The Sovereign's Ascension - Chapter 1115 - The Storm Had Never Left

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Chapter 1115 - The Storm Had Never Left

Looking at Lil’ Purple bawling her eyes out, Lin Yun wanted to be sympathetic, but he just couldn’t stop smiling. In the end, he wore a gentle smile and said, “Alright, stop crying. I’ll wash it off for you.”

“Wuuuu! This empress doesn’t want to wash! You actually asked who the hell I am! Wuuuu! I want to die right now!” Lil’ Purple cried even more upon hearing Lin Yun’s words and started kicking her legs on the ground in a tantrum.

Lin Yun smiled and picked Lil’ Purple up. Initially, he thought she would struggle, but she actually calmed down the moment he picked her up. Now, she was only sobbing. Where is her dignity as an empress?

It seemed like Lil’ Purple cried so hard earlier because she wanted Lin Yun to pick her up. It was so cute that Lin Yun had to smile. How is she an empress? She’s like a little princess. Soon, they arrived at a river where Lin Yun began wiping off the freckles from her face.

“Why are you still smiling!” Lil’ Purple glared and puffed her cheeks angrily.

“Alright, alright. I won’t laugh at you anymore.” Lin Yun tried not to smile and continued to wipe her face.

“You’re lying! You’re still smiling!” Lil’ Purple said with tears welling up in her eyes.

In the end, Lin Yun finally couldn’t hold back anymore and laughed, “Alright, I’m still laughing. Hahaha! Empress, what the hell happened to you?”

Lil’ Purple instantly put on a distressed face and it looked like she wanted to jump into the lake. She began to sob, “This emperor doesn’t want to live anymore! Don’t stop me, this empress wants to jump the lake!”

“But I’m not stopping you.” Lin Yun chuckled.

When Lil’ purple heard that, her sobbing stopped briefly before she bawled again.

“Don’t cry. Your makeup will smudge if you do,” comforted Lin Yun.

When Lil’ Purple heard that, she cried even more and it took Lin Yun a long time to calm her down.

“That demoness said that I’m too adorable, and baddies will come after me. So she said that I’ll have to put on makeup in the future and dress ugly if I want to go out. Furthermore, she even wanted to teach this empress how to cultivate!” Lil’ Purple puffed her cheeks up and started waving her hands around, “I was born before heaven and I won’t die even if heaven is destroyed. Even the divine dragon has to bow before me. Why do I need her to teach me?! I couldn’t take it lying down and mocked her for it.”

“So what happened then?” Lin Yun asked.

“Then that demoness smacked this empress, saying that I’ll be beaten if I’m not obedient in the future,” said Lil’ Purple softly.

“Where did she smack you?” asked Lin Yun.

“My palm!” Lil’ Purple stretched her hand out and said pitifully, “Look, my palm is all swollen!”

When Lin Yun looked at her hand, it wasn’t as bad as she claimed. There wasn’t even a mark. Ye Ziling probably went easy on her and only smacked her hard enough to feel pain. Furthermore, Lin Yun didn’t think that there was anything wrong with the smack. After all, disobedient kids needed discipline.

As for her makeup, it was understandable. After all, who knew what demonic cultivators would do, not to mention what they would do to someone like Lil’ Purple. If she didn’t have the ability to protect herself, she would be kidnapped if she went out.

“It was hard for me to get away from her. Not only were you not concerned about this empress, but you even called this empress a monster!” Lil’ Purple said pitifully.

“Alright, alright. It’s my fault.” Lin Yun apologized as he continued to wipe the makeup off her face. After a half day, he finally finished wiping her clean.

After he was done, Lil’ Purple looked at her own reflection in the lake for a long time before revealing a smile. But when she looked at her clothes, she pouted her lips again. “I want to change my clothes!”

Lil’ Purple disappeared into the sword box for a long time and when she came out, she was wearing a snow-white dress and a small bracelet with a bell on her wrist. She was back to her adorable little self. Then, she snorted and turned to look at Lin Yun, “Hmph. Lin Yun, comb my hair for me.”

“You look pretty good this way,” smiled Lin Yun with his eyes narrowed.

“No! I want my braids back!” Lil’ Purple seems to be pretty obsessed with her braids, so Lin Yun agreed. Lil’ Purple’s face was full of smiles after Lin Yun agreed. Then, she took out a mirror and gave it to Lil’ Red to hold. Once she was all settled, she sat down and Lin Yun started to comb her hair.

However, Lil’ Purple wasn’t very satisfied with Lin Yun’s method and commented on it occasionally. Lin Yun patiently smiled and kept working. He had a feeling that the braids held a very important meaning to Lil’ Purple.

A while later, Lil’ Purple glanced at Lin Yun and noticed that his tone became a lot gentler. So she suddenly spoke up, “Lin Yun, come and be this empress’ servant!”

Tying the braids for her, Lin Yun smiled, “What’s the benefit of me being your servant?”

“I can bring you along while I fly!” Lil’ Purple suddenly yelled.

Hearing that, Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling, but he remained silent.

“You don’t believe me? When this empress finds her body, I will be able to fly very quickly!” Lil’ Purple exclaimed when she saw the disbelief on Lin Yun’s face.

“But you’re a kid. It sounds weird for me to ride you,” smiled Lin Yun.

“Who says that you’ll ride me! I can grab you with my claws and you can just dangle underneath me!” Lil’ Purple said.

Hearing that, Lin Yun began to imagine an ice phoenix grabbing his shoulder while he dangled under the phoenix’s claws.

“A-a-actually, I can consider letting you ride on me if this empress is in a good mood,” said Lil’ Purple with a lowered voice.

“Forget about it,” smiled Lin Yun.

“Don’t! This empress can fly very quickly. I can even take you to the border of the world! The scenery there is beautiful. I can even take you to see the stars, including the legendary spring in the sun…” Lil’ Purple began to ramble incessantly as if she had been there before.

“Alright, stop moving. We’re almost done,” said Lin Yun while he tied her braids for her.

“Okay.” Lil’ Purple nodded her head obediently.

Soon enough, Lil’ Purple had her braids back. She had Lil’ Red raise the mirror higher and looked at her braids before she chuckled, “Hehe, this empress is really adorable.”

When she was done, she took the mirror and ran away with Lil’ Red.

“Where are you going? What happens if you get bullied…” Lin Yun quickly called out to her.

“Hmph! Who dares to bully this empress? I’ll give them a taste of my divine breath and burn them to ashes!” Lil’ Purple said while she hugged Lil’ Red.

Seeing this, Lin Yun sighed inwardly because she had clearly forgotten about her experience over the last few days. Then again, he wasn’t worried for her safety with Lil’ Red around. Lil’ Red respected Lil’ Purple the most aside from Lin Yun and was pretty obedient to her. Seeing this scene, Lin Yun couldn’t help muttering that Lil’ Red was close to betraying him.

After they left, Lin Yun started practicing the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords in the courtyard. He had already reached complete mastery in the ninth sword and was working on reaching the manifestation stage. He wanted to combine his intent and movement techniques perfectly. So he was practicing the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords while using the Golden Crow Nine Transformations.

After a while, he noticed that he had a visitor. The visitor was Wang Yuruo, but Lin Yun didn’t stop his practice to greet her. Just like that, his figure began to flash around in the courtyard while cloud intent enveloping his sword. When he was done, he sheathed his sword and looked at Wang Yuruo with a smile, “Why are you here? Aren’t you afraid that your senior sister will reprimand you?”

Hearing that, Wang Yuruo smiled, “Senior sister went out, and she will take some time because she wants to make an attempt on the Empyrean Ranking. Speaking of which, she’s only able to challenge the ranking because of the improvements she made from the Sword Saint Mountain bell chime. Technically, it’s all thanks to you.”

“Empyrean Ranking?” Lin Yun asked.

“It’s the Empyrean Ranking for the Eastern Desolation. Only the top 100,000 will make it in the ranking, and those whose names are reflected on the ranking are all geniuses,” explained Wang Yuruo.

“How many people are on the ranking from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect?” Lin Yun asked.

“Just senior sister. No one else is strong enough to make it on the ranking. Senior sister wants to make it into the top 10,000 this time, but it will probably be difficult for her to do that,” said Wang Yuruo.

When Lin Yun heard that, he couldn’t help locking his brows together. He was baffled that Ye Ziling couldn’t make it into the top ten thousand even with her strength. Then again, there were countless geniuses in Eastern Desolation, and the Profound Azure Manor was nothing special.

If the ranking didn’t have an age limit, old geezers who had been in the Empyrean Realm for a long time were probably on the ranking too. They would naturally be really strong. If that were the case, it would be surprising if Ye Ziling could make it into the top 10,000.

“Are you here to ask me to teach you how to fight?” Lin Yun smiled after recollecting his thoughts.

“Yeah.” Wang Yuruo nodded her head.

“How old are you this year?” asked Lin Yun.

“Seventeen years old,” replied Wang Yuruo.

“You’re really young.” Lin Yun pondered briefly. Then again, it was terrifying that she was in the Empyrean Realm at the age of seventeen.

“I’ll be eighteen soon. How am I young…” Wang Yuruo then thought of something before she puffed out her chest with her face blushing. She was young, but she had a well-developed figure. When Lin Yun saw this scene, he couldn’t help smiling bitterly as he wondered what the hell was going through her brain.

“I’ll teach you the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords then. How many swords have you mastered?” Lin Yun asked. He ignored the look of surprise on her face and began to perform the first nine swords of the sword technique.

Since he had already reached complete mastery of the nine swords, he could naturally teach them to others. So even if Wang Yuruo had obtained the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords elsewhere, it might be faster if Lin Yun taught her.

When Wang Yuruo was done learning, she was baffled why Lin Yun taught her the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords so casually. But Lin Yun didn’t know what was in her mind and smiled, “Not bad. You can come back three days from now and we’ll spar with this sword technique to build your killing aura.”

“Oh, right. Is there a lady dressed in white in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect? Do you know what movement technique she uses?” Lin Yun suddenly asked, recalling his encounter last night.

Upon hearing that, Wang Yuruo’s eyes lit up, and she replied, “There is. She’s Senior Sister Luo. She came to the sect three months ago, but she’s rarely seen around because all she does is stay in her own residence. She has a mysterious identity, and I heard from Senior Sister Ye that she came from a saint clan from the Ancient Barren Domain. She came here for the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords, but Senior Sister Ye doesn’t like her. Oh, right! She showed up back then when you ascended the Sword Saint Mountain.”

A saint clan from the Ancient Barren Domain? It seemed like the lady had a huge origin, but Lin Yun stopped thinking about it to remember the secrets of Sword Saint Mountain.

Just like that, Lin Yun spent every day practicing his sword technique. Then, he would play his flute at night. Occasionally, he would even teach Wang Yuruo how to fight. And gradually, he became familiar with the lady in white and enjoyed wine with her.

His life was peaceful since he didn’t kill anyone like he did on the Heavenly Path. During this period, Lin Yun also refined all the spiritual energy he had absorbed from Sword Saint Mountain. It was so much spiritual energy that he was forced to reach the seventh soul Heavenly Soul Realm. For his tribulation, he exhausted nearly 10,000 Divine Astral Pellets and many treasures.

But even so, Lin Yun could only plant two additional Demonic Astral Flowers in each of his aura oceans. So he had six Demonic Astral Flowers in each of his aura oceans. In terms of origin energy alone, he wasn’t any inferior to some of the geniuses who had just reached the Empyrean Realm.

According to Lil’ Purple, he had to undergo another tribulation before the Empyrean Realm if he wanted to reach the limit to plant seven Demonic Astral Flowers in each of his aura oceans. Then again, he could also choose to give up on that tribulation and make a breakthrough to the Empyrean Realm.

Aside from the boost in his cultivation, Lin Yun also brought the nine swords to the manifestation stage and became even more proficient in wielding the flute as his sword. He could now execute the Dustlight Sword Art, Thunderclap Sword Art, and Overlord Sword through music.

The current Lin Yun was a lot stronger than when he was in the final battle. If he fought the Imperial Feather Realm Son again, he was confident that he could make the latter beg for his life in just one exchange.

Just like that, one month had passed in the blink of an eye. The entire Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect was peaceful these days and Lin Yun didn’t have to worry about being ready to fight at any moment. It was completely different from the Heavenly Path. So his heart and killing aura became a lot calmer.

However, just when things were getting too peaceful, he received a message from the sect master to head towards the Main Palace. He was long prepared for it because he knew that the old geezer wouldn’t let him spend his days peacefully.

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