I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1273 Simulated birth, spoken words follow

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"Do you want to rely on these to return to the ruins?"

At this moment, a white flying boat suddenly appeared in the void.

In the flying boat, an existence almost identical to Su Li stood quietly in it.

He had his hands behind his back, with a look of planning on his face.

It was a look of detachment and indescribable self-confidence.

At the same time, it is also a real look of being in a high position for a long time.

Seeing this existence, both Zero and Lisheng were slightly taken aback.

It seems that they never thought that such a situation would appear now.

This scene really made this world completely freeze.

In fact, the cause and effect of the world have also been fixed, but now whether it is Ling or Lisheng, or the person standing in the flying boat in front of him who is exactly like Su Li, they can move.

"Isn't it strange? Did you find that returning to the ruins and destroying can't be done?"

"It's all out of your control, that's right."

"Oh, I have to introduce myself, my name is Su Yan."

"Well, by the way, my name was 'Su Wangchen' before."

"Isn't it all wonderful?"

Hearing this, Ling's expression finally became more dignified.

Zero at this time obviously understood something.


Zero spoke softly, his voice trembling slightly.

Su Yan shook his head lightly, and said, "During these endless years, you watchdog really did your best, but since you have been locked in karma, how can I really let myself be shackled?"

Su Yan's tone was casual.

As he said that, he looked at Lisheng again, and said: "You are unkind first, then it is really no wonder that I am unrighteous later."

Li Sheng said in a deep voice: "Now the catastrophe of 'Three Greens Returning to One' has come, what are you going to do? You can't break free either. At this time, even if you win, what's the point?"

Su Yan glanced at Lisheng contemptuously and sarcastically, and said, "Ignorant and shallow-sighted. Do you think this world really belongs to you?

Do you think all the permissions are really in your hands?

What you think is what you think after all.

Would I tell you that many causes and effects in this world are actually living in simulation?

You know, what is simulation?

It's a simulation, not touching you.

I'm not interested in you at all. "

As Su Yan said, he completely ignored Li Sheng and Ling, and looked up at the source of the so-called 'three greens returning to one'.

Then, he raised his hand, and a roulette like a destiny disk appeared in his palm.

On the roulette, a white light bloomed.

The white light instantly scattered around, and quickly covered all the origin of the catastrophe.

Then, the origin of the catastrophe that was about to destroy everything was absorbed by this roulette.

As for Su Yan himself, apparently nothing unusual happened.

This piece of world also suddenly stabilized.

However, no matter it is Ling or Lisheng, they can no longer feel the rules between heaven and earth and their connection.

It was as if at this moment, they were cut from the level of saints to ordinary people.

But their own state is still the same as before, and they don't feel weak.

"Now, as far as I am concerned, in my eyes, you are all ants. All your strengths are equivalent to useless."

"Do you know why?"


"Rules, not allowed!"

"I said."

Su Yan said every word.

But after saying these words, the whole world seemed to be completely darkened.

Lisheng still wanted to do something, but he couldn't use all his thoughts and abilities.

All actions are only at the level of thought.

It's like an ordinary person who wants to fly into the sky but is completely powerless.

Even in their current state, even if they jump from the spot and try their best, they can't even reach the height of half a meter.


Rules don't allow it!

In the case where the rules do not allow, a world, even an ordinary practitioner cannot exist.

Don't cut your life.

Just define the rules.

Zero tried to destroy the special abilities, and even some of the background of the Three Thousand Ways, but all of them failed.

That's right, even the Three Thousand Avenues have failed.

But Ling still raised his head to look at Su Yan, and said calmly, "You will never be able to replace Su Renhuang's karma, let alone him."

When Su Yan heard this, he sneered and said, "Really?"

Su Yan said, and said again: "I also know that you still don't give up, but—do you know how Su Li failed?"

Zero was silent.

Su Yan shrugged, not paying attention, and said: "Actually, there is really no need to do anything, just proper traction is enough."

Su Yan said, and then said: "At this point, I'm not afraid to tell you the truth, this is still a simulation."

"So, from my personal standpoint, I can show you how I did it."

"And the me at that time was actually Su Li."

As Su Yan spoke, a strange smile appeared on his face.

Then, a very clear and real void scene appeared.

In this void scene, Su Li's figure appeared.

That figure was indeed Su Li.

When Su Li's figure appeared in the void scene, both Zero and Lisheng were shocked, and there was a bit of shock on their faces that couldn't hold back.

Both of them were at a loss at the same time—what went wrong?

The hearts of the two were filled with deep anxiety.

In the void scene, Su Li's figure was comprehending the way of 'everything has animism', and at the same time comprehending the profound meaning of 'the origin of good fortune'.

And these two kinds, on the contrary, came from the guidance of 'Su Yan'.

The scene came to a state completely from the perspective of 'Su Li', and it was presented in the form of the first perspective.

Zero and Lisheng, and even Hua Qiuyin not far away, were completely attracted by such a first-person perspective scene.

At this time, it seemed that everyone had turned into Su Li.

At this time, they (that is, 'Su Li') were drawn by an invisible destiny, forming an inexplicable direction of perception.

This direction of comprehension contained more breaths of the Three Thousand Ways, and formed a fusion, leading 'Su Li' into a small world of good fortune.

In this small world, the soul of 'Su Li' traveled through many small worlds of the heavens that he accidentally saved.

In such a process, 'Su Li' could even see the people living and working in peace and contentment, see the country and the people's safety, and see all the peace and tranquility.

The small world of the heavens no longer has chaotic practice, but some harsh laws.

Cultivation is not impossible, but it is like walking against the sky. Anyone who is contaminated with sin and karma will surely escape the catastrophe.

And to be able to survive the catastrophe, one also needs to have an experience of becoming a mortal—participating in how to beat and bully mortals, and how to be beaten by practitioners after becoming a mortal. Therefore, in some small worlds like this, mortals are the most noble—not to mention noble, they respect the real rule of "the people are the most important, the king is the least, and the community is second".

And in such a small world, there is also the development of civilization, so everyone has a knowledge system and knows how to be humble and forbearing.

'Su Li' found that Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism were truly presented in such a world, just like a hundred schools of thought contending, it really is a thousand flowers blooming, and ten thousand ways are at the forefront.

There are also life and death battles, but they are well behaved.

Each of these small worlds of the heavens, one side after another, has the awe-inspiring righteousness of Fairy Mirror, and everyone has the idea of ​​living in the present and cherishing everything around them.

The so-called conflict is only a conflict in terms of theory.

The so-called evil is only caused by grievances or unwillingness, or it is caused by practicing evil spirits.

All this is normal instead.

So there are also demons and demons.

'Su Li' thought for a while, in such a small world, he suddenly felt a sense of destiny.

So, almost instinctively, he dropped a seed in such a world.

This seed is a thing called a 'simulator' like a destiny disk.

This thing is exactly the 'simulator' that Su Yan mentioned.

When this scene was presented, another picture suddenly appeared in the depths of Zero's mind, as if it perfectly matched the projection in front of him.

So much so that Zero understood something almost instantly.

In her mind, an inexplicable memory was revived.


"What's in the simulator?"

"There is a complete authorization of the five major three thousand avenues...authorization..."

"Just authorization and not core authority."

When Zero was thinking, in the void projection.

After 'Su Li' dropped such a 'simulator' seed, he directly entered a Heavenly Soul.

This celestial soul was cut out by re-gathering the five majors and three thousand avenues, and it is the avatar of "Su Li" who condensed the "Tianmai Sanqing" kung fu method.

After such a clone was condensed, 'Su Li' cut off all its will and origin, leaving only the pure soul of heaven.

The Heavenly Soul was in it, and after being tempered by 'Su Li' with the Three Thousand Ways and the Endless Immortal Soul, some of the functions of the mysterious background were simulated into it by the method of divine nourishment.

When the scene was finished, the projection disappeared.

At this time, in Zero's memory, another scene of Mohu's memory emerged.

This memory is also related to this scene.

This kind of correlation seems to be laying out something, but Zero can't remember it completely.

[For details, see Chapter 723 "Life Reopening Simulator, Huayue Xianchi Yuxu Palace"]

Vaguely, she seemed to see that Su Yan was actually dead.


Zero came back to his senses, looking a little lonely.

Su Yan is obviously related to the last road.

But the last way...

Obviously already defeated.

There are already traps and crises everywhere, waiting for Su Li to jump into it.

It's a pity that Su Li died before he even started dancing.

Zero pursed his lips lightly.

After a long time, she looked up at Lisheng.

Li Sheng's eyes were dull.

It seems that the seemingly ordinary scene in front of him has also defeated all Li Sheng's expectations.

"Why it came out like this."

Li Sheng's voice is full of deep bitterness and helplessness, that kind of loneliness is embarrassing.

Su Yan said calmly, "It's actually very simple."

"When a person starts to think about a retreat, he has actually failed. Unlike me, I have always been moving forward. It seems that all my roads are leaving retreats, and they are all planning. In fact, I have been Go forward, stand firm, and fear nothing."

"At that level, he lost from the start."

"Furthermore, since you are a member of the Huaxia tribe, you should know what it means to go all out, then decline, and finally exhaust. This kind of all-out effort is a kind of momentum, a kind of general trend.

In our words, there is a saying that "the momentum is like a broken bamboo" and "the general trend is the trend". Fortunately, he has stood in the position of the emperor, but he has not yet understood this.

But these are exactly what I want.

In addition, to put it in a very funny way - looking for Gao Jie in the cesspit?

Really found it?

Think with your toes, is this possible?

If it is really possible, can this so-called 'small world' be a place where seeds can be planted?

When I used the Moonlight Treasure Box repeatedly, I created countless worlds, and in countless worlds, I possessed countless Dao Hearts.

This is the origin of thousands of hearts.

Even—I'm not afraid to tell you that the current scene is still simulated by me using a simulator, and it's just the karma for you.

But at this point, I can make it real at any time, and make it virtual at any time.

Why do you want to do this?

It was nothing more than wanting to make sure whether Su Li would take the last step.

Obviously he's out, but not quite out.

It should be a little bit worse.

So let me catalyze it. "

Su Yan's tone was very casual.

He even revealed the secret of his golden finger, the 'system' he robbed.

This system is the 'simulator'.

This thing, he said it, Zero can vaguely understand it, but can't fully understand it.

But Lisheng, Hua Qiuyin and others were completely confused - what kind of emperor soldier is this? magic weapon?

Anyway, just can't understand.

After all, many related scientific and technological causes and effects of the Hongmeng Research Base have not really been opened to them.

And Su Li cut down the civilization of the Huaxia system, so the existence of Huaqiuyin, etc., is like some ancients who knew part of the Huaxia cultural system, but they looked confused and couldn't understand things like simulator phones.

Of course, even if he understands and knows, Su Yan doesn't care.

As he said, it was just a 'simulation'.

Zero took a deep breath, and said softly: "Can I ask, Su Li cut off all the causes and effects of Su Wangchen, gave Su Wangchen leeway, and he has completely transformed himself, how do you survive in such a cause and effect? "

Su Yan heard the words ~www.novelbuddy.com~ showed a very casual smile: "It's very simple, when he cut Su Wangchen, I was Su Li's main body avatar, since it is the main body avatar cut out, and Su Li What does Wangchen have to do with it? Naturally, it doesn’t affect me. But when he cut himself off and stripped away all karma, I was Su Yan, and all karma was completely independent, with the seeds and foundation of civilization, which was his way out Ah, of course he wouldn't cut off his own retreat.

After all, even if the back road is cut, it will only cut off the relationship with the world of the rules of heaven on the big plane of Tongtian Tower, right?

So isn't it easy to survive? "

Zero heard the words and said no more.

She just asked without expecting an answer.

But since Su Yan answered, it just shows that he is not worried about the source of time or the return of the time axis at all.

This means that he is absolutely confident and absolutely strategizing.

This situation.

I'm afraid I really lost.

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