Human Shackles - Chapter 563 Push back the golden pill

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The Sacred Blood Worm can obviously devour some things of the origin of darkness on its own to promote its own growth, and Liu Ye, the incarnation of the master of darkness, is the most quintessential source of darkness.

With the help of the Holy Blood Worm, Liu Ye's body soon disintegrated, unable to maintain the gap between the virtual and the real, and became an existence that could be destroyed.

Luo Kai released the two holy blood worms and let them devour them, while he turned his attention to the golden pill that Xuanyuan Wuji transformed into after his death.

It is also inherited from the Immortal Dao civilization. The Taiyin system is so powerful. It is no trivial matter to be the Nine Refinements Sutra, but Luo Kai has no body and only knows the methods of the primary foundation building stage of the Nine Refinements Sutra. Now if you want to know the cultivation method after the foundation is established, that is, the golden core stage, you can only start from this golden core and push it backwards.

Jin Dan was blasted open by him using the method of thunder refining earlier, and his consciousness easily sank into it. As thoughts flashed by, the microscopic world was infinitely enlarged in front of his eyes.

What exactly is Jindan, it is actually a cell, but the cell wall on the surface becomes indestructible, and the cytoplasm and nucleus inside store all the genetic information of life. Or an unformed egg.

Life is made up of countless cells, and in the end, it will return to one, and turn into a single cell.

Similar to the remains of the **** of heaven, the golden core is also filled with a kind of good fortune energy similar to ether particles. The quintessence even far exceeds the dragon liver and phoenix marrow he ate just now.

This should be because the bones of the gods have been dead for countless years, and the life energy has long since disappeared, but the owner of the golden core, Xuanyuan Wuji, has only died for a few decades.

Luo Kai was both shocked and curious. His consciousness penetrated the cytoplasm and came to the nucleus. Like normal life cells, he saw chromosomes.

Although Xuanyuan Wuji's life level has reached the legendary realm of immortality, his chromosomes are the same as ordinary humans, with a total of 23 pairs.

Inside the chromosomes are DNAs with a double helix structure. They are like steps, intertwined with each other, and there is no end in sight. This contains the code of life and the true meaning of the universe.

Luo Kai suddenly thought of a key point. Life is composed of cells, but the reproduction of life mostly relies on the mating of male and female yin and yang, while cells divide autonomously. Reproduction consumes the energy of both parties as a whole, and the division consumes the energy of its own individual. .

If you can repair this "cell" and make it alive again, will you be able to split into a person?

Just think of it and do it. To repair this kind of thing, only the omnipotent ether particles can do it. Luo Kai slowly separated some ether energy from his soul and penetrated into the golden core.

He thought for a moment and increased the input of conscious energy, but Jin Dan still did not respond.

Either this method is not feasible, and things that have died cannot be resurrected, whether it is the whole of life or individual cells.

Either there aren't enough aethers, and this kind of thing might require a lot of aethers.

A ray of silver light flickered from the moon and came to the small valley where Luo Kai was located. It was a small ball of light.

The light ball habitually scanned the surrounding environment, then floated to the attic window, circled around the small attic, and said to Luo Kai, who slowly opened his eyes inside: "Hello Luo Kai, we meet again. ."

Luo Kai stood up and said, "You are A Zi."

The light ball made a cold female voice: "It's me, the princess asked me to give you a message, the princess told you to stop shooting, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble."

Luo Xin felt warm in his heart, he still understood the reason why the gun was the first bird. The strong and the weak are relative. If he was recruited to the level of Liu Ye, he would be far from an opponent, and said softly: "I see. , thank the princess for me."

The ball of light moved up and down, as if it was about to float away, but stopped halfway, saying, "Protoss joins other god-level civilizations to establish a ruling alliance on Earth."

Luo Kaida was puzzled: "The ruling coalition?"

"Yes, the Protoss is different from the Pantheon. We won't start massacres, but the pollution of life on earth is too deep and must be strictly controlled. At the same time, we need to study your genes and how your mind works."

The light ball's voice suddenly softened, Luo Xin moved in joy, opened his mouth to ask something, but didn't ask, and finally sighed softly and said, "So you are going to treat the earth as a zoo."

"It can be understood in this way, but I think this is the best result. At that time, we will invite high-level life on earth to join the ruling alliance, and at the same time help you deal with the invasion of the Pantheon. The treasure house of life on earth can be preserved forever."

The ball of light seems to be quite unhappy with the dark body of Luo Kai now, and then said: "Darkness can be unpredictable, don't go deeper, do you have any hair from your previous body or anything else, I will help you clone a new pair of them. body of."

"No, thanks."

Luo Xin had already made other plans, shook his head, and hesitated for a while, then said, "That... can you help me with one?"

Luo Kai has rarely asked others for help, and the ball of light is very curious: "What."

"Can you help me build a starship that can run in space for a long time?"

The ball of light was silent for a moment, and said: "The space environment is abnormal. At present, human beings do not have the basic survival conditions. They can only simulate the earth to establish an ecosystem, but to build an interstellar spaceship with a complete ecosystem, it will cost an enormous amount of money. energy and materials, as specific as transforming a planet.”

Luo Kai hurriedly said: "You can come to me if you need anything."

The anti-space technology is also very powerful, and he can purchase some materials or technologies through the Grievous Inn.

The light ball flickered gently, as if carrying out a long-distance signal transmission, UU reading www. replied after a long time: "It seems that you are not optimistic about the future of the earth, well, I will prepare a detailed list of materials when I go back." After speaking, it turned into a streamer and disappeared.

There are no years of cultivation, and another three years have passed. In the past three years, Luo Kai has been obsessed with studying the mysteries of Jindan. As he thought, Jindan can indeed be repaired, but the ether particles needed are amazing.

In essence, Jindan itself is a large ether particle, which can be analyzed and absorbed.

However, Luo Kai didn't do this. He had other plans. If he could repair the golden core and re-split a body based on it, then it might be possible to deduce the cultivation method at the golden core stage of the Nine Refinements. the body can use it.

Finally, he turned his attention to the corpse of the **** of the gods. It would be difficult and long to analyze the ether particles by himself. However, if he can gather the power of many four-dimensional gods, he may be able to analyze a large number of them in a very short time. Aether particle, it seems that it is time to go to the mountain of majesty.


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