I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1274 1st choice, 1st node

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Seeing that Linghe Lisheng did not speak, Su Yan showed a satisfied expression on his face.

Not far away, people like Hua Qiuyin, Li Juan and even Wang Jing also fell silent.

The shackles on them have also been untied, but none of them took the next step.

Because this space has been fully controlled by Su Yan.

However, both Li Juan and Hua Qiuyin Wang Jing felt that all this was too fast.

Li Juan had reservations and concerns.

Su Yan mentioned a so-called ability to "simulate reality and emptiness". She may not fully understand it, but she is not a fool.

In this case, she can still vaguely judge what this "imitation of reality" means.

What's more, Su Yan also made it very clear-all the means of daring to end are useless.

It is a dead end if you don't end up.

In the end, it is nothing more than lingering on one's last breath.

Even in the current situation, they can still gamble if they don't end up in the game - Su Yan can't chip away or occupy the background they contain.

But if it's all over...

That would be a complete ordeal.

Once this happens, there is no way out at all.

Although what Su Yan said had a great impact—when he prepared to retreat, he had already lost.

But when it's really his turn, who won't leave a way out for himself?

Even if Su Yan's words are so nice, it's not true with one hand, but false with the other.

Isn't this a retreat prepared for himself?

Therefore, this is still a very bad double standard.

It's a pity that neither Li Juan, Wang Jing, nor Hua Qiuyin had the right to compete with Su Yan at this time.

It's not that the status doesn't match, but once the game is played, it's not their current state, that is to take out all the details.

This time Li Juan came out as a bargain hunter, but she still had reservations.

In fact, no one is willing to jump out before the existence of many top-level existences such as Lisheng has not fully come out.

It's just that no one thought that if they didn't stand up, everything would be over.

It's like trying to play Wang Zang in the end with a good hand, but it was cut off in the middle, and then lost completely!

What kind of feeling is this?

It's not that there is no strength and background, but that it can't be used, but it can obviously win a big victory!

This will be very, very unwilling, even very aggrieved.

But to lose is to lose.

At this time, it is not considered a complete loss, and there is still a game - but in this case, the possibility of the game is also very likely to lose.

If you lose after the game, you will go bankrupt.

If you lose now, it is possible to preserve the foundation, and it will not end completely, which means there is still a chance to make a comeback!

How to choose?

Reality is not a layout, and it is impossible to cover everything.

In this state, even terrifying existences like Li Juan and Wang Jing can only wait and see what happens.

Anyway, they lost, didn't Zero also lose?

Even, that Lisheng and its corresponding top layer also lost.

So what will happen to them?

Wang Jing, Li Juan, Hua Qiuyin, Su Ruochen and the others existed. Although they all had complicated expressions, they didn't say anything.

They are all waiting.

Wait for a change to appear.

Or wait for that change.

But no one came up with more details.

There was a dead silence at the scene.

"Why, are you speechless? Or have you realized your defeat?"

Su Yan's words were calm, and there was nothing arrogant or complacent about them.

But the meaning of relief and pleasure in it is quite obvious.

Zero glanced at Li Sheng, but said nothing.

Li Sheng said in a deep voice: "This time, you really stood on top, you are amazing."

Su Yan was not in the slightest fluttered by Li Sheng's praise, but instead took a calm look at Li Sheng, and finally, his eyes fell on Ling: "Give me the timeline of the first day, and I will give you the same His three lives and three lives are not full."

Hearing the words, Ling Dan said, "I don't understand what you are talking about."

Su Yan said: "This is boring, isn't it? It doesn't matter if I catch it myself. At that time, you won't be innocent or complete."

Zero smiled indifferently, and said, "Do you think I'm still complete? I've never been complete, and—always just a fiction.

first day?

what is day one

Did Zero Own Day One?

Is zero still zero if you have it? "

Su Yan said: "You gave me, you are the real zero. This is also your destination, it is destined."

Zero smiled, his expression calm and indifferent.

Su Yan said: "I will give you ten breaths of time to think about it. After that, I will act according to the rules-you understand, what form I exist in, I can completely construct truth and emptiness, reproduce cause and effect, and directly reproduce your All the background. It’s nothing more than spending some more time.”

Ling said: "You don't need to think about it, you can make a move."

Su Yan's expression became much colder, and he stared fixedly at Zero.

Lisheng gradually approached zero, but was suddenly blocked by invisible rules, unable to display any abilities at all.

"Want to help her out? The rules still don't allow it."

Su Yan's tone was cold.

Zero glanced at Lisheng, and said: "If I knew today, why bother to start. Since the future has already been broken, but I want to have both sides, and even want to use both sides, the original cause, today's effect.

Mourn its misfortune, anger its insincerity.

We, after all, did our best, with a clear conscience.

All these causes and effects come to a complete conclusion, ending with regrets. "

Zero spoke softly, and then sighed softly: "Yu Xi Yu Xi Nai Ruo He, in fact, everything is doomed. Since it can't be changed, then it can't be changed.

After all, it is a failure, and if you try your best, you really have a clear conscience and die without regret.


Whether it is true or false, zero always means zero, and it will never exist.

Zero existence is the greatest absurdity in this world.

However, if you pin all your karma and hopes on the non-existent 'Zero', you will end up drawing water from a bamboo basket in vain.

If so, how do I exist?

After all, I am living in simulation, in derivation.

So when I have 'I', I can let go of my obsessions.

I let go of everything, everything related to me, no longer exists.

Things that no longer exist, you Su Yan, what can you gain? "

Zero said, smiling.

After the smile blooms, it is like a peach blossom in spring.

Recipe, Shining.

Peach blossoms are in full bloom, and amidst the peach blossoms, the figure of a girl in a pink gauze dress has bright eyes and bright teeth.

But it soon started to become nothingness again.

All of that is like a dream of Zhuang Zhou dreaming of a butterfly, a butterfly dreaming of Zhuang Zhou, real and illusory.

"Back in time."

Su Yan looked at this scene calmly, and without hesitation, he displayed a very peculiar rule.

That is the ultimate means of the big time technique.

It's just that no matter how time goes back, there is no existence named 'Zero' at all.

All the traces of Zero's existence don't exist.

Even after the completion of this exercise, Su Yan even lost his memories of 'Zero'.

As for the rest...

All other causes and effects related to zero fell on Wang Jing.

Wang Jing became an existence like Ling, but she didn't know the name of Ling.

I don't even know the cause and effect of zero correlation.

Su Yan's time rule has been used repeatedly, but there is still no result.

In other words, the law of time has affected the catastrophe of this world, allowing the catastrophe to be reversed, but it cannot change the cause and effect of Zero's disappearance.

The zero is gone, and naturally, the karma that accompanied that day is no longer there.

"Moonlight Treasure Box."


Su Yan used the Moonlight Treasure Box in front of Hua Qiuyin, Li Juan and others.


In an instant, the whole world seemed to form a slideshow, and all the pictures frame after frame fell into a frozen state.

In the screen scene of each frame, the time axis nodes of this world are different.

The nodes among them can all correspond to the Moonlight Treasure Box.

It seems that as long as Su Yan is willing, he can cross the picture, enter the scene of that picture, and reopen the cause and effect.

However, in these causes and effects, there is no longer Su Li, nor is there Zero.

Among them, most of Su Li's karma was replaced by Su Ruochen.

The other part was replaced by Zhuge Qingchen, Su Ye and Hu Chen.

The cause and effect of Hua Qiu Dao is almost completely replaced and replaced by Hua Qiuyin.

In other words, after reopening, there will be no Su Li and Zero in this world, but the final line of causal development can still be developed to this point.

what does this mean?

This meant that Su Li was still dead after all.

The karma of zero is finally eliminated.

Without these, Su Yan can justifiably harvest the world of Hongmeng and Shushan, and even the world of the rules of heaven in the big plane of Tongtian Tower can also be harvested by him in large quantities.

"I don't believe it's gone."

With one thought in Su Yan's mind, lights and shadows converged into mysterious Dao hearts and entered the scene frame after frame.

In each frame of the scene, there is a Su Yan who travels through the past, just like going back to the past and updating in real time.

Every Su Yan who went in was exploring the cause and effect in it.

But there is no gain.

If you can’t see the cause and effect from the timeline level of the frozen scene, then if you go deep into it and search in the past in the timeline, you can’t find the result, that is, there is really no result.

"I do not believe!"

"Any existence that replaces the relevant cause and effect will die!"

Blood stained the timeline red.

In the past, Su Ruochen existed as Su Wangchen's preparatory karma, but was directly caught by Su Yan and killed on the spot.

Su Ruochen's karma was disconnected.

This was Su Yan's prejudgment—the so-called leaving a way out for Su Wangchen was mostly a way out for Su Li himself.


Along the time axis, Su Wangchen has been killing.

After fighting all the way back, this line finally reached the Nether Sea area, and saw the first scene where Su Ruochen descended on the Soul-Suppressing Monument and died in the Nether Sea area.


Su Yan turned into black light, and killed Su Ruochen, who was in the first act of karma, before the soul-suppressing tablet landed.


The whole world seemed to collapse.

Not only that, Zhuge Qingchen in the flame wasteland was also killed by Su Yan in front of the Canggu stele.

All the existences that were related to Su Li and inherited karma were all killed.

Next, key people related to Zero were killed one by one.

Existences such as Fang Yuening in Fangcun Ancient Town, Mu Yusu, Su Yumu, and Mu Yuxi in the City of No Tears, all the existences related to their names will be killed.

Afterwards, Ling, Ling, Yuewang, Yue and others were all killed.

In the end, cause and effect followed the sunset mountain, Su Yan killed Mu Yuxi directly in the Wanli Holy Land.

After this causal line was cut off, the entire time axis began to become clear and crystal clear.

Along the time axis, use the Moonlight Box to return from the future to the past.

But after this scene was completed, after the harvest of countless backgrounds and karma, and returning to the original point, Su Yan found that Hua Qiuyin and Li Juan were still by his side.

The remaining Wang Jing and Su Ruochen no longer existed, as if they had been completely erased.

Li Sheng, on the contrary, became extremely powerful and terrifying, but he was still not Su Yan's opponent. He was still suppressed and restricted by the rules, unable to resist.

Su Yan watched the scene in front of him silently, then looked back at the scene clips on the Moonlight Box and the timeline again, and remained silent.

[Simulator. 】

【End. 】

Su Yan spoke softly, silently ending the simulation this time.

[Please host to choose to keep the choice, choose one of the three. 】

【1. The causal background of the current world. Time synchronization. 】

[2. Current world-related memory. memory synchronization. 】

[3. Current strength and ability. Ability to sync. 】

Su Yan looked at the three options, but didn't make a choice right away.

For him, the simulation is indeed over.

The first choice is to directly cover the whole world karma.

The second option, reverts back to before the simulation, but has all the memory of the simulation.

The third option, before reverting to the simulation, has no current memory, but has all current abilities.

There is no doubt that just choosing the first one is almost a big win!


Up to now, among the existences that had forced him to such a miserable state, only Li Sheng appeared.

Did the other terrifying existences die in Guixu?

Still can't hide?

Su Yan pondered for a long time, then silently called up the simulator, and glanced at the light blue elf on it.

In the clear eyes of the elf, the scene of Immortal Light Blue and Su Li gathering in the Heavenly Emperor's Treasure House emerged.

That was the scene where Su Li communicated with Immortal Light Blue.

"Choose to commit suicide in the womb? Or...Luoxia Barren Mountain? But I didn't get the karma of the first day, if it was Luoxia Barren Mountain...still can't grasp it.


Zero is dead, and Mu Yuxi's karma has been cut off.

If there is no Mu Yuxi on the first day, he will jump in and start over, and I will control the whole process. "

"It's not in vain that I built the Heavenly Emperor's Treasury a hundred thousand years ago."

"It's not in vain that I have planted a life queen and Yamina karma for 300,000 years."

"Little blue baby, you are doing very well."

Su Yan silently closed the panel of the simulator, and then said calmly: "Overwrite the cause and effect, end the simulation—wait for Su Li to choose the first time, and help me choose the first choice."

[Good master. 】

[The end of the simulator's return to the ruins is open, and Su Li has already made a choice. 】

[The master has chosen the first option—covering cause and effect, living in the moment. 】

[Congratulations to the master, Ding Suli's karma has succeeded. 】

When this news appeared in Su Yan's mind, a satisfied smile appeared in Su Yan's mind.

【Reopen? 】

[I will be where you appear, waiting for your return. 】

[And you will be thorough, for my background, for my use. 】

【I will be your system. 】


Endless purple thunder light suddenly erupted from the heavens and worlds.

But when the simulator ended, all the three thousand avenues suddenly emerged and exploded.

And in the Heavenly Emperor's Treasure House, Su Li had his hands behind his back, and the myriad ways in his eyes manifested.

"If you don't jump out, you will destroy yourselves in the end."

"And in my whole life, whether it's my heart or my character, I have been manipulated by almost all existences."

"Everyone knows what kind of character I am."

"Everyone knows how I will choose."

"Everyone knows that I'm a dog~www.novelbuddy.com~ I'm very benevolent, righteous, courteous, wise and trustworthy."

"But—when I finally stop being myself, or stop living for others, and really be myself..."

"Will I really choose the so-called safest and most stable path?"

"So, my choice is—your choice."

"And you, chose your system's first choice."

"me too."

"You are Su Yan, I am Su Li. You are undefeated. Sorry, so am I."

"You're right, in the cesspit, there's nothing to struggle with. Then before all the causes and effects appear, it's all—cut the weeds and root them out."

"Node one!"

[The first point is the day when the Hongmeng Research Base was built in the whole of China and the game "Prehistoric Royal Family" was started. 】

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