Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 7815 怼 天地 地 费 大 强

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7815 Born-1960

Zhang Yiming pulled Liu Ziyu down and urged him to say quickly.

As the leader of the listening camp, his main energy is now focused on the selenium and copper county.

The start of the listening camp, lack of manpower, lack of training, lack of experience, everything has flaws, so the news at the rear is really unable to collect.

"Um ... everyone is interested, let me talk about it."

Liu Ziyu did not expect several people to show such great interest in Fei Daqiang.

He thought that Wu Yucao and others knew these things and mentioned them casually, but to shift the subject.

"Actually, I know only a few things. They are all heard by others on the road. Is it true? In the future, you should ask Fei Daqiang to control it ... Things should start from Cangyue City ..."

Fei Daqiang invited major grain merchants to a banquet in Cangyue City, purchased huge grain supplies, and set off on the next day.

Such a big movement must not be concealed from the eyes and ears of Selenium Copper County!

The 2,000 ambush soldiers ambushing Lin Yi is of course because the woods are relatively small, and hiding 2,000 people is just right, but it is not impossible to use more people as a backup.

There is also a small part of the reason, because Fei Daqiang's posterior army has attracted their attention, so a part of the selenium-copper county's detailed work has raised Fei Daqiang's posterior idea.

Fei Daqiang took the 4,000 soldiers of Cangyue City and the grain transport team arranged by the major grain merchants, and left Cangyue City for more than half a day. When he passed a hillside area, he was ambushed by the enemy.

Cangyue from here

The fast horse is only half an hour away. Who would have expected someone to ambush such a huge food delivery team?

When hundreds of fireballs rolled down the hillside, the whole team panicked.

"Fire! There is fire! Run away!"

"Go and block ...!"


Chaos formed instantly.

The four thousand men and horses dispatched by Cangyue City were not elite, and they remained in Cangyue City to protect their old nest.

Then the food delivery manpower of the major grain merchants is not worth mentioning. If they encounter frontal killing by bandits, they can still come forward and make a few moves.

Big fireball rolling down the hillside? Hurry and run!

The grain and grass transported are all flammable, and the quantity is huge. Once it is ignited, it is a trend of burning fire!

You may not run away when you want to run!

"What panic ?! Calm!"

Fei Daqiang didn't care, even a little ecstasy, there was no wind and no waves, and it was quiet and quiet. So how did Master Fernandez show the majesty?

Now that there is a change, we have the opportunity to pretend to force it!

"Everything flashed and looked at them! What kind of stuff are these eagle worm tricks?"

Fei Da powerfully applauded and dismounted, standing alone under the hillside, and stretched out his hands against hundreds of fireballs.

Fire abilities fire, fire control!

The Vice Island can't use its energy, but it seems to have little effect on superpowers.

The flames on the hundreds of large fireballs suddenly seemed to be evacuated by an invisible force, leaving the large fireballs in an instant, forming a larger fireball in the air.

The chaotic food delivery team looked dumbfounded and forgot to escape for a while, and the chaotic team suddenly became quiet.

The hundreds of ball-shaped objects ran out of flame and continued to roll off the hillside quickly. They hit the convoy and made endless crackling sounds. Many small objects were scattered in the middle of the ball-shaped objects. Ignite.

If the flames are still there, such an impact will instantly expand the fire and cover more than half of the grain convoy. At that time, it is estimated that this batch of grain and grass supplies will be scrapped.

And now ... nothing!

Fei Daqiang's eyes did not squint, but his consciousness extended quietly. Regardless of the ambush, the man stared at the people in his own team.

After he saw the complex emotions of shock, worship, awe, and so on on everyone's faces, this cargo was immediately satisfied to fly!

Just one word!

Fei Daqiang, who was pretending to be addictive, laughed three times and beckoned the big fireball in the air. The flame ball immediately turned into a line of fire and flew directly to his mouth. In a blink of an eye, the big fireball completely dissipated.

At this moment, the members of the grain delivery team on the side almost knelt. No one has ever seen anyone who can swallow such a large group of flames in one breath!

It's a little cow in the clouds, and cows are better than heaven!

Everyone's eyes changed to Fei Daqiang. What kind of martial arts does his leader use?

Never heard of it!

Could it be a pure fire constitution, can it absorb flames for cultivation?

Amazing! Amazing!

Fei Daqiang is super satisfied and feels that this wave of equipment is really good.

The goods deliberately opened their mouths and satiated, and a ray of flames burst into the air, and then disappeared: "It tastes so good, mice on the hillside, what better things are there?"

No one answered on the hillside, but there was a bang, and then a torrent came down!

Everyone was a little dazed, and the fire failed.

Where is the sacred side of the hillside? It is not easy to store so much water!

If you can attack by water ... the damage to the grain and grass materials is not great!

It is wet for two days at most. Is it necessary to spend so much time to store water?

and many more!

This is just leaving Cangyue City, how can they store so much water?

and many more!

Water attack does not have much impact on materials, but it can drown people!

At this time, do you still want to do some of these? Hurry up!

The people in the food grain convoy were going into chaos again. Unexpectedly, Fei Daqiang, who had just swallowed the huge fireball, laughed again.

"It's still this kind of carving insect trick, you are really disappointing you, Uncle Fei!"

Fei Daqiang very pretentiously stretched out a hand, slamming his finger at the torrent of torrents!

The water flow suddenly seemed to hit an invisible wall and rushed directly into the sky.

Under the control of super powers, the torrent exploded at a high altitude and turned into tiny ice crystals, falling down one after another, as if there was a light snowfall.

And these ice crystals avoided the grain transport team very well, spilled to the side and waited for the water to melt, which did not affect the team at all.

Fei Daqiang looked indifferent, but secretly smug in his heart, feeling that there should be applause here.

It's a pity that those idiots are all silly.

Sure enough, qualified leg hair is not everywhere!

Such thick legs are placed in front of them, and I don't know if they come up and hug them!

Senior leg hair Fei Daqiang couldn't help but sigh secretly, I am lonely!

Is it necessary for Uncle Fei to remind them to come to the show?

Is there a drop in it? Do you want to lose face?

I'm so mad at thinking about it, I can only use the little mice on the hillside to deflate!

"With this little trick, I still want to ambush your uncle Fei! It's ridiculous!"

Fei Daqiang held his hands together, and gathered a blaze of elixir in the palm of his hand: "You do n’t have to be indecent assault. Your grandfather Fei will give you a little thing. If you can take it, today ’s business will be a write-off! "

(End of this chapter)

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