Apocalyptic Rebirth: Earth’s Vast Changes - Chapter 115 Miss one

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The smoke and dust set off by the explosion prevented Qin Luo from seeing the surroundings clearly. Just after that loud noise, it seemed as if all sounds had left him. The skin was sore and painful, he guessed he might be crawling in the rubble. Qin Luo tried hard to get up, because he knew the consequences of lying down here, either to become monsters who only knew to eat flesh or to be eaten by those monsters. He was struggling to stand up, but it was a period of dizziness and nausea, and a severe pain in his left calf.

Qin Luo raised his arm and frowned with the sleeve of his big arm. He couldn't tell whether blood or sweat was slipping down the forehead, and the pain in his head wasn't known if it was caused by a wound. There was still a **** swell in his mouth at this time, giving him the urge to cough violently.

‘Very good, concussion plus internal and external injuries in the eyes. ‘Qin Luo thought to himself, made a few deep breaths, and then touched his hand to his left calf.

The situation was similar to what he had imagined, a broken tube sticking into his left calf. Fortunately, he didn't touch the broken bones, unfortunately the **** smell would attract zombies.

At this time, the smoke and dust had dissipated for most of them, and two people were lying not far from Qin Luo. The collapsed wall covered most of their bodies, revealing only the legs of the two, and red blood gradually flowed out. Judging by the thickness of the wall and the gap left on the ground, the chances of survival of these two people are basically zero.

Qin Luo quickly tore off his shirt and took a few deep breaths, holding one end of the tube. Then gritted it to pull it out of the sunken leg, and quickly tied the wound with clothes to minimize the amount of bleeding. Right now he must leave here as soon as possible, otherwise the nearby zombies will smell **** and will definitely gather here.

Qin Luo gritted his teeth, propped his body, staring at the dizziness, nausea, and severe pain in his legs, struggling step by step toward the direction he had just arrived.

Today, they originally planned to sneak to a residential area on the edge of the city to search for some supplies, but they encountered a rally between two factions. Qin Luo can see that several of them are very weird. In addition, the bombs used by the other side were not the ones they got from the warehouses of the abandoned military area. They were much smaller in size, and their power after the explosion was far greater than that of the normal military equipped drop bombs.

So even after hiding behind the wall, he ran a certain distance again, so he didn't get killed by the collapsed wall like those two people.

In addition to worrying about the zombies, Qin Luo is still praying that he should not meet the group, otherwise his current situation makes it difficult to escape.

Obviously, after the end of the world, God completely abandoned his people, and Qin Luo's prayer was rejected. Because he had already seen three men in broad robes standing there on the path where he was. Their outfits were weird, like huge capes, with their entire heads hidden in big hats. But from the standpoint of where they stand, they should have found themselves.

Qin Luo stood rigidly in place. When he didn't know whether there was any powerful weapon in the other hand, Qin Luo did not dare to act rashly. And now he has internal injuries on his leg, and his body is not flexible enough to rush into the houses beside the road. Even if he can really re-enter the dwelling house, if the other party loses a powerful bomb, he will still be the same. It would be better to stand honestly, if there is a glimmer of life in close combat.

Originally Qin Luo was very confident in his skill, but the three big men on the opposite side were too tall. Qin Luo doesn't think he can really handle these three guys at this moment, not to mention that his brain is still dizzy for a while.

Qin Luo allowed three guys to walk into himself, and when they were only ten meters away from him, Qin Luo's pupils suddenly contracted. Just now, he actually saw a guy walking behind, with a thick tail sticking out under the black cloak. Qin Luo's first reaction was that he was dazzled. It is impossible for a person to grow a tail.

It's just this moment of shaking God, the three of them have been a few meters closer, and seeing that they are less than four meters away from Qin Luo. Such a short distance was enough for Qin Luo to be sure that what was thrown behind that guy was indeed a snake-like tail. It wasn't the shoes that the guy stepped on the ground, but the weird feet with scale-like feet.

"Ah ~" Even with Qin Luo's determination, he couldn't help exclaiming, and his body retreated back sharply.

Unfortunately, Qin Luo was injured at this time, and he quickly retreated when he did too much work. The three tall guys surrounded him with a few flashes.

Looking at these three guys in cloaks, Qin Luo was startled with cold sweat. Although they are physically similar to humans, in fact, they have definitely departed from his category of human perception. Even the phenomenon of ancestral return, ichthyosis, and branch disease can no longer compare with them. They are downright monsters, just like humans.

"Natural dog ... we picked up a little handsome guy with a sign ..." The man with a snake tail stretched out his snake-like tongue and licked his lips.

"Oh, I advise you not to resist, otherwise I will bite your limbs with your teeth first." A strong man with canine teeth followed intimidating.

Fingers moved slightly, and two daggers appeared above Qin Luo's hands. He held the dagger back, his arms bent over his chest, and his legs carefully arched slightly.

The rest of the guy with long hair shouted, "Ah, he is still a space power, and seems to be a bit more effort."

Snake-tailed man glanced up and down with a wry glance at Qin Luo. "The skin is so tender, it's better than the woman we just killed. It's been a long time since I encountered such a product."

Qin Luo was wearing only a vest at this time, and his jeans were damaged due to a series of escapes and explosions. To be honest, Qin Luo, as a man, never paid attention to whether his skin was fair. And he doesn't feel that now that he is blood-stained, he can get into the eyes of normal people. But now he knew that there was a hint of tone in these three guys.

The anger caused Qin Luo's forehead to jump up, hoping to fly and shake out a dagger to shoot the opposite guy. But he hurt his head in the explosion just now and felt only a few vertigos. He didn't know whether he would fall to the ground after shaking his dagger and giving the other party a chance. He can only keep his current position as much as possible, launching a fatal attack when the other side is slightly slack, it is best to use this to scare the other two guys, although this hope is slim.

The tall, weird man with canine teeth completely ignored Qin Luo's dagger, stretched out his big fluffy claws, and grabbed at Qin Luo. In his opinion, Qin Luo was very thin and he could never be his opponent. Even holding a dagger in his hand was a scary display.

Just when his hand was only one foot away from Qin Luo, Qin Luo twisted, using the uninjured right foot as the axis. He made a move to turn around, and the canine-toothed monster immediately took a quick step and stretched his arm to catch Qin Luo back.

Qin Luo was completely a fake action, waiting for the action he stepped forward. The moment he turned around, his left foot was a little bit on the ground, and the whole person turned from just turning and escaping to stepping forward. At the same time, the body bent, avoiding the freak's grasp, and the person had already got out from under his arm. The left-hand dagger forcedly inserted the freak's chest.

The Fangs were frightened, which was tantamount to two people moving forward at the same time. Qin Luo was now by his side, and the dagger reached his chest. And he could do nothing but block the remaining arm.

But Qin Luo's movement was not over yet. The next instant Qin Luo inserted his arm through the canine teeth arm into his chest, Qin Luo suddenly stopped by the resistance of the dagger into the wound. With his right foot slamming the ground, he withdrew some upward force with the left-handed dagger. A small side-by-side overturned, the right-handed dagger cut the canine's neck. The movements were synthesized at once, and the two guys were too late to rescue.

Because it was just a half-over, Qin Luo's raised legs quickly fell back to the ground, and a roll on the spot, avoiding the snake tail that hit him.

The canine-tooth monster turned his head and looked at Qin Luo, who was throwing an old dagger with his hands in disbelief. How could he never have thought that this handsome young man with such a beautiful appearance would have such clean combat nirvana.

The blood quickly slipped from his fingers around his neck, and the canine teeth widened his eyes unwillingly. The blood swelled more and more, and eventually the canine tooth's hands fell weak and their bodies fell to the ground. The gushing blood soon reddened the pavement beneath him, and Qin Luo stepped back subconsciously. A pain in his left leg made him control his urge to turn and run.

After learning about the zombies' habits, when people who fight in the last days are attacked by beasts or similar attacks, they will try to create as little blood as possible. Or quickly leave the **** smell after creating the blood, because the **** smell will cause a large number of zombies to gather, and the suicide is no different. Maybe it is better to be lucky than the other person who died in his own hands, at least the other person suffered from gluttony only after death. But at this time Qin Luo knew that he must not be more than five meters away from the other party. Otherwise, before the zombies gather, the opponent's high-power weapon will become his lethal threat first.

"You are really surprised ... I haven't encountered such a tricky character for a long time." The fur-faced weird said that he had killed the cloak over his body. .

Economic management has expected that the other party is not human, Qin Luo still could not help but take a breath. The guy's body was unusually strong, and his thick arms with long hair were almost twice the waist of Qin Luo. Qin Luo bit his lip unconsciously, how could this be hit? Just now, he successfully killed one because of a sneak attack on the design, but now this guy is not only physically stronger than the "earth dog" just now, but he is fully prepared. Next to him was a tiger-eyed monster looking at the opportunity. He wanted to retreat in front of the two of them, which was definitely not difficult.

At the moment Qin Luo was thinking, the hairy weird man had taken two steps forward, his steps were very large, and only two steps came to Qin Luo. Qin Luo quickly bent over and rolled over, while the dagger stroked to the strange man's footsteps. The moment he shot, the side of the snake-tail monster also moved, and his huge snake-tail whip was thrown out. Qin Luo had to roll another tail to avoid him hitting his waist, so he missed the best time to attack the hairy monster.

If it was only one of them, Qin Luo still had the confidence to be able to kill him. Although it may be more difficult, the ultimate winner must be him. But this time the two joined hands, plus he was injured. After avoiding the pinch of the snake tail and the hairy weirdo seven or eight times, Qin Luo felt that the blood in his body was surging, and the **** gas that had just been suppressed was slowly converging to the throat, and the sense of dizziness became more serious.

The snake tail trickled again, Qin Luo did not completely avoid because of dizziness, and was patted on the back slightly by the tail, and a wow of blood sprayed out. But he also turned over, forcing himself to keep his hands ready for attack. The legs are also kneeling on one knee, so that there is room for standing backwards or rolling sideways.

"Old snake, don't strike him too hard," the hairy weird laughed coldly.

The reptilian knocked on the ground with his tail. "Did you see that he had suffered internal injuries long ago? Otherwise, the two of us might not be his opponents yet."

Said that the snake-tailed man's fierce tail drew towards Qin Luo, Qin Luo always kept an eye on his movements, and when he saw the snake-tail hit, he bent over and evaded immediately. But at the moment of his avoidance, the snake-tailed man suddenly opened his mouth wide, and a spray of rain-mist-like things sprayed on Qin Luo, who was avoiding the snake-tail.

Qin Luo did not expect that the snake-tailed man would have such a move. Although subconsciously blocked by hand, it was still sprayed by the misty thing. There was a burning pain in his eyes at once, Qin Luo gritted his teeth and groaned, his vision blurred instantly. Then the blast on the left came, and after Qin Luo's vigorous defense, he was still smashed by his left hand dagger.

He knew he had planted it this time, and the mist-like substance sprayed from the mouth of the snake-tailed man must be poisonous. Not only is his eyes blind now, but his body is slowly softening.

Qin Luo strongly supported and eventually fell down. At this moment, he hoped that the zombies would gather faster, so that he could get rid of the hand fumbling his chest.

Miracles will never appear. Maybe after leaving his loved ones one by one, he should choose to follow them. The reason why he is still struggling to survive is to rescue the little nephew who was sold to unknown organizations.

Qin Luo tried to concentrate his mind and took the dagger and knife out of the space again. Such a short distance might be successful. But his hand was quickly held by a good-looking big hand, and the dagger appeared in his hand was deprived.

"I didn't expect you to be honest if you were poisoned."

The snake tail male tail fluttered, and Qin Luo's hands were firmly wrapped. Then he picked him up and pulled his hands behind him to fix it. Qin Luo trembled with pain, but did not make a sound of begging for pain.

"This kid is a bit boney." The long-haired man smiled and poked his mouth, then slapped Qin Luo's hips. "I hope you will be so boney when you are j.

Qin Luo wanted to struggle, but he was so soft that he could only let two guys cut his belt and tear off his pants.

This moment of humiliation made Qin Luo hate that he couldn't die, but unfortunately he didn't even have the strength to bite his tongue to commit suicide.

The reptilian is humiliating his small prey. He is not in a hurry to enjoy it. He prefers to see the painful and terrified expression on the prey's face. But from the face of this handsome young man, all he saw was anger and killing.

"Don't grind ..." The hairy weird on the side urged, tearing away the last trace of shame from Qin Luo.

"You two are so brave ..." When Qin Luo was desperate, a strange voice suddenly came. From the sound of the position, the man was less than five meters away from them.

Qin Luo was very alert after his last days. In addition, his hearing was specially trained, so he was better than many ordinary people. Although he was just full of grief and anger, it didn't mean that he didn't pay attention to the movement around him. And the person who was suddenly close did not make any noise.

Snaketail turned her head in shock and looked at the person who was surprised, her mouth opened slightly. Before he could say that name, the swollen nails that had burst had already cut off his skull.

The hairy freak's legs trembled, and he knew that he could never outperform the guy in front of him, let alone have no resistance against him.

Ordinarily kneeling on the ground, begging for mercy, "I, I am willing to join ..." Before the words were finished, my head was cut and rolled aside.

"I don't need any of this mess with you ..." The man said every word.

Then Qin Luo felt that he had lifted himself from the ground with a pair of hands, not knowing whether it was the relationship between the man's clothes and the material. Qin Luo felt a chill instinctively and made him burp.

"Don't be afraid ... I won't hurt you." The man's voice was soft and faintly heard from above his head. The man then said, "Your eyes are swollen. It should be poisonous. We need to find a safe place to help you get rid of the toxins."

The man talked and hugged him with one hand, then wrapped him in a piece of clothing, and hugged him back to his chest again.

Qin Luo was extremely embarrassed by the blindness and being hugged by a stranger princess, but he had no other way than to cooperate with each other.

Qin Luo felt that the man's pace was fast, and there seemed to be wind blowing in his ear, but he didn't feel much bumps. Followed by the sound of doors and windows being opened, judging from the sound of footsteps, the two should have entered the room.

The man put him on the bed, and then rummaged for a while. A moment later, Qin Luo's eyelids were opened with one hand, and the cool liquid was dripped into Qin Luo's eyes.

"You sleep for a while, it will be okay to wake up. Don't worry, I will stay by your side."

The man's voice was very close to Qin Luo. He seemed to feel the air blowing from the other side, brushing his j □ j's skin. An indescribable sense of security suddenly emerged, followed by a rare sense of drowsiness.

When Qin Luo opened her eyes again, she was lying in a strange room. She was covered with a thin blanket, and there was no one in the room. There was a neat set of clothes by the bed. Qin Luo turned up and sat up, and suddenly opened the thin cover on his body. The shirt cloth that had been wrapped around the left leg was gone, and it was even more weird that there was no slight wound there.

"Oh my God, how could this happen?" Qin Luo mumbled incredibly.

He was sure he was injured yesterday, and then he met three weird looking people. After the fight, he was unfortunately caught by the remaining two, and he was almost stunned by the two perverts. Later, there should be a very powerful person who killed the two guys and cured his poisoned eyes. But at this moment Qin Luo was completely confused, and the wound disappeared inexplicably. Was everything yesterday a hallucination?

It seems that it is already afternoon, and it is dangerous to stay alone outside in the evening after the last days.

Qin Luo quickly got up and dressed, and looked for a few rooms in this house, and determined that the other party might have left after falling asleep, and he couldn't tell what it was like. Although the doors and windows here are tightly closed, if there is a zombie, if you are unguarded, you may be attacked. Since the other party is willing to save himself, why not wait for him to wake up ... maybe he has a reason not to leave.

Qin Luo found that after using this excuse, he felt much more comfortable.

Pushing open the door, Qin Luo looked around the room for the last time, then quickly left.

Three people walked behind the house, headed by a tall, dark-haired young man. He looked at Qin Luo's back and said, "This kid is very strong ..."

A middle-aged man standing next to him said, "Strong and still beaten so badly?"

The dark-haired young man slowly said, "One of the mutants may have been killed by him, and the injuries on his body were not made by the mutants, which means that he may have been injured before.

The last young man with a terrifying face said, "He suffered a minor internal injury, but also injured a leg, and had a moderate concussion. In this case, he can kill a weak mutant. He is indeed eligible to join the Savers Alliance. "

The middle-aged man turned his head to look at the dark-haired young man. "Will I chase him back and ask him if he wants to join?"

The dark-haired young man shook his head. "It is not easy for us now to have too many people. Wait a second. Lao Chen, you must call other people and leave in ten minutes."

Lao Chen turned to leave, and the young man with a terrified half of his face approached and whispered "Although this operation was successful, we lost three people. Knowing the specific deployment, except for you and I, he is the only one." To the old Chen who has gone away.

The black-haired young man nodded slightly. "Besides him, there is an eyeliner inserted by ZO. These people must be removed first to determine the establishment of the alliance base."

The horrified young man nodded his head, and suddenly looked at the dark-haired young man. "In fact, you can just pull him in."

Mo thoughtfully looked to the distance. "The current alliance is too dangerous ..."

The young man rolled his eyes. "Isn't everything okay now ... or does he make you feel special?"

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