picked up the Qiankun Ring, and when he saw that the seal left by Xuebei was still intact, he was even more happy, waiting for him to After the Qiankun ring seal was broken, the smile of the Lord of the Ancients completely appeared on his face after exploring the contents left behind.

"Mr. Tianhou, I'm bothering you this time. On behalf of the whole blood ancestor, I am grateful to you, Mr. Tianhou!" The Lord of the Ancient Wheel was a little excited.

"Thank you, you don't have to." Jian Wushuang waved his hand. "If you really say thank you, Xuebei will help me more. Without him, my growth rate would never be so fast. Bringing the blood ancestor to him is just a hand to me. "

"The words are so, but if you don't have Mr. Tianhou, my blood ancestors will never get what the Blood North left behind."

"Stop this." Jian Wushuang shifted the topic, "Lord of the ancient rounds, this time I came here, in addition to handing this Qiankun Ring to your blood ancestors, but also have something to ask for."

"Mr. Tianhou, but it doesn't matter." The owner of the ancient round seemed quite enthusiastic.

"Yes, I have a very important thing. I want to ask Lingzu of Tianzu Dojo to come and help in person, but I heard that Lingzu is lonely and it is very difficult to meet her, let alone ask her to take a shot. If I asked for this directly, I am afraid that this spirit ancestor may not take care of me, so I want to ask the Lord of the Ancient Wheels to take a trip for me. "Jian Wushuangdao.

"Mr. Tianhou, do you want my blood ancestor to come forward to invite Lingzu?" The ancient sword master Chao Jianwushuang came over.

"That's it." Jian Wushuang nodded.

The Lord of the Ancient Rounds frowned, and the rulers of the blood ancestors looked at each other, apparently looking a little embarrassed.

"Mr. Tianhou, since you know that Lingzu's personality is lonely and you do n’t ask much about the world, and there is not much contact between her and my blood ancestor, and never owe anything to my blood ancestor. It's hard to ask her to sell the blood of my blood ancestors. "

"Oh?" Swordless eyes narrowed.

当然 "Of course, no matter if this spirit ancestor sells my blood ancestors, I will also send her a message to try it out, but I ca n’t guarantee it."

"Thank you so much." Jian Wushuang smiled.

知道 He knows that even if the blood ancestor comes out in a vein, the spirit ancestor may not sell face, but anyway, the blood ancestor comes out in a vein is better than himself to go to see directly.

"Wait a minute, I'll send a message to ask you now." The Lord of the Ancient Wheels began to call in this temple.

But after all, the Lord of the Ancient Wheel was not a blood ancestor after all, and there was no messenger order to directly contact Ling Zu. He could only contact a maid who was with Ling Zu.

"I've sent a message to Lingzu's maid. She's going to confess to Lingzu now, but in time, we have to wait a lot."

"It doesn't matter, I'll wait here." Jian Wushuang smiled.

"Mr. Tianhou, it's rare to come to my blood ancestor in one vein. Maybe sit more." The master of the ancient wheel laughed, "Come, watch tea!"

Soon, the tea was delivered, and Jian Wushuang was in this hall, sitting with the rulers of the blood ancestors, and occasionally exchanged a few words while drinking tea.

In the process, Jian Wushuang discovered one thing, that is, the rulers of the blood ancestors, who have some sorrow in their looks.

"Lord of the ancient rounds, what happened to the blood ancestors during this period of time? What do you think of you look sad?" Jian Wushuang asked.

"This ..." The Lord of the Ancient Wheels hesitated for a moment, followed the sideline: "Mr. Tianhou, I don't hide it, my blood ancestor has encountered a lot of trouble during this time."

"Oh? Let's hear it." Jian Wushuang got interested.

"Mr. Tianhou wants to know and understand the internal structure of my Tianzu Dojo. Although it is one of the three major free alliances, there are very many factions in the Tianzu Dojo. There are nine factions. Although these factions have always been external, Li is also constantly fighting, the purpose is to get more resources, so as to make himself stronger! "Gulunzhu began to speak.

"And of these nine factions, four of them have always been the strongest. My blood ancestors are one of the four strongest factions. We have not only stood at the top, we have reached the void. The blood ancestor at the peak of Six Realms sits on the ground, and the rule of His Majesty's rule is also very strong. Although there is no second void Six Realm strong, there are only three Void Realms alone. "

"Because the high-level strength is so strong, my blood ancestors have always been very strong among the nine pulses ~ www.novelbuddy.com ~ also occupy a lot of resources, but not long ago, an accident happened!"

"First of all, the blood north of one of the three Void Realms has fallen, making my blood ancestors a pulse is a great combat force, and not long after, my blood ancestors pulse and another Void Realm is also in the universe battlefield When I wandered, I encountered a sudden crisis and fell on the universe battlefield. This sudden loss meant that the three emptiness and five realms of my blood ancestors directly fell to two, leaving me alone.

With a sigh of sigh, the Lord of the Ancient Wheels continued: "Even if the two men had fallen, as long as the blood ancestor is still there, my blood ancestor's pulse is still extremely strong, but the blood ancestor has been violent in the universe battlefield, Not long ago, I ran into a special dangerous place and encountered some troubles. I was temporarily trapped there. In a short time, I could n’t get away, and naturally I could n’t come back from the universe battlefield ... ”

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang's look moved and his heart became clear.

Various factions in the Tianzu Daochang battled very hard for resources. At this time, the original blood ancestors were extremely powerful, because suddenly two Void Realms were fallen, and even the Liangzhu blood ancestors were trapped in the universe battlefield. For the time being Can not get rid of the body, at this time, the blood ancestor is the same as only the owner of the ancient wheel alone to support.

岂 And those other factions in Tianzu Taoism would give up this rare opportunity?

Uh ...

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