Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 70 Preparation for Ascension and the Tarot Society

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Latest URL: The day of the longest night every year is the birthday of the "Goddess of the Night", commonly known as Winter Ritual Day.

On this day, all believers in the night will go to the nearby church to witness the sun setting and the night comes, and then participate in the mass, enjoy the communion, listen to the choir singing, and do various activities.

1350 was a heavy year for the night believers in Loen. The fierce war and the increase in prices made them lose their good mood at the same time. The church will be distributing food vouchers and movie tickets for a new movie premiering in the open air at Ossys Square in the Jorwood district in a few days under the sponsorship of the Film and Television Charity Foundation.

The former allows those who receive them to get the corresponding items at any relief point, any church, while the latter can get a seat in the premiere square... This is for Baekeland, who has not had "entertainment" activities for a long time It is already a very good New Year gift for German residents.

Saint Samuel's Church, inside the Great Prayer Hall.

Audrey was wearing a black cloak and carrying Susie, a big golden retriever dog with a small leather bag, walking towards her seat with a clean face.

In the end, she did not choose to invite the family members, relatives, and friends of the dead and wounded in the war on the Winter Ritual Day, and use their emotional resonance to meet the requirements of the ceremony. Instead, she communicated with Mr. Promoted to "Operator" at the screening.

"Audrey, you are so hypocritical... Taking advantage of the grief of the families of the dead and injured is not fundamentally different from taking advantage of the emotional outbursts of moviegoers... You choose the latter because you want to get rid of the guilt and pain in your heart Let "Mr. Tower carry it?"

Audrey, who was constantly analyzing her heart, closed her eyes, but when she opened them again, she had returned to normal.

In the corridor leading to her location, many nobles extended friendly hands to her, hoping to help this beautiful and noble but weak girl pass through crowded places and obstacles, but these were all blocked by Earl Hall. blocked.

He let his eldest son, Hibbert, be in charge of his younger daughter, and he walked ahead with his wife on his arm, turning around from time to time to look at the most dazzling gem in Backlund.

Not long after their family arrived at their seats, the Archbishop of the Backlund Diocese of the Church of the Evernight, Saint Anthony Stevenson, walked onto the podium wearing a robe with red stripes on a black background.

He looked around, raised his right hand, and tapped clockwise four times on his chest: "Praise the goddess!"

When the believers below responded, the holy man said in a low voice that everyone could hear: "Today is the celebration of the night, but the goddess responded with mercy.

"He has compassion for every mother who has lost a child, for every lonely child, for every human being who suffers greatly.

"He said that all this will end, and all this suffering will return to silence and sleep."

Will it all come to an end, and to silence and sleep? At the bottom of the church, at the gate of Chanis Gate, ready to enter the Kingdom of the Night again by stroking "0-17", and using it as a transfer to go to the depths of "Calderon City", Abner stood quietly for a while, and then Silently said to himself:

"May all suffering end in 1351!"

The "Future" docked somewhere along the long coastline of Loen.

"Queen of the Stars" Cattleya held a suitcase in her hand, and said to Jane Grant and Nina, the boatswain: "I will stay in Loen for a while, you have to watch Frank and don't let him act strangely." experiment." Hearing the captain's order, Nina curled her lips, pointed out the window and said:

"Is there anything strange about Frank's experiment?"

.. Cattleya couldn't refute for a while, so she could only sigh and said: "If there are signs of danger, write to me immediately."

"Okay." Nina puffed her chest out, "Who told me to be the most mature and stable one on the Future?"

Hearing these words, Jane looked sideways for a while. She glanced at Nina's chest, then at her own. She withdrew her gaze uncomfortably, then forcibly diverted her attention, and asked curiously:

"Captain, what did you do in Loen? What mission did you take? Are you going to destroy the enemy's rear?"


Ya is considered half an Intis man, so in the recent war, he would naturally have some inclinations, so the crew guessed whether the captain had established contact with Intis' intelligence department.

"No!" "Queen of Stars" Cattleya replied in a very strict tone.

Could she say that she went to Mr. "Tower" and asked him to help her complete the promotion ceremony of "Sequence 3"?

The time soon came to Monday again, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in the ancient palace above the gray fog.

As the crimson starlight shot up, figures formed on both sides of the long bronze table.

"Justice" Audrey raised her skirt, and as always, led all the members of the Tarot Society to salute to the top of the long bronze table:

"Good afternoon, Mister Fool~"

"The Fool" Klein nodded slightly as a response. After everyone greeted each other, he took a look at the "Tower", tapped the edge of the ancient long table with his fingers, and said with a low smile:

"I want to issue a mission."

Task? "Justice" Audrey's ears moved slightly, and her eyes widened.

In her impression, "The Fool" hasn't personally issued a mission for a long time...but each of his missions may involve high-level existence, even if it looks simple on the surface, it must have a deep meaning, so Ao Dai Li was surprised, expected and apprehensive.

Although "The Hanged Man" and "The Hermit" seem to have no changes, they are actually extremely nervous. They have similar ideas to Miss "Justice", only thinking that something big will happen in this ~The "sun", "moon" and "stars" don't think so much, one is ignorant, one doesn't care much, and the other, as a "red glove", regards receiving tasks as a relatively normal thing.

Seeing that "Justice" and the others did not speak, Klein announced the task with a smile:

"I need you to provide as much information as possible about the Lordless Kingdom of God, or the prototype of the Kingdom of God... I will give you corresponding rewards depending on the results, such as potion formulas, such as answering some questions...

The real client of this task is actually Abner, so Klein is not at all afraid that he will not be able to pay the corresponding reward, anyway, there will be a "tower" to pay the bill.

Speaking of which, after Klein knew that the declining "Kingdom of God" might cause loopholes in the "seal" or "barrier", he was also very concerned about this matter, so he issued the mission in the name of "The Fool".

The Kingdom of God Without a Lord...Since "No Lord", it means that the corresponding gods of the Kingdom of God have fallen or disappeared... Mr. "Fool" needs their information, is he trying to seize the authority of the Lord, so as to further recover? "The Hanged Man" Alger and "The Hermit" Cattleya had similar speculations at the same time.

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