Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 560 8 beam splitter

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A huge splash of water exploded, and an octopus tentacle covered with barbed sticks out of the water, and hooked straight towards a low-flying cloud.

The cloud and mist dissipated as soon as it was touched, and the tentacle did not catch anything from it.

Turning his head, a sword light shot out from the inside, and the tentacles were cut off at the root.

The broken tentacle fell to the surface of the sea, and a cloud of strange blue blood spread out, causing a large swath of sea water to roar.

Countless ferocious sea beasts that smelled the blood swarmed, tearing the octopus-shaped sea monster to pieces.

In the mist, Jiang Li, who had just retracted his flying sword, was amazed when he saw the scene below.

It's no wonder that ordinary cultivators want to safely pass through this sea area, and only at the extreme altitude of 20,000 meters can they find a reliable channel.

Jiang Li is well-informed about the deep mountains and dense forests, the fierce Gobi land, and the ghost king wasteland.

Compared with the so-called Absolute Territories that I have experienced before, it is far from being comparable to the dangers of this Black Sea.

In the bottomless sea of ​​black abyss, God knows how many sea beasts and how many overlords are hidden.

Without the power of the Three Gods Pillar, or some other special means, who would dare to say that he would be able to successfully cross it?

The misty clouds that fly in the air with good concealment effect will be attacked every few thousand miles.

Not to mention the master of the sea palace who is hiding in the sea, and the stitched monsters arrogantly swept across the water at a low altitude.

Since they were chasing and fleeing, they both moved forward at the highest speed.

Therefore, there is no way to hide their movements.

Especially the huge stitched monsters, wherever they go, they always pull up a long white wave.

With this undisguised movement, predators in the entire sea area discovered them.

The sea surface was like boiling, turbulent, and countless sea beasts were trying to attack them.

However, most sea beasts cannot keep up with the speed of the two of them.

Just after jumping out of the water, the Lord of the Sea Palace and the Stitching Monster had already flown out thousands of miles away.

After all, they are two beings standing at the top of a large area, no matter what, they will not be hurt by these trash fish.

But with such a blatant action in the deep sea, the Lord of the Sea Palace will be overtaken by monsters from time to time, causing several collisions.

This violent high-energy reaction soon attracted the attention of something in the deep sea.

Hidden in the mist, Jiang Li and the other two divine pillars suddenly felt a light on their backs, something was staring at them.

The mysterious light mirror in the cloud changed its direction and illuminated the sea below.

The three of Jiang Li stared at the sea below, and that gaze came from under the deep sea.

In the dark deep sea, a circle of light was faintly revealed.

As the sea water within a hundred miles around surged upwards, the yellow halo became bigger and bigger.

In the blink of an eye, the halo rose from the bottom of the sea to the surface. Only then did they see clearly that it was a huge fish with bubble eyes.

This eye seems to be just watching them away, and has no intention of chasing.

But Jiang Li felt that more and more sights swept over them.

There are more than just a few peeping eyes under the water.

Soon, this black sea began to emit a faint yellow light.

In this sea area, more and more huge eyeballs surfaced from the bottom of the sea.

The Sea Palace Lord's escape speed is not as fast as the stitched monster's wind and thunder wings. After being caught up again, he turns around and collides with the relay and actively sinks into the deeper seabed, so as to avoid the stitching monster's pursuit.

That monster is not good at underwater combat. Although it can break through the sea with brute force, its speed will still be affected.

Before, he used this method to reopen the distance.

But this time, just as he sank into the sea, he felt a strong crisis that enveloped him.

Before he could react, a yellow halo hit him.

The Lord of the Sea Palace was affected by a strange force and was temporarily lost.

Then more yellow halos floated over his head.

Let the struggle of the master of the sea palace be suppressed, and the body slowly sink.

A huge fish eye quietly appeared below him, just catching his body, and this divine pillar was incorporated into the eyeball.

At this moment, the stitched monster also rushed down.

Opening his mouth like a bottomless pit, he was about to come down and grab someone.

But surrounding him, there are more and more, countless eyeballs.

Those huge eyeballs, connected to something, floated up from the bottomless sea of ​​black abyss.

Some were still submerged in the water, while others surfaced directly, hanging in the air and watching them condescendingly.

It was not until the surface of the water that he could see that the huge eyeballs were actually attached to the giant kelp one by one.

This overlord in the sea turned out not to be an animal, but a plant.

Under the vast sea, all of them are covered with this extremely huge and strange kelp, and they are all proliferating forks of the same kelp.

Its name is, Deep Sea Overlord, Black Abyss Jungle.

More and more endless kelp rose from the bottom of the sea, twisting and stacking each other, wrapping the Lord of the Sea Palace and the stitched monster together.

On the sea surface, a huge kelp ball was formed.

Even with the mighty force of stitching monsters, they can't get rid of them for a while.

The yellow circles in those eyes continued to spread, and the surrounding space was isolated by this strange force.

The Lord of the Sea Palace, and the stitched monster, were dragged into a strange space and lost their movement inside.

"That halo seems to be somewhat similar to the power of dreams."

Floating in the clouds and mist on the periphery, you can see countless kelp emerging from the deep sea, wrapping the Lord of the Sea Palace and the stitched monsters inside.

He dragged them and slowly sank to the bottom of the sea.

Jiang Li was keenly aware of something.

Relying on the Beast Blood Catalogue, he who also possesses the talent of dreams, can perceive that kind of similar power.

The intensity is very terrifying, even if the Three Divine Pillars did not notice it for a while, they all followed its path.

Although I believe that the one will not die so easily, but now has come, the time for the three of them to take action.

"It seems that this is the limit."

"Rescue the Lord of the Sea Palace, let's go!"

The misty clouds and mist dispersed, one cloud, one fire and one whirlwind, and the three of them flew out of it.

A dazzling sword light crossed first.

Jiang Li directly used Pei Zhong's sword head's strongest sword move with his Flying Sword of Slaying Immortals.

This sword technique can tear open the realm and open the space. It is a very pure and powerful sword technique.

In the hands of Jiang Li today, it is far more powerful than the sword head without cliffs.

But this sword only splits one piece of kelp, and when it gets stuck on the second piece of kelp, it can't go any further.

The strength of this overlord-level kelp is really amazing!

Although this sword split open the outer space of Haiyuan Jungle, it made a small opening in it.

But after seeing the strength of those kelp, Jiang Li didn't dare, and went straight in through the crack.

If every kelp had this strength, the kelp exposed on the sea surface alone would be at least 100,000 huge.

The black abyss jungle buried deep in the bottom of the sea can directly absorb the endless deep sea spiritual power and use it for one's own use.

At this point, the recovery speed is very fast.

There is obviously no dragon blood on the kelp, and Jiang Li's suppression of it is relatively limited.

Breaking into the opponent's domain directly is tantamount to throwing yourself into the net.

On the other side, Yun Ji and the Lord of Yan Chao, respectively, controlled the dark clouds to drop thunder and poured gold fire to boil the sea water, showing amazing power.

But from the water, kelp kept popping out and wrapping them into groups, making their attacks subdued.

Jiang Li and the other two were helpless for a while.

Fortunately, soon, the turning point appeared on the side.

From the sea not far away, a green island like a fairyland on earth is getting bigger and bigger, and it is rapidly approaching here.

The sudden advance of the island expelled a large amount of seawater, and directly set off a tsunami with a height of thousands of meters.

However, a tsunami of this magnitude is nothing more than a splash to a real monster.

The tsunami was scattered randomly, revealing the true face of the island behind, which was an incomparably huge island tortoise.

The tortoise on the island was so powerful that it slammed into the large ball of kelp with its mighty power.

Including the kelp hegemon who formed a group, was finally broken up again by this one blow.

Kelp doesn't have a mouth, but the overlord vibrated his wide leaves and also let out an angry roar.

The two overlords of the sea started to fight.

The kelp group loosened and turned back into the unfathomable black abyss jungle.

The three of them in the East Region finally found the opportunity to go deep into it.

Jiang Li just took out the Human Sovereign's halberd, but suddenly felt the unwillingness and fighting intent of Zhanxian Feijian in his eyebrows.

The defeat of the sword just now made him very dissatisfied, and he wanted to prove himself again.

The Cliffless Sword Art of Pei Zhongjian's head was created by him based on the secret method of Shushan, and has strong personal characteristics.

Although it is clever enough, it is not suitable for me and the Flying Sword of Immortal Slaying.

It's okay to use it in the early days.

But now that his strength has crushed Pei Zhong's sword head in all directions, and then using his sword art, it is a bit like tying his hands.

Jiang Li quickly analyzed the differences and advantages between himself and ordinary sword cultivators.

Aside from his indomitable sharpness, ordinary sword cultivators are actually not outstanding in other aspects.

Even at the Earth Immortal level, the total amount of spiritual energy is even weaker than other monks.

Therefore, the sword tricks they created are often pursued to use the strongest power at one time and burst into brilliance.

If you can inflict heavy damage or even defeat the enemy in one move, it is naturally the best.

But if the edge is over, it will inevitably fall into a disadvantage.

But he is different from the Sword of Immortal Slaying.

His explosiveness is durable enough to keep erupting without stopping.

After being recast with five-qi marrow copper, the Sword of Immortal Zhanxian was also strong enough to not be afraid of any challenges.

Not to mention that, like ordinary flying swords, they burst, burst, and broke themselves.

Therefore, Jiang Li's sword tricks don't need to be limited to the moment of youth.

He can completely create a set of sword tactics for himself.

In his mind, the colorful rainbow crossed, and the countless sword scriptures of Shushan turned into his nutrients, deduced and integrated according to his needs.

Jiang Li, who has a colorful Taoist body, is a genius with no discount.

The light in my mind keeps bursting,

Soon, a brand new sword technique was deduced by him.

Zhanxian Feijian also felt this, and excitedly jumped from his eyebrows to his hands.

Jiang Li stretched out his finger to point on the ridge of the sword, and then the handleless flying sword began to rotate, and the faster it turned, the faster it became impossible to see the shape of the sword clearly.

With the rotation of the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword, a circle of sharp breath spread out from it, and it expanded steadily, turning into a halo of about ten feet.

This is only Feijian's own strength, and the people who are riding the sword have not exerted their strength.

With the blessing of Jiang Li's aura and sword heart.

This circle of halo even spread to more than a hundred feet, and it was dazzling.

That halo is more than that.

With its sharpness, even a glance at it from a long distance will cut both eyes.

The Sword of Immortal Slaying, the eight-point light wheel!

Throw this light wheel forward, and the space in front is like a fragile piece of paper, which is easily cut open.

After the light wheel disappeared into space, it suddenly emerged from another place, and plunged into the kelp jungle in front of it.

Different from the tough cut off just now, where the light wheel passed this time, the dark and thick kelp covered with big eyeballs fell into the sea like cutting wheat.

The power of its cutting is so strong that Jiang Li himself, who used this kind of sword art, is trembling in his heart.

If he didn't have Chiyou's muscles, he specified that he couldn't handle the cutting power.

The consumption of aura is like a galloping river, but the effect is gratifying enough.

There was Zhanxian Feijian using the eight-point light wheel to open the way, Jiang Li directly transformed into a black real dragon and appeared on the sea surface.

His dragon's blood had reached the level of the blood of the Dragon Palace's blood. As soon as the dragon's body came out, the surging waves and sea water in the surrounding seas calmed down, as if they were paying homage to him.

The two overlords in the sea also discovered this terrifying black dragon for the first time.

As the overlord of the deep sea, these two are not extraordinary.

Although the Haiyuan Jungle is only kelp, it has the blood of the tree "Jianmu". Only in this sea can grow to such an exaggerated body.

The same is true for the Qingtai Island Turtle, who carries the bloodline inheritance of the holy beast Xuanwu.

Facing Longwei, they naturally wouldn't be as unbearable as ordinary sea beasts.

But since living in the water, more or less, it is still subject to the influence of the dragon's power, and a certain degree of suppression.

But they are more greedy for this black dragon.

Jiang Li seemed to be even more delicious than those two foods.

However, the appearance of the black dragon is better than surprise.

Before the two overlords could react, Jiang Li opened the way with Xuanguang Longyan, then leaned over and rushed into the depths of the kelp, grabbed the eyeball with one paw, took it off the kelp, and flew away immediately come out.

The eight-point light wheel cut off the kelp wrapped around the black dragon. UU Reading

As soon as the dragon swung, Jiang Li slipped into the misty clouds and disappeared again.

Putting his eyes down, Jiang Li changed back to his original form.

At this time, the other two still don't know, it turns out that the dragon who stole the body of the polar backer in the extreme northern permafrost earlier was transformed by the city lord of Fengdu.

Of course, there is no need to talk about it now.

Cut the eyeballs and free the Sea Palace God Pillar.

Of course, the three divine pillars are not so fragile.

The yellow light circle on his head was fluctuating violently, and he was out of control without the help of the other three.

Thinking about it, even without their help, the Lord of the Sea Palace should be able to wake up and have a certain power to fight back.

It's just that under the wrapping of the kelp, it is still unknown whether he can escape in the end.

Fortunately, now that the goal has been achieved, Yun Ji immediately controlled the cloud to lift off into the sky, and after flying to a safe distance, she watched the giant beasts battle below.

After they left, the stitched giant also woke up.

Taking advantage of the collision between the two sea beast overlords, it also managed to escape.

On the sea, it became a big melee of three giant beasts.


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