Hunter × Hunter: The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 795 Charcoal Orochi

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When the two sides confronted each other, a bald man in a purple kimono came out from the general's mansion. With a high skull and earlobes hanging down on both sides of his cheeks, he was Fu Lu Shou.

"Your Excellency Yin Lumi, the general is waiting for your visit at the residence."

Fu Lushou obviously knew Yin Lumi, and stepped aside to make way for everyone.

Many warriors guarding the gate and the ninjas of Yutingfan stepped aside one after another. Yin Lumi and his group followed Fu Lushou into the general's mansion, and the warriors and ninjas gradually dispersed.

As for the two warriors who were kicked to death, they were dragged down and dealt with.

Inside the General's Mansion, Yin Lumi and his party came down to a sliding door led by Fu Lushou. Fu Lushou opened the door and stepped inside.

"My lord, the man has already been brought here."

The respectful voice of Fu Lu Shou sounded from inside the door.

"Hehehehe, let them..."

"Da da…"

Just as Heitan snake was about to open his mouth to let Yin Lumi and the others come in, several figures had already walked in from the door.

After Yin Lumi entered the door, he saw an ugly, sloppy man sitting on a soft cushion with one arm around a beautiful prostitute drunkenly teasing and drinking.

In the center of the room, a geisha with a xylophone in her arms is playing the shamisen.

Bald, with a square face, wearing a small crown on the left side of the head and a bun on the right side, neither fish nor fowl.

"Hehehe, the criminal wanted by the world government, killed the man with white beard and then came to Wano country, are you planning to bring trouble to the east?"

Heitan snake didn't care about Yin Lumi and the others breaking into the room without permission, but swept over Yin Lumi and the others one by one with a playful face.

"Hehehe, I can't believe that a mere criminal has such a beauty by his side."

The black charcoal serpent's eyes fixed on Olvia, with a lecherous and wretched smile on his face.

Olvia frowned slightly, her face indifferent.

"I'm here to find the text of the history."

Yin Lumi came to the Heitan snake, stopped, stared at him indifferently, and said:

"Take me to the room where Kozuki Sukiyaki is imprisoned."

"Historical text?" Heitan snake raised his brows when he heard the words, a ray of doubt appeared on his face, "What is that?"

Wano country has been locked away for hundreds of years, and the Heitan family was wiped out because of the failure of the rebellion, leaving only Heitan Orochi who survived by luck. Naturally, he didn't understand what the historical text was.

"My lord, the text of history is a kind of stone tablet that records history, something that is expressly prohibited by the world government."

Fu Lu Shou on the side opened his mouth and explained to Heitan Orochi.

"The so-called historical text stele is in the room of Kozuki Sukiyaki?" Heitan Orochi asked Fu Lu Shou.

"There is indeed a piece of historical text in the room where Kozuki Sukiyaki was imprisoned." Fu Lushou replied respectfully, and turned to look at Olvia and Nico Robin beside Yin Lumi, "Those two are O'Hara An archaeologist who survived the incident, a talent that even the world government fears."

"Hehehe, so that's the case, your purpose is to study the text of history, right?"

"Although I'm not interested in the historical text, since you want it, you have to pay the price."

Heitan Orochi rolled his eyes, and understood the reason why Yin Lumi and others came to Wano Country. His eyes fell on Olvia with smooth silver hair. With a disgusting lecherous expression on his face, he smiled lewdly. :

"Just let this beauty stay with me for a day, no, a month!"

"How is it?" Heitan big snake looked at the slender Olvia, opened his mouth to reveal a mouthful of ugly blunt teeth, and said with a wretched smile: "Just stay with me for a month, and I will give you the historical text stele."

Olvia frowned, and simply turned her head away from the disgusting Heitan Orochi, but soon she looked back at Yin Lumi.

I saw Yin Lu raised his right hand expressionlessly, stretched out his index finger, aiming at the black charcoal snake, and a touch of black appeared on his fingertips.

"My lord, be careful!"

Heitan snake was still smiling lewdly, but Fu Lushou's complexion changed suddenly, his hands formed seals, his earlobes grew rapidly and flew towards Heitan snake.


Unfortunately, when he finished sealing, the black color from Yin Lumi's fingertips shot out, instantly piercing through the eyebrows of the black charcoal snake.


The black charcoal snake's lips twitched, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn't make a sound.

A slender black spike was pierced between his eyebrows, and his eyes moved along the black spike, which shot out from Yin Lumi's fingertips.

"Only by righting your own position can you survive in this chaotic era."

Yin Lumi opened his mouth expressionlessly, and withdrew his pointed fingertips with a "swish", leaving a **** hole between the eyebrows of the black charcoal snake.


The two prostitutes were so frightened that they screamed, they quickly pushed away the body of the black charcoal snake, kicked their legs on the floor, and retreated tremblingly to the corner of the room. The geisha who was playing the shamisen was also dumbfounded and knelt At a loss.

"Master General!" Fu Lushou squatted down in front of the fallen black charcoal snake, turned his head to look at Yin Lumi, "You dare to attack Lord General in Wano Country, Lord Kaido will definitely kill you!"

"We have notified Governor Kaido, you can't escape!"

"Heitan Orochi, this is a warning." Yin Lumi ignored Fu Lu Shou's threat, Kaido would not care about Heitan Orochi's life and death, but stared at the dead Heitan Orochi calmly, with a calm tone Mo, said: "Snake fruit? Phantom beast species? I know the power of the fruit in the form of Yamata no Orochi. If you don't get up to lead the way, I will feed you to the dogs."

"What!?" Fu Lu Shou was shocked when he heard the words, Yin Lumi actually knew the general's fruit ability!


As soon as Yin Lumi finished speaking, the body of the black charcoal snake that fell on the ground suddenly swelled. Eight ugly snakes suddenly emerged from the wide kimono and filled the entire room. A huge black snake head in the middle stared at it with red eyes. Yin Lumi, he is intimidating Yin Lumi.

"act recklessly."

The eyelids of Yin Lumi's eyes slightly lifted, and the black shadows shot out from under his feet, instantly condensing into eight black hounds and rushing towards the black charcoal snake.



Eight hounds and eight snake heads wrestled, UU Reading The room was splashed with blood, seven snake heads fell to the ground in the blink of an eye, and the only remaining black snake head was stepped on by a black hound, baring its teeth Stare at him.

"Etc., etc!"

"I...I am the Wano country general, killing me will not do you any good!"

"I have Kaido behind me, and the army, you can't kill me! I'm a general!"

The last snake head of Heitan Orochi looked terrified and was trampled under by a dog, talking about his chips repeatedly.


But before he finished speaking, Yin Lumi controlled the hound to bite him on the neck. The sharp canine teeth penetrated the scales and dense muscles. As long as the hound tore at him, the last snake head would be bitten off.

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