Boyfriends Always Turned out to Be a Horror Movie Boss - Chapter 162 Fanwai "In the Mist"

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"What? What the hell?"

The reincarnation behind was frightened by the voice of the dark-haired young man, and his face was agitated.

The dark-haired young man didn't have as much traffic control. He quickly pushed away the reincarnations who were blocking the road, and yelled as he ran: "Are you waiting to die! This **** is Arnold! That boss!"

He just recognized the boss at the first sight of the movie.

He couldn't possibly admit that blond face!

He scolded Hui Niang fiercely in his heart, and the dark-haired young man's face was full of scared cold sweat.

He is just a reincarnation of low strength, and usually relies on some cleverness to live in the reincarnation space.

I wanted to do it this time, but I didn't expect such a story change.

right now! Actually hit head-on with the boss!

Is this still alive?

The blonde woman reacted quickly, and immediately followed the young brunette to the opposite direction of the gate, her face was very bad.

"Don't you just say that the boss will only come out at the end of the plot! What the **** is this?" He said, and she glanced back.

In the rear, her teammates are still running, and the figure of the blonde boss is still standing still.

"How do I know! What the boss thinks can let me know? Your brain isn't bad!" The dark-haired young man who was already nervous enough couldn't stand the taunting tone of the blonde woman, and immediately turned his lips against each other.

Rarely, the blonde woman did not ironic.

She twisted her head and looked at the person in the arms of Boss with her far-sighted eyes, her face paled a little.

"You ... said that the boss would avenge the indigenous man named Zhou Yu, right?"

"Yeah! What's the use of talking about it now? Hurry up! The guy is afraid it has been torn into pieces by the boss!"

The dark-haired young man didn't dare to turn around, and just ran forward in spite of his fate, fearing that he would be a little late and whine.

After hearing this, the blonde woman only felt that her heart was beating a lot faster and her body was cold.

She licked her dry lips and replied, "But the person in the boss's arms seems to be the aboriginal named Zhou Yu ..."

"... Grumbling"

It was said that the young brunette looked at the blonde woman in disbelief and swallowed.

"I'll go to your mother, so don't lie to me ..."

His feet slowed, his neck slowly turned back, and his bones were stiff enough to make a rattling noise.

I saw the rear,

The blonde and blue-eyed man was holding a slender dark-haired boy standing on the border of the corridor and the door, looking blankly at them desperately running into the corridor.

Looking at the bruised young man with bruises, the young man with dark eyes widened his eyes and cracked.

The emotion that was so shocked that he added a mania to his already gloomy brows.

"how can that be!"

This is completely different from the plot!

This bully of the boss ca n’t reasonably be violent immediately after playing! How could you hold it up!

What is their relationship?

The blonde woman has been debilitated by the current situation, and now she can no longer bear the irritability in her heart.

She yanked out her gun and aimed at the head of the young brunette.

"How impossible! Are you **** fucking! Are you deliberately not telling me the relationship between the boss and that indigenous!"

What should she do now?

The aboriginal who had been tortured and tortured by her actually had a close relationship with the boss! !! !!

If she knew this person and this relationship, where would she be so hard?

it's good now! The boss's hatred is properly on her! This is a shit!

The blonde woman frowned and felt a little regretful.

Judging from the attitude that boss cherishes that indigenous people, these two people must have a close relationship!

And she just put such a heavy hand on that aboriginal body, the scars are still there, as long as the boss is not blind, he can see it, if not angry, then hell.

Offending the boss in the horror world is the same as suicide!

The reincarnation behind the blonde woman obviously thought of this too, her face was white and her mouth trembled.

"Team, Captain, what shall we do?"

I don't know why, the boss just didn't move just now, giving them a chance to breathe.

They were running all the way just now, and now they had left the still boss behind and could no longer see it.

But everyone knows that bosses will never give up, they must find a way to escape!

The blonde woman was still busy with confession and fear, where she could come up with any ideas.

The scene calmed down for a while.

And in this silent moment, there was a dark voice behind them.

"found it."

Arnold tenderly hugged the boy in his arms, raised his head, and his eyes were red.

He couldn't allow the people who had hurt his brother to continue to live, and he didn't want to let them die too easily.

So I just let these people run away just now, giving them a little hope.

He knows that only those who have hope can experience greater despair.

He wants these people to die in endless suffering and torture, and they will never live.

Thinking of the scars left on his brother, Arnold's blood was scarlet and his blood was so scary that he felt that even killing these people 11 million times would not solve his hatred.

"Who hurt him?"

Looking at the horror-looking, blood-scarred bosses, the reincarnations who were shocked by an invisible momentum on the spot were pale and trembling, speechless.

The next moment, they turned and ran to the nearest elevator.


The blonde woman finally woke up and led the way to the elevator.

This teaching building has two ways of going up and down the stairs and elevator. The nearest elevator is very close to this place, which is much closer than the stairwell. It is the best way to escape.

At this moment, all reincarnations can't wait for their parents to give them two more legs so they can run faster.

Seeing this, Arnold raised his corner of his mouth, revealing a horrible and **** smile.

"Since you don't say anything, let's all die--"


The white mist rushed towards the rushing crowd. Soon, several people who fell on the back of the team were lost in the mist.

"Ahhh! I hurt! It hurts!"

"Save me! Please! Don't go! Whoops!"

The **** smell pervaded.

The reincarnation in the fog shouted, feeling that even the soul was torn by the monster in the fog, crying with tears and snot.

They regret it, they really regret it!

If you know that just harassing an indigenous person will lead to this calamity, and you dare not give them ten guts!

However, there is no regret medicine in the world, after all, they can only be buried in the fog with full remorse, and even their souls have disappeared.

Everyone's ears were filled with a sharp cry, but no one dared to stop.

Everyone knows that this terrifying boss is angry, and once they stop, they will be greeted by death.

"Abominable! I wish I hadn't caught that indigenous!"

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooes !! 2! Some of the weak-tempered reincarnations wept, their regrets overflowing.

"Shut up! Now that this is fart! The elevator is in front! Run for the old lady !!!" Looking at this group of non-disciplined waste, the blonde woman looked fierce.

That's it, she knew very well that there was no room for manoeuvre.

She is not without regrets, but as a former senior reincarnation, she knows that regret is the most useless thing.

No one would give her a chance to repent.

Now that you've offended the boss, just fight it! Anyway, I ca n’t live, I might as well fight, maybe I can survive!

In front, the elevator made a "ding-" sound, and the current floor was displayed on the panel.

However, the elevator doors did not open.

"Hurry up the elevator!" The blonde woman shouted, looking at the camera above her head.

She knew that the teammates who remained in the monitoring room must be staring here. As soon as they pressed the button and the elevator opened, they were saved!

Monitoring room

Uncle Baifa moved his fingers, and a smirk smiled from the corner of his mouth.

What a surprise, the boss came out ahead of time. That's exactly, this woman, long ago damn.

It's better to die in boss's hand, so as not to dirty his hands.

Uncle White-haired glanced at a few dormants behind the eyes and pressed the close button on the operation panel.

Ding Dong——

The elevator made a sound again, but this time it went up without a pause.

"Damn !!!" The blonde woman's facial features were twisted, and she turned to look at the boss who had caught up, her voice hoarse.

Seeing that the hope of surviving slipped away from the eyes, it was really uncomfortable.

"The group of rice barrels in the monitoring room! Are they dead! Damn!" She smashed the elevator door with a punch, and directly smashed the elevator door out of a large fist depression.

The dark-haired young man gave her a weak, sideways glance, mockingly, "Oh, I see, you're abandoned!"

"Shut up! Trash!"

The dark-haired young man with a kick and a slumped mouth turned around, and the blonde woman fiercely took out two heavy laser guns from the backpack space and fired a beam forward.

"Go die! You ghost! The old lady is going to shoot you into a sieve! Damn! Damn!"

She had no hope of escape, she could only let it go, cursing swear words, venting her fear and resentment.

She hasn't enjoyed enough life! She can't die! How could she die like that!

She is not reconciled! On what basis! Just for a **** indigenous! Just a cheap native!

She swears that if she can survive this time, she will have to scrape off that lowly indigenous skin!

Bastard, you should have a **** look!

At this moment, in the face of the threat of death, the blond woman's eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, and her face was haggard, just like a lunatic.

Arnold looked coldly at this woman who was gradually going crazy, and the mist of teeth dancing beside him puffed up.

boom! boom! !!

The blonde woman kept attacking, but no matter how powerful the laser beams hit, it didn't break through the seemingly thin mist.

"Ahhh! Damn ... hhhhhhhhhhh!" The blonde woman was quickly restrained by the mist, and blood poured out of the cracked skin, and she mourned in pain.

"No! No! Let me go! Ah ah !!!"

The blonde woman felt like her soul was going to be torn, and the pain filled her soul, and the pain beyond the limits of human endurance caused her to collapse completely.


Under the crushing of the mist, the blond woman's flesh was separated, her internal organs were torn apart, and red blood splashed to the ground.

Immediately before dying in pain, she saw the teenager in the bosom's arms twitch his eyelashes and slowly opened his eyes.

If only I hadn't come to this school to inquire about clues ...

Even if she knew that regret was useless, the blonde woman couldn't help thinking, and then fell into eternal darkness.

Waking up by the scream on the ear, Zhou Yu opened her eyes and just saw the scene where the fierce blond female body was separated.

Zhou Yu: ...

Although it's bloody, what's going on?

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