The Most Generous Master Ever - Chapter 790 : Yo Yo Lu Ming

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【Ten-thousand-fold repayment for apprenticeship, never hide private things for a teacher】【】

"Senior Sister!"

This sudden change caught everyone present by surprise.

Ye Qingxuan and Ling Tian, ​​who just broke into here, looked at Mingyue who was involved, completely panicking.

They sprinted over with all their strength, trying to pull the two back, but it was too late, so they were all in vain.

There was a swishing sound, blue light shone on the entire altar, and the entrance to the mysterious secret realm was opened.

No one knew what was inside, the moment the entrance opened, Ye Qiu and Ming Yue were directly swept in.

What kind of unknown danger is hidden in that mysterious secret realm, waiting for them, no one knows.


With a heart-piercing roar, Ye Qingxuan couldn't believe that Ye Qiu and Mingyue were just involved.

He was already in a state of full explosion, but he still couldn't hold these two people back.

Holding his head, Ye Qingxuan fell into a burst of self-blame. If the two of them were really in danger, how would he explain to the Great Elder after returning.

He blamed himself and felt pain in his heart. The senior sister had saved them in distress many times, but he couldn't help them once.

The scene was very chaotic. The moment Ye Qiu and Mingyue were involved, the blue vortex intensified again. Under the strong light, many people's bodies began to be unrestricted.

"It's not suitable to stay here for a long time, everyone leave here first."

Fuze said, even he couldn't handle a vortex storm of this level, let alone other people.

If you don't leave, I'm afraid even they will be involved.

In desperation, everyone had no choice but to leave, leaving only Ye Qingxuan and Ling Tian standing where they were.


Angrily slapping the stone wall beside him, Ling Tian cursed loudly. He just watched Mingyue being sucked in, feeling angry at his own incompetence.

"Ye Qingxuan, don't be dazed! Hurry up..."

Despite the indignation in his heart, Ling Tian still maintained his rationality. Seeing the vortex in front of him getting stronger, he scolded Ye Qingxuan in the distance, and prepared to leave here.

Ye Qingxuan raised his head, stared at him, did not speak, and slowly stood up.

With reluctance, the two slowly withdrew from the altar.

There were all kinds of feelings in my heart, and I didn't know how to face the Great Elder after I went back, and I felt a pain in my heart.

At this very moment...

In the dark secret realm, Ye Qiu's consciousness was blurred, and in the turbulent current, he was constantly hit by the storm.

Somewhere, he felt a warm embrace, tightly hugging himself, resisting the violent shocks again and again.

The two were so dependent on each other, and were brought into a mysterious secret realm by this storm.

It was an incomparably pitch-black forest, the trees were glazed trees, and the thousands of miles of glaciers covered the whole world, and the icy cold kept coming, making people tremble unconsciously.

In a coma, Ye Qiu seemed to have fallen into a dream.

Suddenly... In the black forest, there was a deer cry, the sound was long and long, like the sound of the road, awakening the two of them.

"Where is this?"

Ye Qiu woke up again, opened his eyes, looked at the world in front of him blankly, full of curiosity.

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【Ten-thousand-fold repayment for apprenticeship, never hide private things for a teacher】【】

However, he didn't get any response to his question. When he raised his head, he found that the little senior sister in his arms had passed out.

With her body, she resisted the impact of the storm again and again, and she has fainted at this moment.

Looking at her pale and suffocatingly beautiful face, Ye Qiu's heart trembled, feeling inexplicably distressed.

"Senior Sister!"

Tried to call out softly, but Mingyue did not wake up for a long time. Ye Qiu briefly checked her injuries.

It was found that her body was pierced by a strange dark substance in the vortex storm just now, and her white clothes were stained red with blood, which was very miserable.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qiu panicked, got up quickly, laid her flat on the ground, and began to heal her.

Ye Qiu himself didn't expect that in the chaotic situation just now, Mingyue would suddenly break in and use her body to resist all the damage for him.

There was a burst of self-blame in his heart, he owed too much to Mingyue, how should he pay it back.

The storm of the level before, not to mention Ye Qiu, a powerful person with a sacred fire, even a strong person above the sacrificial way, may not be able to withstand it.

The high pressure throughout the whole process was all because the small tower behind Mingyue was protecting it with all its strength, otherwise the two of them would have died on the spot at this moment.

However, the small tower's immortal power was limited, and after resisting the storm, its immortal power was exhausted, and it had already fallen into a deep sleep.

Just lying peacefully beside Mingyue, it lost its original luster and became pitch black.

Ye Qiu picked it up calmly, and placed it beside Mingyue steadily, feeling very grateful in his heart.

He took out a few soul-reviving pills from his bosom and fed them directly to Mingyue. Compared to what he owed, these few soul-reviving pills were not enough to repay, and Ye Qiu was not stingy about it.

After eating a few Resurrection Pills, Mingyue's complexion gradually improved, from pale to ruddy, and the wounds on her body were also slowly healing.


A soft groan of pain came, and Mingyue's weak body got a little recovery, tossing and waking up, and slowly opened her eyes.

"Senior sister, are you okay?"

Seeing her wake up, a smile finally appeared on Ye Qiu's face, and he asked hastily.

And the first time Mingyue woke up, she saw Ye Qiu who was safe and sound, she was also relieved, and nodded.

Weakly said: "I'm fine..."

Looking around, many years of habit made her to determine whether the environment she was in was safe the first time she woke up.

In doubt, she looked around coldly, looking at the land frozen by glaciers, and those glazed trees without just quietly growing there.

"Where is this?"

Ye Qiu didn't know where it was, so he shook his head and said, "I don't know... We seem to have been drawn into a mysterious secret realm. Here, our immortal power seems to be restricted."

Mingyue tried to mobilize the celestial power in her body, but found that, as Ye Qiu said, she couldn't mobilize any power at all.

After several attempts, Mingyue finally gave up helplessly, and after a short adjustment, her body finally got used to the suppression and recovered.

It's just that the wound that was pierced before is still painful at this moment, and it looks very miserable, which makes people feel very distressed.

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【Ten-thousand-fold repayment for apprenticeship, never hide private things for a teacher】【】

The quiet surroundings made people a little unnatural, just when the two of them didn't know what to do.

In the forest, the sound of deer croaking came again, the sound was hollow and long-lasting.


Mingyue frowned. How could there be deer singing here? Could it be that there are other creatures growing here in this place where the birds don't shit?

Just when they were wondering, a colorful Xianlu appeared in the sight of the two of them.

The fairy foot exudes colorful light, and wherever it passes, it leaves a rainbow imprint, which is very beautiful.

It is very appropriate to completely integrate with this four-square world.



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