Harry Potter’s Morning Light - Chapter 2742 Land of the Firebirds (fifty)

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  Chapter 2742 Firebird Land (Fifty)

It is necessary to degrease when making quills. We often see swans combing their feathers by the water. This is not only because of the elegant shape, but the key is that it can spread a layer of fat all over the feathers, so that the feathers will not be damaged due to Get wet with water and float on water.

  Animal fats are easily oxidized, and then produce a bad smell, even swans. At the same time, the iron contained in the blood will also promote the deterioration of fat. Even if the fish is refrigerated, it will quickly deteriorate, but butter and lard will not.

Pomona found a compound called plaster in the notes of Cassino, which is a bit like ointment, a thick oily substance, but harder than ointment, which can be made into candles . The candles floating above the Hogwarts Great Hall were once homemade, and if anyone had time to look at the candles, they would find that they were all different lengths and thicknesses.

  The atmosphere spell will synchronize with the weather outside the auditorium, making the ceiling of the auditorium look like a glass roof, but there will also be rain and snow falling. If anyone finds that his soup has been drenched in the rain while eating, he will definitely lose his appetite.

  These candles will play a protective role, and the rain and snow will disappear when they fall on them. As for how the rain and snow fall, it is not human-controllable, so in some places the candles are consumed quickly and need to be replaced with new candles.

  Pomona originally planned to ask Albus to borrow a feather from his pet phoenix, scrape off some grease, and mix it with the ashes of the kindling bush that was burned by the dragon fire to make plaster.

   "You misunderstood." Albus said with a smile, "We don't want the fire bush to be reborn, but they can recognize that the wearer is one of our own, so don't attack."

  So her task became this, to preset the "waterhouse" (waterhouse) before officially starting to lay out the maze.

By observing the egg hatching process, first of all, the chicken embryo will develop blood vessels and a heart less than one millimeter. Through the continuous operation of the heart, the blood, the carrier of life, will flow through various organs of the body, playing the role of heat preservation and stability. She originally It is hoped that the rain will achieve this purpose.

  Pomona looked up at the clouds in the sky. It was arranged by Feliwei, which was originally a gift.

She didn't know whether the spring water from the cave still had the magic power after evaporation and condensation. She started the water channel from the water chamber and extended it in eight directions. It looked like a bird from the sky. Huge spider.

She didn't use wind power, pumps and other things to power the water chamber, but used the simplest principle - cold and heat exchange, the vortex formed by the water of two temperatures makes the water flow everywhere, although it doesn't beat like a heart, The same can reach the outermost edge of the maze.

After all this is done, Pomona has covered the entire stadium with a layer of lawn. This thin layer of soil will float with the kindling bushes growing on it in the future. The current problem is how to get rid of the kindling bushes from "paralysis" .

   This is Mrs. Maxim's metaphor. If a person is conscious but unable to move, it is a very bad thing. But she is more concerned about the issue of "defense", which is what Albus said, the maze can identify who is one of its own and not launch an attack.

The Goblet of Fire is usually a gorgeous wooden cup. When it starts to "activate", it will produce blue flames, which are almost the same color as the flames made by Grindelwald in Paris, but because of Nicolas, Paris was not destroyed. .

   That is to say, Madam Maxim will use this characteristic of the Goblet of Fire to arrange the defensive magic of the maze. The extinguishing spell that Pomona originally thought of was only used as a firefighter when the maze started to burn.

She felt that what she was doing now was like decorating a house, first laying out the water pipes, and then hiding it with floor tiles, after all, it was almost dawn, and she left Quidditch while no one was coming court.

   This is a "physical job". Fortunately, with the previous training of the Mountain-Mounting Curse, her endurance has improved. After returning to the office and taking a nap, she is alive and well again.

  She went to the Dragon's Nest in the afternoon, but Charlie still didn't leave, but this time there was another person beside him, Bill who came back from Egypt.

  With this brother who works at the dragon sanctuary, not only did the Weasley twins wear dragon leather **** packs, but Bill also got a pair of dragon leather boots, which Bill was trying on when Pomona arrived.

  He was already very good looking, but he looked even better with the boots on, and Bill was very pleased with the boots.

   She stood stupidly for a while before she realized what she was going to do. Everyone was beaming. It would be a disappointment if she was still sullen, so she walked over to say hello with a smile.

   "Bill, Charlie." Pomona called from afar.

  The two brothers heard her voice and waved to her together.

   Among the 12 uses of dragon's blood discovered by Albus, "immortality" is included, which is not to say that smearing it will make you as invulnerable as Achilles soaked in the river Styx.

  Fire dragons are resistant to many spells, and this resistance causes people who have been smeared with fire dragon blood to be immune to some magic. Some advanced potions can be worn, taken and applied, but this "shield" cannot deflect the Avada Kedavra curse, and the duration is limited.

  Madam Maxim wants to use dragon's blood. Of course, don't expect Beauxbatons to bear the cost. With the current financial situation of Hogwarts, she can't afford Diagon Alley. Who else can she turn to besides Charlie?

   "That's no problem, how much do you want to use?" Charlie said generously.

   "Fill this jug." Pomona handed Charlie a small crystal jug.

  Charlie was about to take over, but was intercepted by Bill.

   "Professor, did you cast a space-expanding spell on it?" Bill asked.

   "Hahaha." Pomona tried to get away with it.

   "Is it because of Dumbledore's order?" Charlie asked honestly.

   "Yes." Pomona answered casually.

   "I'll have to ask myself," Bill said.

   "You don't believe me?" Pomona asked.

"Even dragons will be weak if they bleed too much, not to mention that they are going back to Romania soon, and the bumpy journey will make them weaker. If they look sick, it will be difficult to lend dragons next time, so I Just ask Dumbledore how much he needs."

  Pomona couldn't refuse, so he had to follow Bill back.

   "Is Gringotts doing well?" Pomona asked casually.

   "It's not bad. The magic theory of ancient Egypt is far from the modern one. It has broadened my horizons a lot."

  Pomona asked, remembering that Percy was still receiving instructions from Crouch through the owl after his death.

   "Did someone really come back from the dead?"

"Call his name, and he will live forever. The name is one of the necessary elements for the resurrection of the Egyptians. In fact, people usually only know someone's 'false name', and the 'real name' is only known to his mother. Because if you want to If a person performs curse witchcraft, he must call his 'real name' to be effective, so the mother will not tell anyone the child's real name." Bill said, "In other words, the mother is the most reliable patron saint, and she will be able to receive the glory. , The blessed 'false name' to the world, and the 'real name' that may be cursed and hurt is kept in one's arms. So in theory, if anyone wants to be resurrected, he needs a mother. There are several legends about mothers who bring their children back to life Yes, but I don't know if it's true."

Pomona also thinks it's absurd that Barty Crouch came back from the dead, she'd prefer someone who drank a Polyjuice Potion containing his hair and died like old Barty Crouch, but the sender didn't Knowing this, the old Barty Crouch's plan to "escape the shell of the golden cicada" was brought to light.

   "Meet the right girl in Egypt?" Pomona asked.

  Bill smiled and shook his head, "Let's talk about Egyptian magic."

   This was before the "substitute teacher" Snape returned to Hogwarts. At that time, it happened to be the peak of the Death Eaters' activities, so that no one dared to apply for that cursed position.

   Bill volunteered as a substitute teacher, even though he was a student himself.

Pomona is looking forward to working with Bill, the story he tells is very interesting, if the Defense Against the Dark Arts professorship is really cursed, Moody may not stay until next year, a new teacher will be needed, that's all Bill, who was the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, would be cursed. But since he was a curse-breaker, he might not be afraid of curses anymore.

When they got back to the castle, they met Beauxbaton's students. Although they didn't go to the Hogwarts library for self-study, they still went to the empty classroom for class. Pomona remembered the Eris that had been placed in the empty classroom on the fifth floor magic mirror.

  Dumbledore did not move it to the Room of Requirement, but placed it in the Cultural Relic Room, together with the Goblet of Fire. There should have been Queen Maeve's crown, but it was stolen, and the suspect was Patricia.

   "Will you see the Mirror of Erised later?" Pomona asked.

   "What?" Bill asked.

   "Want to go?" Pomona asked.

   "Why did you suddenly think of this?" Bill asked.

  Audrey Dumont was one of the very few Beauxbaton students who shook hands with Harry, and the other was Fleur, because Harry saved her sister.

   And Audrey shook hands with Harry because Harry's hands touched the Philosopher's Stone.

"I suspect there is space behind the mirror." Pomona mysteriously told Bill the scene where Harry stood in front of the Mirror of Erised and suddenly found the Philosopher's Stone in his pants pocket, "so it must be hidden. In the mirror."

   "This may be your illusion." Bill, who was once blinded by the curse of portrait painting, subconsciously said, "The mirror is just a plane, and there is no space at all."

   "That's why I said go and see the Mirror of Erised." Pomona said to Bill "Don't you dare?"

   Bill didn't refuse again, and soon they reached the principal's office.

   "Come in." After Pomona knocked on the door, Dumbledore said inside the door.

  The two pushed the door and entered, and Dumbledore was not surprised by Bill's appearance.

   "Long time no see, Bill." Dumbledore said with a smile, "Did you have a good trip?"

   "Very good, Principal." Bill said politely, took a small wooden box from his jacket pocket, and put it on the table in front of Albus, "This is for you."

   "What's this?" Albus asked, not looking like Egyptian candy from the packaging of the box.

   "The cubits used to record the flooding depth of the Nile River." Bill said, "The Egyptians invented a special deep well to record the rise of the river. They represent auspiciousness."

  Albus opened the box, and there was a gold bracelet in the shape of a lotus flower inside.

  It was only then that Pomona noticed that she never seemed to put much thought into pleasing Albus with presents, and even Bill knew about gift giving.

   Then she thought about candles... Hope Madame Maxime likes candlelight dinners or aromatherapy.

  (end of this chapter)

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