Interstellar Tattered Queen - Chapter 2702 talk too much

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  Chapter 2702 Talking too much

   "Area No. 9, it's a little bit worse."

   "Number 10."

   "Number 11, OK!"

   "Number 12, almost... Enough, enough, the energy injection is completely enough."

"it is good!"


   "Your Excellency Long Aotian, everything went smoothly beyond imagination. I estimate that in another half an hour, we can all rebuild successfully."

No. 1373 laughed so hard that it could see its teeth but could not see its eyes. Just listening to the sound, it could feel its happiness. Obviously, the internal reconstruction of the cultivation base was also very important to it, and it was also happy to see the results. Therefore, it He worked very hard, and worked very hard to rebuild with Ji You.

   Seeing that it is about to succeed, No. 1373 is happier than anyone else.

  Ji You felt its happiness, and said with a smile, "No. 1373, what are your plans after rebuilding?"

  No. 1373 replied without hesitation: "Go back to the main plane."

   Returning to the main plane is the most important thing that it has climbed out of the hatching cabin and fought in the fiercely competitive breeding base until now, and it is also the thing it most hopes to accomplish so far.

  The main plane is its final destination.

  The Skystone plane, even if it is re-integrated with another plane, the energy supply drawn from the universe will also increase, but it is still an energy-poor place.

  Beggars from higher planes are not willing to stay in this kind of place.

  No. 1373 is a person with pursuit, and he is not willing to spend his whole life here. He also has wishes and dreams.

  It is not a salted fish.

  cough cough...

With regard to its beautiful vision for the future, No. 1373 felt that it was inconvenient to discuss it with His Excellency Long Aotian in detail. It coughed and said: "Your Excellency Long Aotian, I wonder if I can ask you to supply me with some energy, otherwise , I can't enter the main plane."

  When No. 1373 said this sentence, it felt a little uneasy in its heart, and there was a trace of trill in its voice.

   At the main control center, there was a moment of silence.

  Number 1373's heart also lifted up, fluttering, but nowhere to be found.

   After a few seconds.

  Ji You smiled and said, "Of course."

  No. 1373 suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, even with a brisk voice: "Your Excellency Long Aotian, thank you very much, I knew I didn't follow the wrong person back then."

  Ji You heard this, and said with a smile: "It's good that you know, follow me, there are only benefits and no disadvantages."

  No. 1373 hurriedly said: "That's not true. Our same batch of juveniles are all dead, just because they refuse to follow Your Excellency Long Aotian."

  Ji You sketched a new silk thread in his hand. This silk thread Horcrux was a little different from the others. It was bigger, almost 10,000 times the size of the previous one.

  The area is also very large, almost occupying the driving area of ​​the main control center of the black ship.

  No. 1373 did not notice this abnormality. It looked at the brand-new driving area, and the smile in the corner of its eyes never stopped.

  As long as the cockpit area is completely restored, even if you can't control the main control center, you can directly preset a navigation route in the cockpit, and then you can use the remaining energy to enter the main plane.

Of course, if you don’t go to the main plane, you can also go to other planes. Going to other planes will save more energy. Returning to the source star plane where Your Excellency Long Aotian is located will probably only cost less than one-tenth of the cost. energy of.

  In short, the restoration of the driving area is a great joy.

  The more No. 1373 looked at it, the happier it became. With a grin, he asked, "Your Excellency Long Aotian, should we try driving No. 109 training base?"


  Through restoration, both Ji You and No. 1373 already knew that this black ship was edited as No. 109 training base on the main plane where it was manufactured.

   In other words, in front of it, there are 108 cultivation bases, and even after it, there may be countless more.

  This mysterious and powerful technology is not at the same level as the technological level of the human civilization where the alliance is located.

  If the administrator of the training base hadn't left, as long as he controlled the black ship, he could fight alone and face everyone in the alliance without losing.

  Ji You knew this, and so did He Bi, Chu Jiaojiao and others.

  When hearing No. 1373's proposal, Ji You didn't listen to the movements on her hands. After hearing the words, she nodded: "Of course."

  No. 1373's eyes lit up.

  Ji You said in the next sentence: "But I can't get out now, and I can't drive."

  No. 1373 heard it, and immediately said: "Otherwise, let me take a test drive instead of you?"

  Ji You said: "Have you wanted to say this sentence for a long time?"

  No. 1373 coughed suddenly, and said awkwardly: "... cough... Your Excellency Long Aotian, I... I really want to try it."

  It thought that its idea was going to fail, but it didn't expect that in the next second, it heard Ji You say: "Then try."

  No. 1373 asked in surprise: "Is it really possible?"

  Ji You said: "Apart from me, you are the only one who has a certain foundation in controlling the No. 109 training base. If you were someone else, you wouldn't be able to test it."

   On this point, No. 1373 agreed very much, and said bluntly: "That is true. Among other things, I understand the operating system of the cultivation base, and no one here understands it better than me."

  Ji You smiled and said, "Okay, you can try it."

  No. 1373 hesitated a little, and said: "Because we couldn't find the core controls of the main control center, and we all rely on the driving system to operate,"

  Ji You frowned and said, "Why are you hesitating? Just say it."

  No. 1373 breathed a sigh of relief, and said directly: "Your Excellency Long Aotian, I need you to cooperate with me to introduce the energy of the main control center to the driving area."

   Fearing that Ji You would not understand, No. 1373 explained: "We directly drive the driving system, so we need more energy supply."

  "If the energy is insufficient, it may fail."

"However..." Seeing that Ji You didn't agree immediately, No. 1373 thought she was unwilling, and hastily added: "However, I can try the power supply without the part of the main control center to see if I can successfully drive No. 109 Cultivation base."

   "But I guess hangs."

   "Who said I don't cooperate with you anymore?" Ji You asked back.

  No. 1373 opened his mouth wide in surprise, and then said joyfully: "That's a good thing, with your cooperation, it will definitely be successful."

  Ji You asked: "How?"

Road No. 1373: "It's actually very simple, as long as you gather all the energy in it, and send it through the pipeline connected to the driving area. If you can't find the pipeline, you can find out if there is a special one. The pipeline is the kind of line that is not connected to any area. The number is relatively small, and you need to find it carefully. It is a general backup line. I will cooperate with you in the driving area, and it will be successfully connected. .”

  As soon as the words came out, No. 1373 suddenly realized that something was wrong, and he said too much, and he said it too.


   I will be going back soon, I promise, please be patient, okay?\(^o^)/~



  (end of this chapter)

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