Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start - Chapter 428 Angry Li Fuqing!

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Lord of the People: Start Recruiting Mutated Succubus Chapter 428 Angry Li Fuqing!

On Li Fuqing's side, he was still commanding the surrounding invading lords and units to besiege the new lords and units of the Cherry Blossom Alliance below.

A large number of invading lords and troops surrounded the new lords and troops of the Cherry Blossom Alliance below, and they continued to crush and attack.

Under the constant siege of the invading lords and arms, many of the new lords and arms of the Cherry Blossom Alliance below were unable to support them and fell directly into a pool of blood.

A large number of new lords and troops were beheaded, leaving more than half of the directly below empty, and in this case, Wang Fengyu also had a smile on his face.

This result, for him, is still very good.

As long as they work harder, these new lords and troops will be surrounded and killed by them.

This is also an alliance of the new lords. If they can be killed directly, it is also a very exciting thing for Li Fuqing.

Just when Li Fuqing was secretly complacent, an invading lord came to Li Fuqing's side in a very embarrassed way.

Seeing the embarrassed look of his confidant, Li Fuqing's brows instantly wrinkled, and his intuition told him that something might have happened to the team that attacked the city.

Sure enough, when the confidant came to Li Fuqing's side, he said directly: "Boss, it's not good, the guy who occupied our city was too powerful, and he directly killed Wang Fengyu, and our team was directly defeated. "

"I...we didn't get the job done, we escaped."

This confidant lowered his head and did not dare to raise his head. After all, this kind of thing was still very uncomfortable for him.

The mighty led a group of people to attack the new lords and troops occupying the city, but I didn't expect that it would end up like this.

Instead of counterattacking and occupying the city, it was destroyed by others, which is somewhat unacceptable!

Li Fuqing's face also became gloomy.

"It's really a bunch of trash. I gave you twice the number of troops with the other side, but you still couldn't take down the other side, and you were beaten and fled!"

Li Fuqing clenched his palm tightly, Wang Fengyu was already dead, and there was no way to hold him accountable now.

Looking at the new lords and units of the Cherry Blossom Alliance who were basically about to be wiped out below, the expression on Li Fuqing's face changed several times.

"What the **** is going on? You are twice their number of troops. Why are you being wiped out so quickly? Give me a reasonable explanation." Li Fuqing took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart.

Hearing this, the confidant did not dare to be slighted, and said directly: "Boss, it is like this. After we passed, we saw the other party occupying our city."

"After that, Wang Feng gave the order to siege the city. At the beginning, everything was relatively normal. The number of troops on the other side was not large, and we were directly suppressed in the city, and we could only rely on energy to defend against light. The cover is struggling to support.”

Li Fuqing frowned when he heard this: "Isn't this very good? How could it fail miserably?"

The confidant thought of something, and said timidly: "The turning point of the matter is a succubus arm with a long sword, and it is the arm of the leader of the other party."

"The succubus arm is of the holy rank, and its combat effectiveness is extremely high. The long sword in his hand should not be of ordinary quality, and its attack power is extremely strong. None of our arms is her opponent at all, and they have been beheaded. "

Li Fuqing frowned deeper, looked at his confidant and asked, "I remember that there are holy rank arms for you, right? There are five or six, and the other party can't stop a single ascending rank."

The confidant's throat squirmed for a while, and he said in horror: "The other party is so strong, of course we have to use holy rank troops."

"After seeing the powerful strength of this succubus arm, Wang Feng asked the three-headed holy-rank arm to fight against this succubus arm, feeling that it was enough to hold back or destroy the opponent."

"But that's not the case at all. The combat effectiveness of the opponent's succubus arm is too strong, and the three-headed holy-rank arm that Wang Fengyu dispatched in the past has no use at all."

"Three-headed holy-rank troops, under the opponent's attack, have almost no resistance at all, and soon they were killed by one, and the remaining two wanted to escape, but they were also directly destroyed by the opponent! "

Li Fuqing couldn't believe it: "Is this succubus unit so strong?"

Everyone is a holy rank, why are you so strong? Li Fuqing was still a little unbelievable.

Some of the confidants were about to cry: "We had a hard time believing it at the time, after all, it was too exaggerated, but there was no way, that's the way it is."

"The other party's succubus arm is too strong, and the holy-rank arm in front of her only lasts a little longer than the ordinary arm."

Li Fuqing gritted his teeth and said, "Then Wang Fengyu can't do anything about it? I gave him more than twice as many troops as the opponent, and the pile can kill the opponent, right?"

Listening to Li Fuqing's words, his confidant's complexion changed: "Boss, Wang Fengyu also knew the opponent's super strength at that time, so he let some defensive arms contain the super powerful succubus arm in the past, and then let the surrounding arms Crazy attacking the city, I want to attack the city first."

Li Fuqing nodded: "Yes, attack the city, if the lord of the succubus arm is caught, no matter how strong the succubus arm is, there is no way to do it, which is very good."

"What? What happened when attacking the city? The opponent's city defense is too strong?"

Listening to Li Fuqing's question, his confidant shook his head and said, "No, at the beginning, everything went very smoothly, and the other side's city began to crumble under our attack."

"As long as we can persist in the attack, I believe that it will not be long before the opponent's city can be captured."

"Isn't this very good?" Li Fuqing frowned, somewhat unclear as to what the situation was that would turn such a good situation into a rout.

The confidant said: "However, just when the opponent's city was about to be unable to support it, the combat effectiveness of our arms suddenly dropped, and then a lot of hearty arms emerged in the city, and under the rush, we were directly defeated. "

Li Fuqing raised his eyebrows and said, "The combat effectiveness of the arms suddenly dropped? How is this possible? How could the combat effectiveness of our arms suddenly drop?"

The confidant shook his head: "I don't know. It's guessed that the opponent has some special means to cause such a result. The combat effectiveness of the arms has dropped by one-third, and some even received half of it. There is no way to fight."

Li Fuqing's face became extremely gloomy. Naturally, he was very clear about how terrifying the combat effectiveness of the arms dropped by one-third, and it was even said that it had dropped by half.

But how could the other party have such a perverted method, and if there is such a method, why did the other party not use it in the first place?

Thinking of this, Li Fuqing raised his brows, looked at his confidant and asked, "How long did the decline in the combat effectiveness of our arms happen after the attack lasted?"

The confidant hesitated for a moment, then said, "It should be half an hour later, probably around this time."

Listening to the words of his confidant, Li Fuqing became concerned.

Although I don't know what the opponent's ability to weaken the combat effectiveness of the arms is, it is obvious that it takes half an hour for this ability to develop.

After thinking about how to deal with it, Li Fuqing looked at his confidant and continued to ask: "Then what? Then you were killed by the other party? Even if you can't fight, you should be able to escape, right?"

The combat power has been reduced by half, it is indeed difficult to beat the opponent again, but it will not be directly destroyed by the opponent, right?

However, he saw that the number of troops who followed this henchman back was not many.

The face of the confidant changed again, looking at Li Fuqing in front of him and said: "Boss, the escape was very smooth at first, but Wang Fengyu was caught up by the sword-wielding succubus, and the other party also had a very strong The Assassin Succubus directly killed Wang Fengyu."

"When Wang Feng died, the entire team was completely in chaos, and the opponent took the opportunity to catch up and kill a lot of them."

"Furthermore, the opponent's ability to reduce combat power is reduced in all directions, and even the movement speed can be reduced. We really have no choice. Many arms can only be slaughtered by the opponent. I was able to escape, and I was lucky. "

Listening to this confidant's words, Li Fuqing's face became more and more ugly.

He never thought that the city in his hinterland would be occupied by the opponent, and his team actually performed so poorly.

But listening to the words of his confidant, Li Fuqing also understands that it is not because Wang Fengyu is too stupid, but because the other party is too strong!

Faced with this situation, Li Fuqing hesitated for a while, and then he had a countermeasure in his heart.

"You stay here with 3,000 lords and troops, try to kill the following guys, I will bring the big army back to meet that guy in person." Li Fuqing said with an ugly face.

Although the number of troops of the other side is not many, but the strength is still very strong, and he has to go with a large army.

Hearing the words, the confidant changed his face and said, "Boss, is it necessary to raise the army like this? No matter how strong the opponent is, it's just more than a thousand new lords and their troops."

"I think it's enough to send some more holy-rank troops. The stronger opponent is the sword-wielding holy-rank succubus."

Listening to the words of his confidant, Li Fuqing said coldly, "If you say you are stupid, you are really stupid."

"What is the city they occupy now? It's our supply base, and we will send some troops over there. Let's not talk about whether the opponent's city can be breached. Even if it is breached, can you take them down?"

"When the time comes, the other party will leave with resources. What should we do? Destroy these new lords and troops below!"

Listening to Li Fuqing's words, this confidant realized that the place occupied by the new lords and troops, but the place where they stored their supplies, was very important.

Nodding his head, his confidant is focused on attacking the new lords and troops below.

Li Fuqing was going to leave with a large army, and the pressure on the new lords and units below to be attacked would be reduced very little.

Maybe a large part of the new lords and troops will escape.

The troop that this confidant carries is simply not enough to destroy the opponent.

Li Fuqing is obviously very aware of this matter now, but he has no other way but to go on like this.

First, keep the city where the resources are placed. As for the remaining new lords and troops, there are not many.

Even if they were all let go, it wouldn't have much impact, and it was completely unnecessary to worry about it.

Under such circumstances, Li Fuqing gave an order, and immediately brought the surrounding invading lords and troops to quickly rush towards the city occupied by Ren Qi and the others.

The entire invading lord and armies acted in an instant, quickly heading towards the city in the hinterland occupied by Ren Qi and the others.

And Li Fuqing's movements were quickly sent to the chat group by the new lord above the sky.

"Damn it! What's the situation? The group headquarters that invaded the lords and units have opened, and it seems that they are heading for the elder Ren Qi."

"I originally thought that the invading lord would continue to send more troops and more holy-rank troops to encircle and suppress the elder Ren Qi and the others, but I didn't expect that the entire army would go."

"Are these invading lords and troops under so much pressure? To attack Ren Qi and the others like this?"

"There is no other way. Elder Ren Qi and the others occupy the resource storage place of the Invasion Lord Alliance. Naturally, it is very important. The leader of the other party is obviously aware of this, so after a defeat, they directly crushed it with a large force."

"Hey, I don't know if Elder Ren Qi and the others have seen this situation. In the face of this situation, they should escape quickly, otherwise, if they are surrounded by the other party, it will be completely complete."

"Yeah, Mr. Ren Qi, they should be able to detect the movement of the invasion of the Lords Alliance? The other party's large troops are already in action, and Mr. Ren Qi has to flee quickly."

"Yes, Mr. Ren Qi and the others are just more than a thousand new lords and their troops. It is absolutely impossible to block the large army of the Crowd Lords Alliance. In this case, the only way to escape is to escape."

"However, do you think Elder Ren Qi will escape? Before, in the face of more than 3,000 invading lords and their troops, Elder Ren Qi was unmoved."

"Can this be the same? How many were the invading lords and troops at that time? How many are there now? The opponent has dispatched the entire army. If they don't run, it will really be over."

"Yeah, I hope Mr. Ren Qi and the others can discover the trend of invading the Lords Alliance earlier, otherwise, they might not be able to escape by then!"

Looking at Li Fuqing's actions, everyone in the chat group sweated for Ren Qi and the others. +Bookmark+

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