I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive - Chapter 662 passive! Apotheosis!

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I don't know how long it took, Zhou Feng's chaotic thoughts began to wake up, and a crisp voice kept ringing.

"I am..."

He woke up instantly.

The transformation method was successful! ?

Zhou Feng immediately began to check his own condition.

In order to escape from the area where Mahayana Buddhism is located, he used the method of transformation that he had just created.

Full of energy and blood! The spiritual power surging in the body can even stir up the world.

"How is this going?"

Facing such a body, he was a little dazed.

Zhou Feng clearly remembered that before separating the true spirit, he received all the spiritual power and blood energy of the whole body into the life wheel to nourish the true spirit.

After waking up from this awakening, why did my physical body become like this.

His body was covered with scars that couldn't fade away, but the billowing blood was like a monster, and there were all kinds of strange auras in his body.

At this time, the intellectual brain will play out all the things that have been experienced during this period.

It turned out that after his true spirit fell into a deep sleep, the brain began to control his body to move forward.

The direction of progress is the core area of ​​Zhongzhou.

As it gets farther and farther away from the area controlled by Mahayana Buddhism, the surrounding environment is getting better and better.

The desert turned into a lush forest, the aura became more intense, and various spiritual fruits grew wantonly.

In order to maintain Zhou Feng's actions with this fleshy shell, Zhinao began to continuously pick various spiritual fruits.

Regardless of whether it is poisonous or not, everything is stuffed into the stomach.

And the most weird thing is that Zhou Feng's true spirit fell into a deep sleep, and his physical body still has various passive blessings.

Therefore, his body like a puppet was not only not exploded, but seemed to be continuously tempered.

Even if the meridians break sometimes and the body explodes, it can rely on various passive recovery forces.

This physical body became stronger and stronger, as if refining a corpse.

And this is not over yet, because he swallowed too many elixir, his body began to exude a medicinal fragrance, and the inspiration overflowing anytime and anywhere attracted many things.

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As the aura became more intense, various monsters began to emerge.

Zhongzhou is different from other regions. As a place where the human race dominates, all kinds of big monsters that only existed in ancient times can be seen everywhere.

That's right! The understanding of Zhongzhou in other places is outdated.

Even the information Zhou Feng obtained from Gu Chensha was wrong. It seemed that an unprecedented change had taken place in the core area of ​​Zhongzhou.

At least before, the outskirts of Zhongzhou were definitely not that dangerous.

According to the picture given by Zhinao, a big monster with crimson body, body shape like a leopard, and five tails attacked him.

Its cry was like an avalanche, and its body was surrounded by a layer of blood.

The scars on his body were left by this big crimson monster.

It was also from that time that the intellectual brain no longer devoured the elixir at will, but paid attention to concealing the breath.

Finally been trying to awaken his true spirit.

"It turned out to be like this..."

After understanding the cause and effect, Zhou Feng began to think about what to do next.

The first is to re-grow a body, which is the most important.

Now the transformation method is considered half successful, successfully separating the true spirit from the physical body.

At this moment, he already felt that this physical body was not suitable, and a sense of strangeness emerged spontaneously.

If he doesn't quickly conceive a physical body compatible with the true spirit, then the current physical body may not be able to protect his true spirit.

To put it simply, Zhou Feng's current situation is very dangerous.

He is losing the shelter of his body.

And without the protection of the physical body, then his true spirit might not survive for half an hour.

"But there is one more important thing before that."

Zhou Feng glanced at the progress bar. During the time he was sleeping, the progress bar had already reached 100%.

You can also extract new passive skills.

And because he slept for a long time this time, he found that the skill panel seemed to have slightly changed.


There was a slight movement in his heart.


"Successful extraction!"

Transforming God: Your blood, flesh and blood can be transformed into pure power of the soul, and this process is irreversible.

"this is......"

Looking at the skill panel, Zhou Feng immediately showed a shocked expression on his face.

Because this passivity was actually wrapped in a burst of purple air.

Compared with the passive obtained before, this passive seems to be extraordinarily terrifying.

Apotheosis? Can one's own blood and flesh be directly transformed into pure power of the soul?

This doesn't sound like much, why does it cause such a change in the skill panel.


But when he thought about it carefully, he found that this passivity was really a bit against the sky.

Just transforming the power of the soul is enough to defy the sky.

You must know that it is very difficult to increase the strength of the soul.

However, in the later stage of practice, the strength of the soul becomes more and more important. A powerful soul can perceive the world and the Dao more easily.

The original intention of the Ascension Realm is to improve the physical body, and then feed back the soul.

As for the Immortal Realm behind the Feather Transformation Realm, a powerful spirit is needed to condense the Immortal Terrace.

But now Zhou Feng only needs to sacrifice his blood energy to continuously transform the power of his soul to strengthen his own soul.

And there is no limit, no one will know to what extent his spirit strength will reach if he continues to transform~www.novelbuddy.com~.

"It may be more than this benefit, but now I still can't realize the power of this passive."

He felt that Huashen's passivity had more than this function, and perhaps he would not be able to appreciate the true power of this passivity until he practiced later.

Before Zhou Feng could continue to think, a large amount of blood energy in his body began to be transformed.

His true spirit was re-enveloped by a pure power of the soul, and the previous feeling of weakness began to weaken.

Just during the period when Zhou Feng was in a coma, Zhinao accumulated a huge amount of blood energy and spiritual power for him.

All these huge powers of blood and energy have become his resources.

The soul grows stronger, and the true spirit is wrapped in the soul again.

The transformation method is also slowly proceeding.

A brand new piece of flesh and blood began to conceive at the heart.

During this process, Zhou Feng did not stop, but continued to move towards the core area of ​​Zhongzhou.

He wants to find the settlement of monks in Zhongzhou.

After so many years of practice, Zhou Feng has already understood.

One cannot fight alone in one's practice. Even casual practice requires some reference goals.

Otherwise, he would not have come to Zhongzhou.

Because with the improvement of cultivation base, there are no targets worthy of his reference in other areas.


"Huh? Can anyone escape from those bald donkeys?"

"Really! But why does this person look a little bit wrong?"

"Compared to the few people in front, this person looks a bit embarrassed."


Hearing someone discussing himself, Zhou Feng narrowed his eyes slightly, and then saw a huge boundary marker.

There are three words written on the huge boundary marker.


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