The Earth People are so Fierce (Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!) - Chapter 1690 Blocked space!

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Chapter 1690 Shielded space!

Accompanied by the loud noise, the ground beneath Lu Siya's feet disappeared abruptly.

That's right, it's "disappearing".

It was as if there was an invisible apocalyptic beast that opened its **** mouth and devoured the ground within a radius of three to five meters!

Roads stripped from the ground reveal empty underground spaces.

And right in front of Lu Siya's feet, there was a giant genetically modulated sandworm dormant, with its mouthparts split into seven or eight petals and covered with fangs!

Affected by gravity, Lu Siya, who was caught off guard, immediately fell towards the mouthpart opened by the giant sand worm hole.

And this giant sandworm with a diameter of more than three meters and covered with artificial neural implants and mind control coils rushed towards Lu Siya's feet.

The thousands of fangs in this beast's mouth, driven by the violent tremors of the muscles, are like a meat grinder running to the limit, and it seems that Lu Siya's straight, slender legs, including the belt bones, will be torn to shreds!

At the critical moment, Lu Siya's eyes flashed brightly, and the corners of her mouth evoked a sharp arc.

She didn't even twitch her eyelashes, and the reinforced concrete around the hollow under her feet seemed to have been given life and turned into a living thing.

Three or four sections of reinforced concrete turned into sharp thorns, like the fangs of a rock dragon, piercing through the giant sandworms dormant in the ground, and nailed the giant sandworms to her feet at once.

No matter how the beast struggled and made a harsh whistle, under the restraint of the criss-crossing ground thorns, he could no longer squirm for half a step.

The other few sections of reinforced concrete turned into a step-by-step staircase, allowing Lu Siya's toes to lightly tap on it, gaining strong support and rebounding power, and soaring into the air like a falcon.

— Lu Siya was originally one of the top prospectors in Longcheng. Manipulating rocks, soil, gravel, and even reinforced concrete was her specialty. The mere underground traps naturally couldn’t trap her.

However, just because she was delayed by the underground trap for two or three seconds, the ghost assassins lying in ambush had already set up their formations, from the high altitude, the ground and the underground, three different levels, and rushed towards Lu Siya at the same time.

"Buzz buzz!"

There was a dull vibration in Meng Chao's ear.

His brain seemed to be shaking with this strange sound, which made him faintly vomit.

Looking at the streets and alleys in front of them, the leaking smoke and the diffused dust shrouded them, making them more hazy, blurred, and blurred. The air even produced overlapping, long-lasting ripples like water waves.

No, not just because of smoke and dust.

There is something shrouding the outside of this space, making the poor street in front of him and the monster market behind him become farther and farther away, as if they are in two worlds.

Meng Chao tried to inject psychic energy into the ear canal, infiltrating the cochlea, tympanic membrane and auditory nerve, and improving the hearing ten times of the normal state.

He used to monitor the loud voices in the monster market, and he felt that the volume was several series lower, and it seemed distant and confused, as if someone had stuffed cotton in his ears.

"Space barrier!"

Meng Chao's thoughts turned, and he immediately thought of a new technology that was being developed by various forces when he left Longcheng.

The so-called "space barrier" is also called "space shield".

As the name implies, it is to find a way to separate a certain space from the main space to achieve the effect of hiding oneself or dodging enemy attacks.

On Earth, space is naturally as indivisible as time.

But in the other world where space is extremely unstable, space gaps and space channels can be seen everywhere, as long as you can grasp the principle of space gap generation, or have a way to seal and transfer a certain space gap, it is possible to refine the broken space into energy A weapon against all attacks.

Meng Chao remembered that when he was still in the Institute of Relics as a gold medal researcher and participated in the "Teleportation Array Project", he conducted explorations in related fields.

To put it bluntly, space barrier technology and planetary surface short-distance transmission technology have the same purpose.

Because it does not involve the issue of human body transmission, the former is relatively easier to implement.

Now it seems that in the year that Meng Chao left Longcheng, Leiyun Technology has come a long way in the research of space barriers.

These ghost assassins should have some kind of device installed around them. After activation, they can generate an extremely special space position. To some extent, the space of dozens of meters around Lu Siya is isolated from the outside world, at least partially shielded. .

In this way, no matter how much movement they make inside, they will not be noticed by the outside world for the time being.

"No wonder, Yunfei Dian is full of confidence and dares to arrest Lu Siya in the downtown area, but she is not worried about being noticed by the Azure Alliance or the general public.

"With this kind of 'space barrier generator', he can use a powerful killer in this shielded space unscrupulously!"

Sure enough, this thought flashed through Meng Chao's mind just now.

In his ears, a dozen dull explosions came again.

- This is a sound that is enough to make both the heavenly powerhouse and the **** beasts horrified, their hearts speed up, and their pupils shrink to the limit.

This is the sound of an ultra-heavy anti-equipment sniper rifle firing spar bullets continuously!

Swish swish!

More than a dozen colorful beams flashed past Meng Chao's hiding place, drawing ever-changing arcs in the void, and at the same time shooting at Lu Siya's vital points from more than a dozen different angles.

And these multicolored beams are just the marks left after the spar bullets tore the air and rubbed the dust floating in the air at high speed and burned.

In other words, when Meng Chao saw these beams, the real spar bullet had already reached Lu Siya's key point!

At the moment of life and death, Lu Siya finally showed amazing strength.

I saw layers of ripples all over her body instantly, as if in this torn space, a smaller, but more secretive space was torn open again.

In this small space, her figure split instantly, turning into a vague and elusive phantom.

Several spar bullets seem to have pierced through her body, but in fact, they are just torn phantoms one after another.

However, Yunfeidian's well-designed traps are obviously more than that simple.

Just when Meng Chao thought that Lu Siya had dodged all the spar bullets.

These spar bullets, which seemed to have entered the end of the flight track, and whose direction and lethality could no longer be changed, all burst apart, and innumerable single crystal nanowires were ejected from the inside of the warhead!

Countless nanowires were entangled together, and the dozen or so spar bullets that brushed past Lu Siya suddenly turned into a huge net that enveloped her!


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