Alchemy & Martial Supreme - Chapter 6078 Benefit

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"Because of interests." Jin Zhizhi saw it very clearly, she said, "Because Huantian has been able to pass on his bloodline to others, the Pape family wants to have the supreme bloodline, and supporting Huantian is the best choice."

Since Qin Ming entered Lingyun Cave and the three ancient races planned to invade their family, she did not plan to be the obedient princess she used to be.

As a princess with the pure bloodline of the Jinxuan Macaque Clan, her martial arts talent is not comparable to her in the entire Jinxuan Macaque Clan.

In times of peace, the family does not need too many strong people, she can be sheltered by her father and live a carefree life.

But the family is now in danger. As a princess, she should try her best to help the family.

Because of this, sometimes, she will read a lot of books, understand a lot of truth, and know how to help the family.

"It's all because of profit!" Xiaoqing also understood, she was very flustered, worried that she would be eaten by the sky.

Seeing the worried look on Xiaoqing's face, Jin Zhizhi comforted softly: "Don't worry, everyone in the family will fight until the last moment, plus the family is protected by a formation, if the Pape Clan wants to attack, they will definitely fight. It's not an easy thing."

"Princess!" Looking at the calm Jin Zhizhi, Xiao Qing felt ashamed.

The princess has really grown up a lot now, and she is still the same as before. Even the family is in such a big danger, she only knows it and doesn't know why.

"But...but it's not just the Tyrant Monkeys who attack our family, the other two ancient races will also take action." Although Xiaoqing wanted to calm down, she couldn't help but think of the powerful strength of the three ancient races. Afraid, "The strength of the three ancient races should be similar to our Jinxuan macaque."

"Even with the help of the formation, we can't be the opponents of the three ancient races."

"Is it that our family is doomed and I am doomed to die?"

The ancient races are very powerful, and their Jinxuan macaques are also very powerful. There is no force in the entire Supreme World that is stronger than their family.

But the same is true for the other three ancient races. Although they are not as strong as their Jinxuan Macaque, they are definitely not weaker than them.

Even with the help of the formation, they can block the attack of one ancient race at most, and it is absolutely impossible to block three ancient races.

The strength of the Jinxuan macaques is similar to that of one of the ancient races, and Xiaoqing can't think of any possibility for them to win.

Knowing in my heart that I will lose, and losing is death, or even life is better than death, Xiaoqing is a girl, and it is very normal to be afraid.

"Don't worry, things are not as simple as you think. We Jinxuan macaques will never be bullied. The final victory must belong to us. Now is the worst situation, but there will definitely be a turning point." Jin Zhizhi was not depressed. , but full of confidence.

Jin Zhizhi's self-confidence can infect people. Xiaoqing saw that Jin Zhizhi was so confident, and his worries were relieved a lot.

When Jin Zhizhi saw Xiaoqing recovering, he smiled and said, "Your martial arts realm has reached the divine beast realm. Although your martial arts strength is not strong, you may be able to make alchemy."

"Right now the family is recruiting troops and preparing for war. Every time you refine one more pill, the chances of the family winning will increase."

Jin Zhizhi doesn't expect Xiaoqing to go to the battlefield, she is not good at fighting.

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