Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2199

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Feng Dance has never been taken lightly. At this moment, she is even more alert!

The phoenix dance stares at the four stars of the spiritual environment, and the four stars of the spiritual affair at this moment are staring at her with a look of incomparable alert!

Feng Dance will be the body of Samsung in Ling Hou to the four stars of the spiritual hall!

The four stars of Linghou seized the body of Samsung in Linghou, and went to his pulse to find out the color of anger in the middle!

A very good girl, she actually killed his team!

Just in the spirit of the four stars to kill the phoenix dance!

The phoenix dance mouth has a slight curvature.

She has no extra words, but sits directly on the ground and immediately enters the promotion state!

In fact, the current phoenix dance is already a spiritual time for Samsung.

With the strength of Samsung in Linghou, it is not impossible to win the four stars of Linghou, but it will be difficult to fight.

Difficult battles will cost a lot of physical strength, and even because of the movement here, it will attract other chasers, so -

Feng Wu chose to be promoted in place.

Since there is a shortcut to promote in situ, why not?

Therefore, the four stars of Linghou originally wanted to slap on the head of the phoenix dance like his other little friends, but...

He still can only be like his little friend, sitting there waiting for the phoenix dance to promote success.

In the short time she was sheltered by the power of heaven and earth, no one can confront Tiandao, otherwise, it will encounter the rebellion of heaven!


The four stars of the spiritual environment can only hate and recover the slap, and the face is blue.

Staring at the phoenix dance, there is a sense of vigilance and surprise in his eyes!


According to the information obtained before, this goal should be the spirit of the Seven Stars.

At that time, everyone was secretly stunned, a small spiritual seven stars, He De He can, so that they can chase and kill so many masters?


Judging from the current spiritual fluctuations, this gimmick is at least the strength of Linghou Samsung!

How can it be? !

In the four-star mind of Linghou, there suddenly appeared a shocking color!

Is it the legendary source of the gods?

Is the source of God source on her? !

In the eyes of the four stars of Linghou, there is a greedy color!

You must know that the legendary source of the gods is a very magical existence, which can make a person's strength and enhance a big realm!

Who is the cultivator, who is not dreaming?

Killing this girl will be a strong counter-attack, but if you just secretly take away the source of the source of God? The encounter with the world will be much less.

Thinking of this, the four stars of the spiritual hall immediately became a blast, and the body shape rushed to the phoenix dance!

Feng Dance feels a strong danger to attack in front of himself!


The phoenix dance promotion has not yet been completed, and the power of the whole body is condensed in the palm of the hand, rumbling!

The power of the heaven and the earth in the palm of your hand is condensed into a powerful force, and it is photographed in the four-star head of the spiritual environment.

The phoenix dance is already a four-star spirit, and it also relies on the power of heaven and earth. What a terrible force?


A loud noise!

The four-star shackles of the spiritual straits immediately flew out!

He squatted on the huge old trees, one, two, three... until the thirteenth old tree, his body was able to unload and turn to the ground.


The four-star spirit of the spiritual environment coughed and the blood spewed out.

At this time, a shadow shrouded over his head.

The spirit of the four-star rising, seeing the phoenix dance, he even asked: "The source of the gods ..."

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