Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start - Chapter 427 Ren Qi's decision!

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Lord of the People: Recruiting Mutated Succubus at the Start Chapter 427 Ren Qi's Decision!

In the chat group, all the new students in the black mist all looked at the chat group, watching the news of Ren Qi and the others.

Seeing that Ren Qi and the others successfully defended the captured city, everyone's faces showed smiles.

"Damn it! Mr. Ren Qi is so awesome that he can do this to such an extent."

"Who said it wasn't, I felt that Mr. Ren Qi and the others couldn't stand it anymore. Who knew that such a reversal would have occurred. It was really shocking."

"Hahaha, that's true, but the eldest man Ren Qi is really too arrogant. In such a situation, you can't be in a hurry. In the end, not only did you successfully defend the captured city, but he also launched a counterattack. It's really a loss. already."

"If it's me, I'm afraid it's impossible to defend the city at all, right?"

"Che, if it was you, it is estimated that you escaped without defending the city, and you are still talking such big things here."

"Hahaha, that is, but to be honest, most people probably don't have the courage to defend the city, after all, they are invading the hinterland of the lord alliance!"

"Who said it wasn't, in that case, no one would choose to defend the city directly. It can only be said that Mr. Ren Qi is too powerful, and this kind of thing can be done."

"That's an invasion of the lord's hinterland. Although most of the invading lords are besieging the Sakura Alliance, it is also frightening. If the other party leads a large army back, Ren Qi and the others will be wiped out."

"You said, Mr. Ren Qi and the others should leave quickly now, right? After all, so many invading lords have been repelled by them, there will definitely be more invading lords and troops coming to attack them again."

"Yeah, maybe even the other party's large troops will come back to attack and let Mr. Ren Qi and the others go. I think it should be possible to retreat now."

"I think it's okay. To be able to do this, Elder Ren Qi and the others are already very good. Now they can retreat. Otherwise, it would be a little dangerous to be surrounded."

"Second, I hope Elder Ren Qi and the others can see this, and then evacuate quickly, otherwise, there may be other accidents at that time."

"Hey, look, Elder Ren Qi didn't seem to choose to evacuate. They are maintaining the defense facilities above the city wall, and they seem to want to continue to guard the city."

"What's the situation? Could it be that Mr. Ren Qi looks down on these invading lords and troops so much?"

"I'm really anxious to look at it. Now I don't know what happened to the invasion of the lord's army. I can only wait for the news."

"Don't worry, Mr. Ren Qi and the others just found a way to escape, didn't they? Even if there is any danger, they can evacuate quickly."

"Now we just wait quietly for what Mr. Ren Qi does. Before, didn't Mr. Ren Qi give us a big surprise? Maybe there will be even bigger surprises waiting for us. ."

"Hahaha, of course I hope there will be a big surprise, but I'm just a little worried about Mr. Ren Qi and the others, but you're right, it's useless to worry, so choose to trust Mr. Qi."

In the chat group, everyone looked at the situation of Ren Qi and the others, and started talking.

In this case, I can only pray silently for Mr. Ren Qi, hoping that Mr. Ren Qi can have better results.

As for Fujii Kaze and the Sakura Alliance, no one is talking about them now.


Outside the black fog, in the conference room of the five major countries, the members of the alliance of several major countries are all looking on the projection light screen, with different expressions.

The representative of the lord of the Dragon Kingdom had a happy expression on his face, looking at the situation above the projection light curtain, and clenched his fists in excitement.

This Ren Qi is really powerful. They thought it would be difficult to defend this city. Unexpectedly, Ren Qi and the others not only defended the city, but also wiped out the invading lords and troops that would attack them in the future!

This is nothing short of a miracle!

"This Ren Qi's arms are too strong, and there seems to be some way to weaken the combat effectiveness of the enemy's arms. Before, they had been waiting, just waiting for the effect of weakening the combat effectiveness of the enemy's arms to play out." Xiong The representative of the country lord looked at the projection light curtain and said slowly.

The representative of the lord of the Eagle Kingdom nodded and said: "Yes, this Ren Qi has a lot of ideas. I thought they were very difficult to defend, and the city would soon be broken. I didn't expect that they were always waiting for an opportunity."

The representative of the lord of the Tiger Kingdom also said: "This Ren Qi is a talented person. He is not in a hurry or slow, and is very stable. Many situations have been considered, and he has a lot of courage. He is a perfect leader."

Listening to the other representatives of the lords of the Three Kingdoms complimenting Ren Qi, the representative of the lords of the Dragon Kingdom said with a smile: "Everyone is a little too much. Although Ren Qi's performance is indeed very small, the perfect leader is a bit too much."

The representative of the lord of the wolf country listened to the words of the representatives of the other lords of the surrounding countries, and his face became extremely gloomy.

It was originally a show for the new lord of the wolf country, but now it has become a show of the new lord of the wolf country.

That Fujii wind is simply a piece of trash!

Turning a good performance opportunity into a shameful meeting.

The representative of the lord of the wolf country looked at the situation on the projected light screen in front of him, and said coldly: "Don't be too happy, look at their appearance, and still want to stay in place, really greedy is not enough to swallow an elephant, wait for a while. The invading lord's army has attacked, and they all have to finish it!"

Listening to the words of the representative of the lord of the wolf country, the representative of the lord of the dragon country retorted: "Why? Some people are so sour, they can say such words."

"It can be seen from Ren Qi's performance that he has his own ideas. Even if there is any danger, he can resist it. Don't just talk nonsense here because of jealousy?"

Listening to the words of the representative of the lord of the dragon country, the representative of the lord of the wolf country was naturally dissatisfied, but he did not say anything in the end.

After all, the current situation is that the new lords of the wolf country are not good, and the invading lords in the black mist still rely on the new lords of the dragon country to cause damage to them.

"Don't say a few words, take a good look, those invading lords will definitely not give up, but I want to see how this Ren Qi will deal with this situation." The representative of the lord of the Xiong Kingdom said hurriedly.

Listening to the words of the representative of the lord of the bear country, the representative of the lord of the dragon country and the representative of the lord of the wolf country looked at each other, but they didn't say anything.

The eyes of several people all fell on the projection light curtain in front of them, all wanting to see what Ren Qi would do next.

At this time, in the tavern not far from Ren Xueli's territory, many lords of the Dragon Kingdom were watching the projection light curtain in front.

"Fuck! Look, that Ren Qi actually defended the captured city. It's really amazing, I really didn't expect it."

"Yeah, I thought they would be attacked and flee the city. I didn't expect such a big turnaround. It's really shocking."

"Hahaha, I knew that I didn't see the wrong person. This Ren Qi is really different from ordinary people. In this situation, he can defend himself. It's really amazing."

"Who said it wasn't, if it were me, I'd probably have left long ago. It's really amazing that this Ren Qi stayed and defended."

"A hero comes out of a boy, our Dragon Kingdom has an amazing new lord."

"That's right, look at the new lords of the wolf country just now, what are they doing? They were directly overturned by the invading lords, and the new lord of the wolf country who led the way was the first to escape. It really doesn't matter at all."

"After all, they are from the Wolf Country, what can they do? Isn't this what these guys are best at? They like to backstab their own people the most, hahaha."

"I'm so happy, Madam Boss, give me another barrel of good wine. I'm happy today, I want to rest after a drunk!"

"Ma'am, I'm also refilling a glass of wine here. I'm so happy."

"Hey, how can a glass of wine be enough? Madam, fill up the wine for everyone. Today, my boss Zhao treats guests, and I will pay for the whole show."

"Boss Zhao is domineering, I toast you."

There was a burst of laughter in the tavern, and everyone's faces were filled with smiles.

Ren Xueli looked at the smiles on the faces of other lords in the surrounding taverns, and after listening to their words, she couldn't help showing a proud smile on her face.

After all, what they were discussing was her brother.

Ren Xueli didn't expect that Ren Qi could achieve such a great achievement in the dark fog, and now he is about to become a star of the new lord of the Dragon Kingdom.

At this time, the lord who was explaining the previous explanation suddenly said, "Although the new lord Ren Qi has performed very well, he can't be careless. I feel that after those invading lords learn the news, they will definitely be quick. Go and send more invading lords to besiege Ren Qi and theirs."

Hearing his words, Ren Xueli became nervous immediately, and couldn't help but ask, "Will Ren Qi encounter any danger?"

The man heard Ren Xueli's question and smiled: "Don't worry too much about this, everyone can see that there is a flying fortress already parked in the city, if it really doesn't work, it should be possible to escape. Completely do it."

"After all, the energy defense mask was shot from the flying fortress, and the defense capability should be very strong."

"It's just that a lot of troops will be lost by then, but for them, it is already a very successful."

The other lords also said: "Yes, it is a very good achievement to be able to use such a small number of troops to cause such great damage to the invasion of the lord alliance."

Listening to the lord's words explained in front, Ren Xueli breathed a sigh of relief, as long as Ren Qi was not in too much danger.

Looking at Ren Qi on the projection light curtain, Ren Xueli still hoped that he could evacuate quickly, after all, it was still too dangerous in that city.

As the lord explained, the Alliance of Invading Lords found out that those who attacked the city had been defeated, and they would definitely send more invading lords over, which would definitely be more dangerous at that time.

However, Ren Xueli can now watch quietly and choose to trust Qi's judgment.


In the dark fog, after Wang Fengyu's death, he was even more defeated. A large number of troops were overtaken by Ren Qi and his troops, and then they were killed.

The power of the death plague succubus can reduce the combat power in all directions, including the movement speed.

Therefore, the escape speed of these invading lords has also been reduced a lot. After leaving nearly two-thirds of the corpses of the troops, they quickly evacuated here.

Looking at the invading lord troops evacuating in front, Ren Qi did not let the surrounding troops continue to chase, but let all the troops retreat back for repairs.

Above the city wall, a large number of troops are constantly repairing the surrounding defensive equipment, preparing for the next battle.

Zhao Yuheng and others came to Ren Qi's side, looked at Ren Qi and asked, "Aren't you leaving now?"

According to their ideas, it is not easy to defeat these invading lords and troops, and this withdrawal is the best choice.

After all, a large number of invading lords and troops were killed here, and the Invading Lords Alliance would definitely send more crowd lords and troops to attack them. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

After all, they are now occupying the city where the other party stores supplies, and they have also killed so many invading lords and troops. No matter what angle you think about, the other party will definitely not give up.

Hearing Zhao Yuheng's question, Ren Qi's eyes flickered slightly, and he was naturally aware of this.

Those invading lords will definitely not give up, and they will definitely come to attack with more troops.

However, Ren Qi felt that it was not enough.

"How's the resource handling going now?" Ren Qi looked at Zhao Yuheng and asked.

A large amount of resources from the Invading Lords Alliance was accumulated in this city, and the first thing they captured was to have a large number of troops transport these resources to Zhao Yuheng's flying fortress.

Hearing this, Zhao Yuheng said, "Almost one-third of the resources here have been transported, but it is no longer possible to transport more. After all, a lot of space must be left for retreat."

There are a lot of resources here, and they are piled up with all their strength. Zhao Yuheng's territory has only transported nearly one-third of the resources here, and more is not enough.

After all, if you want to evacuate, there must be enough space to carry them and the troops.

Ren Qi nodded when he heard the words: "Then just wait and see if the other party will send a lot of people to come this time, so that the people with you will be ready."

"In addition, you have some troops cover some flammable items on the remaining resources. If you evacuate at that time, let your undead blood phoenix set the resources here on fire!"

Even if they are finally evacuated, they cannot leave the remaining resources for these invading lords! +Bookmark+

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