Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 5817 Personally

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It's just that the powerhouses in the outside world don't have much to look at them anymore.

They are all staring at Shi Guo's team.

On the edge of the infinite world, because there is no danger, his few battles will be paid attention to.

But now all teams have entered the periphery of the infinite world, and even entered the periphery.

There have been hundreds of battles at the Five Tribulations Realm level.

Not many people care about the defense of an emperor.


Not many people pay attention to Jian Wushuang, which does not mean that no one pays attention to other people in Yue.

Such as the Empress!

"This female emperor of the Yue Kingdom is really ruthless, even her daughter and brother have given up!" Many powerful people have been watching the female emperor of the Yue Kingdom.

Because it is a popular candidate.

Naturally there are a lot of concerns.

Jian Wushuang also looked a little insignificant under the brilliance of the empress.

The current empress is indeed very dazzling.

In a special secret territory.

That was a special task that Jiuhu received.

Special tasks at the cosmic level are extremely dangerous.

Even if the empress is extremely powerful, she must be treated with care.

What's more, this time she faced a five-star mission.

Once completed, the top four are basically stable this time.

Only reach the top four.

Only hope to fight for the position of the last saint.

For this position, Empress Fengchen did not know how many epochs had been prepared.

Seeing that there is a Seven-Tribulation Realm Cosmos Lord among her peers, she is only a Five-Tribulation Realm Cosmos Lord.

This sense of gap is an unbearable shame in the eyes of a person with particularly strong self-esteem.

Not only will she become a saint this time, she will also attack the Six Tribulations Realm in one fell swoop under the eyes of countless people.

By then, she will be famous throughout the ancient wood continent.

Take the position of Yue country to new heights.

This is not only her wish, but also the expectation of the ancestors of the royal family.

For many years, there hasn't been a Master of the Six Tribulations Realm universe in the Yue Kingdom.

This time it must be grasped.

Now it seems that the empress has indeed grasped it.

In that secret realm, she stole the dragon egg first, and then used the dragon egg to induce a special life.

That is the core of anything this time.

Every special task can almost involve a lot of strong people.

Her task is not to kill that special life, but to help the other party to avenge.

Help the other party to unify that secret realm.

This is more difficult.

It's not as simple as killing one or two Five Tribulations Realm Desolate Beasts.

But to fight for a period of time in this secret realm.

It may be a waste of time, but when the task is completed, she will have to advance the map and become a treasure of the saint.

These are worth her effort.

It's just that she didn't think about how miserable those abandoned people are now.

Li Sheng fell asleep.

Although there are special treasures, it will take some time to recover.

Fortunately, when he came back, he brought dozens of waste beast materials.

These materials have satisfied Jian Wushuang's opportunity to practice his hands.

Although the pill is not perfect, you can try to practice first.

He didn't think about it once.

Don't be too anxious.

Otherwise, all previous efforts will be lost.

"Don't be idle, you two, help me **** out the demon energy in those materials!" Jian Wushuang commanded the two remaining masters of the universe.

He is really too busy alone.

Jin Chen can only find you and hurry up on the sidelines, he can't help me a little bit.

Several days passed.

He failed several times.

The only time he succeeded, the effect of the pill was the opposite of what he thought.

It is the pill to transform the desolate beast into the human race.

Can only overthrow the past.

But the current materials are not enough.

Looking at the two remaining masters of the universe, letting them go is to die.

This time he had to go in person.

"You two are waiting here. I will set up an enchantment. Once you touch me, I will receive a message. I will come back as soon as possible. Don't go out. If Wu Li comes back, let him not come in first. Waiting for me at the bottom of the water!" After Jian Wushuang gave an explanation, he plunged into the pool.

Below the pool, he entered the pile of rocks, and after a round, he came to the depths of the river bottom.

Just to be on the safe side.

He did not leave too far.

Can only hunt some wild beasts around.

The dragon should be far away.

But he can't be too careless.

The speed of that dragon is very fast, even if it is far away from him, he can be found quickly.

It's just that his supernatural power is different from others.

It can be completely restrained.

In this way, the flood dragon would not be able to spot him.

Quickly find the target, because he has the experience of refining the pill, he also knows that the kind of beast is more suitable.

"Let's take your knife first!" Jian Wushuang contracted his breath, turned into a blue air current, and floated towards a weird-looking wild beast in the water and grass in the distance.

This desolate beast's divine power is as high as four hundred thousand, and it is about to break through into the Four Tribulations Realm.

Wisdom is no different from ordinary people.

But facing Jian Wushuang, he didn't notice the dangerous aura at all.

Jian Wushuang just appeared behind the opponent so quietly.


In an instant, his breath soared to half a million, and he made a knife with one hand, and slashed this weird beast into two directly. The origin and divine power of com weakened instantly.

I don't know who made it to death.

It's a good end.

Jian Wushuang waved his hand and collected the remains of the desolate beast, his figure turned into a flow of air again, looking for the next target.

Collecting ten heads according to his plan is enough.

With ten more barren beasts, he would almost be able to refine the conversion pill.

As long as there is a conversion pill, he will leave here with Jin Chen.

I just don't know where Wu Li has gone.

But as long as the opponent is not dead, he can find him.

According to the guidance of cause and effect, the opponent is not too far away from him.

As for the missing Mu Chen, he could feel that the other party should be on the bank of the river, but his breath was constantly weakening, and sometimes there was no time, most likely he was trapped in a ruin.

Whether you can live depends on your own good fortune.

He didn't plan to save him.

This time he pitted them so miserably, even if Mu Chen died, he deserved it.

It happened to be dedicated to the country of Yue.

In the valley far away from the river bank, Mu Chen really fell into a ruin.

Entering here hastily, suddenly can't get out.

Moreover, having isolated his own divine power, he couldn't get out at all.

Where, he said that every day should not, and the earth is not working.

Can only bite the bullet and continue to move forward.

Originally, he wanted to try his luck. In case there was no danger in the valley, he would be able to survive the catastrophe safely, as long as the empress returned.

But his luck was too bad, and he fell into an ancient ruins, or the ruins of a sect. Get deeper and deeper.

Don't continue walking, and not reconciled, want to gamble once.


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