The Most Generous Master Ever - Chapter 789 : Mystery

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Just do it!

In theory, this method is very feasible, and it can be foolproof.

Looking back at the twisted void, Ye Qiu could feel that the battle outside was very fierce.

He must end all this in the shortest possible time, and then leave here without anyone noticing.

"Shenying! Open..."

Immediately, Ye Qiu let out a cold snort, and in an instant...the light and shadow behind him gradually revealed his real body, and a replica of Ye Qiu just appeared.

Without any hesitation, Ye Qiu directly manipulated the opponent into the altar, ready to take the treasure bone.

Groping in the dark is very dangerous, Ye Qiu has to be on guard all the time, someone will break into here suddenly.

The moment Shenying stepped into the altar, the runes of the secret realm under his feet began to flow, glowing with a faint blue light.

In the air, there seemed to be an ancient mourning song, the sound was long, empty, and vicissitudes.

"What song is this?"

Ye Qiu settled down and listened carefully, the corners of his eyes unconsciously sore, feeling an inexplicable heartache.

This sound, like the cry of the sky, the mourning of all creatures, is miserable and desolate.

It seems to be the desperate wailing of life's ruthlessness towards the way of heaven in the dark and endless chaotic years.

I stretched out my hand, trying to catch the notes of the past, but it was broken at the touch of my hand, leaving nothing behind.

As the **** shadow clones gradually approached the center of the altar, the mournful singing and crying became more and more intense, and the blue rune marks illuminated the entire altar.

Scenes of miserable scenes began to appear in Ye Qiu's sight.

He saw a fiery red real phoenix fighting against fate, and he wailed in despair, as if to vent his unwillingness.

Trapped to death in the cage of the Nine Nether Lands, in the dark, tens of thousands of years have passed, and finally burned by the fire of the Nine Nethers, leaving only a dry bone.


It was a sad scene, Ye Qiu saw that scene, his face became extremely pale.

"The cage! The cage..."

In the dark, Ye Qiu suddenly remembered the two words that Emperor Zhenwu kept saying back then.


Get out of this cage.

Perhaps, the so-called longevity robbery is also related to these two words?

Ye Qiu roughly had a guess in his mind, but it hadn't been confirmed yet.

Everything went very smoothly, Shenying successfully took off the treasure bone, and the moment the treasure bone was obtained, Ye Qiu immediately recalled Shenying.

At this time...

"The treasure bone is mine!"

There was an angry shout in the darkness, and Ye Qiu came back to his senses in an instant, only to see Xun coming from the darkness with an ice thorn in his hand.

The icy cold air instantly covered the entire altar, and the killing intent burst out instantly.

The extreme cold air made it difficult for the frozen person to breathe. Ye Qiu stared at him coldly, and had no time to react, so he could only reach out to grab it.

In an instant, there was severe pain, and Ye Qiu's hand was cut, almost piercing through his whole body, but he still held onto it firmly.

Seeing the blood dripping, Ye Qiu's heart trembled, and he felt a chill down his back.

"Sharp ice spikes!"

One must know that at this moment, Ye Qiu's physical body has been cultivated to the extreme, yet he was easily pierced by the opponent's ice thorns.

This is no ordinary weapon!

If he had reacted a little slower just now, the ice thorn would have pierced his body directly.


The stabbing pain came, and this long-lost feeling made Ye Qiu fly into a rage. In an instant, he was so angry that he slapped Xun directly with his palm, and with a face-to-face, he sent Xun flying away and smashed heavily on the altar.


Immediately spit out a mouthful of blood, and Xun was seriously injured. He didn't expect Ye Qiu to form a counterattack so quickly after being injured, and he didn't react.

Looking at Xuan who fell in the altar, Ye Qiu's murderous intentions were already aroused. When he unintentionally helped Ye Qiu ignite the divine fire, Ye Qiu had already spared his life.

Up to now, the two had never owed each other, but now that his sneak attack almost cost Ye Qiu's life, it's no wonder Ye Qiu is ruthless.

Heaven is merciless! In this era of hundreds of battles, the competition for the fairy road itself is very cruel, and whoever has made it to this point has not crawled from the sea of ​​corpses and blood of tens of thousands of people.

Since the other party wants to kill him, Ye Qiu will not show mercy.

Immediately, a fairy sword suddenly appeared in his hand, and Ye Qiu was already ready to kill.

And Xuan also felt Ye Qiu's killing intent, his heart trembled, his eyes were like torches, and his will to fight had reached its peak.


Without any hesitation, at the moment Tianxie appeared, Ye Qiu directly slashed away with his sword.


Xuan reacted very quickly, the moment the sword qi slashed, he tore through the space and shuttled away.

The next second, he appeared from another space, watching his wonderful performance, Ye Qiu was expressionless.

He had forgotten that this guy was also a king in the space field, and like him, after entering the time tunnel, he turned a blind eye and traveled freely.

That's why he's here.

"Hmph... fancy!"

With a cold snort, Ye Qiu's killing intent surged again, his body trembled slightly, and in an instant, the space of the four directions was instantly imprisoned.

At this moment, Tun finally revealed a terrified gaze, as if in this field, Ye Qiu was the real king.

Because he has a life ring that controls the world, and the mysteries of space contained in it are even more endless.

The technique of Nine Nether Witches has already taken root in Ye Qiu's body, Ye Qiu has already mastered five of the ten fierce treasures, and there is still one precious bone of the real phoenix that has not had time to practice.

Although Zhen's strength was similar to Ye Qiu's, how could he compete with Ye Qiu?

"go to hell!"

Immediately there was another sword strike, Ye Qiu had no intention of entangled with him any more, and cut off instantly with one sword strike, this time, there was nowhere for Xun to hide.

There is only a frontal resistance.

I saw the icicles in his hand exert their strength suddenly, and an incomparably terrifying icy air erupted instantly.

"Break it!"

Amidst the heart-piercing roar, Xun had already done his best, without any reservations.

The two powerful forces collided in an instant, and in an instant... that dark altar, as if stimulated by something, suddenly burst into intense blue light.

"not good!"

Ye Qiu's expression changed in an instant. He knew very well the horror of this altar. This is the altar where Zhenfeng was detained. If he was trapped by it, he would be trapped here for the rest of his life.

"Damn boy! You're lucky this time."

Without any hesitation, Ye Qiu didn't want to overturn the car here, since he had already obtained the True Phoenix Art, there was no need to continue wasting it here.

Immediately, Ye Qiu wanted to tear apart the void and shuttle away, when suddenly... from the bottom of the altar, a door suddenly opened.

In an instant, several green vines gushed out from the gap, wrapping Ye Qiu and Xuan at the same time.


This sudden scene directly caused Ye Qiu to break through his defenses. Tian Xie tried his best to cut through the ivy, and was dragged into the mysterious secret realm of nothingness and At this moment, Ye Qiu panicked! He didn't know what strange things were at the bottom of the altar, and he didn't want to just be pulled into it.

But he struggled desperately, but he couldn't break free from the shackles of the ivy.

Tzu was also pulled in.

The moment the two of them were pulled in, Ye Qiu's consciousness was blurred. In the dark, he seemed to see that twisted void being opened up, and countless people poured into it.

The first person to enter here was a woman in white clothes. The moment she appeared, she grabbed Ye Qiu with one hand and wanted to pull him back.

But Qingteng's power was too strong, not only did she not pull Ye Qiu back, but she was even pulled in with her.

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