Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - v10 Chapter 256 proposal

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Lie Gang knew who Yi Jin was talking about, and it was nothing more than those families who had hatred against Lie Feng. They would not like to see Zhao Hai united with Lie Feng, because it would not benefit them at all.

Lie Gang said solemnly: "After this incident, Xiaofeng will trust Lin Ze even more, but don't think too much about Xiaojin, you have known Xiaofeng for a longer time, even if Lin Ze is doing it , it's not as good as your position in Xiaofeng's heart." Lie Gang was worried that Yi Jin would be jealous of Lin Ze, so he said that.

Yi Jin shook his head and said, "Don't worry, Uncle Seventeen, I won't think so much. To be honest, I have a very good impression of Lin Ze, Lin Ze is really good, every time he comes to Huofeng Island Here, he always comes to visit me. Although sometimes he can't say a few words, he always comes. To be honest, if he really has any conflict with the senior brother, it would be a pity. Fortunately, they are all right now. Son, otherwise, I'd be really embarrassed. Of course, I'm not talking about embarrassing who to help, but how to face Lin Ze in embarrassment. Lin Ze's current identity is no longer something that can be handled at will. If it is true If there is a conflict with him, it won't do us any good, but now that it's all right, I don't have to worry about anything."

Lie Gang nodded, then he looked at the army of the Shadow Clan, and said solemnly: "I don't know when the Shadow Clan will attack us, and Lin Ze and the others are staying at Lihuo Island now, I don't know if they will attack us. No longer attacking the ShadowClan army."

Yi Jin said in a deep voice, "It shouldn't be easy to attack. Their number is too small. Now, the Shadow Clan people are taking the initiative to attack, that is to say, they can withdraw at any time. If they take the initiative to attack, the consequences will be very troublesome."

Lie Gang nodded, then said: "Yes, they are too few, but you said we should organize a group of people, these people will not participate in this operation, and wait until this time when the Shadow Clan people retreat. , let's give them a ruthless attack at the back and chase them, so it should be easier than Lin Ze and the others attacking them when the Shadow Clan people come?"

When Yi Jin heard what Lie Gang said, he was stunned at first, but then his eyes lit up. He glanced at Lie Gang and said, "Uncle Seventeen is a great idea, so let's do this right now. Notify Senior Brother and see what he thinks."

Lie Gang nodded, and then said solemnly: "You can write to Xiaofeng and see what Xiaofeng has to say. Although this method is very good, it is not an easy thing to do. It's best to pull people from other sects to do this together, it's just us, if we really have any losses, it's not worth it."

Yi Jin nodded, and then he immediately took out the jade slip, wrote a letter, and passed the jade slip to Gale. After finishing, Yi Jin said to Lie Gang: "Uncle Seventeen, we also Let's go back and rest. Before we start, let's just rest for a while. If there is a real fight, we won't have time to rest. This time, the big brother didn't come to sit in person. It's just the two of us here, the two of us. One has to be a little careful, and absolutely can’t make any mistakes.”

Lie Gang nodded, and then followed Yi in to rest. Lie Gang knew very well that this battle was very important to them. As long as they fought well in this battle, Gale's status would be even higher. If it is stable, the status of the Lie family will be higher in the future.

At this time, Lie Feng was already looking at Yi Jin's plan for him. After seeing Yi Jin's plan for him, Li Feng couldn't help but ponder. He was thinking about whether he could eat this fruit, but he thought about it for a while. He found that it was not good. If he ate this fruit, he might be killed. At that time, not only people in the sect would be dissatisfied with him, but also people from other sects would also be dissatisfied with him. Just like Yi Jin and the others said, pull other sects together. Only in this way, after they succeed, other sects will not have any dissatisfaction with them, but Gale still feels that this matter must be asked by Zhao Haicai. Alright, he will only make a decision after asking Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai has fought with the Shadow Clan people so many times in Jiehai. He should be more experienced. As soon as he thinks of this, Gale immediately takes it. He produced a jade slip, wrote a letter to Zhao Hai, and wrote Yi Jin and their plans in it, and then asked Zhao Hai for his opinion. Lie Feng has always attached great importance to Zhao Hai's opinion. .

Zhao Hai and the others are currently resting at the Huo Island. Zhao Hai wants to let Zhou Wubing and the others practice there for a while. It is best to let Zhou Wubing and the others return to the Fire Phoenix Sect. The new exercises have reached their original level. Only in this way will they not arouse suspicion from the Fire Phoenix Sect, so they have been resting here on Lihuo Island, and Zhou Wubing and the others have been practicing there, and the effects are still very good. Yes, Zhou Wubing's current strength has reached the peak of the He Dao Realm. To be honest, Zhao Hai looks a little envious of Zhou Wubing's talent. He is really talented in the aspect of cultivating iron bones. It's great. The reason is that the poison that penetrated into his bone marrow has completely integrated with him. The bone marrow can produce blood. It is precisely because of this that his training speed is so fast. Now that Zhou Wubing is just a step away, he can become a master of law again, and his strength this time, It will be much stronger than his original strength. This is something Zhao Hai has never thought of, let alone other people. Zhou Wubing is so happy now that he can't dance.

After Zhao Hai saw Gale's jade slip, he pondered for a while, then he took out a piece of jade slip, wrote something in the jade slip, and then passed the jade slip directly to Gale Feng, and he didn't care after that. This matter, he is very clear, this time the Shadow Clan's attack, it is impossible to finish in a day or two, so they can rest here for a while, so he is not in a hurry.

And Lie Feng also received a letter from Zhao Hai at this time. After he picked up the jade slip, he immediately glanced at the contents of the jade slip. Zhao Hai's content in the jade slip was very simple, and he agreed to retreat in the Shadow Clan. It was time to attack the Shadow Clan people, and he also gave a tactic called the wolf group tactic. This tactic is very simple, that is, each sect will form a team of their own, and then these teams will enter the sea together, right. The ShadowClan attack, everyone cooperates with each other, if you attract the attention of the ShadowClan, I will go up and take a bite, or a few of you will attract the attention of the ShadowClan, and then I will go up and take a bite, or we will attract the ShadowClan people's attention. Attention, you are going up to take a bite, this kind of constant harassment and attack on the shadow clan people will definitely give the shadow clan people a headache. Even if they can return to the shadow world smoothly, they will definitely not be better. , Even if they can go back half of the people, even if they burn high incense, of course, the remaining half of the people here does not mean the remaining half of the three million people, but the shadow clansmen after attacking the Jingan defense line, The remaining people, in the remaining half, as for how many people will be left in the Shadow Clan at that time, it is hard to say.

After Lie Feng read Zhao Hai's letter, his eyes lit up. He felt that Zhao Hai's plan was too perfect. If Zhao Hai's method could really be used, then he believed that those Shadow Clan people, If someone can go back alive, they are already very powerful, but this plan, it is obviously impossible for them to complete this plan, and they must cooperate with other sects.

Thinking of this, Gale Feng immediately took Zhao Hai's letter and returned Yi Jin's letter, and went straight to Liu Yi. He had to report this matter to Liu Yi. After all, compared to Liu Yi, his identity was not enough. Now The only person who can talk directly to the sect masters of other sects in the Fire Phoenix Sect is Liu Yi, so this matter must be done by Liu Yi. His current status is not enough.

Liu Yi is in his study room. People with his identity are not so free. They have to deal with a lot of things every day. In addition, their status is too high. Once they go out, they will attract a lot of people, and they will also Caused a lot of chain reactions, so when his strength reached his level, he was no longer so free.

When Liu Yi heard that Lie Feng asked for an interview, he directly let Li Feng enter the study. As soon as Li Feng entered the study, he immediately saluted Liu Yi: "See Master." Li Feng has always respected Liu Yi. After all, Liu Yi has always They are very supportive of him.

Liu Yi said with a smile: "Okay, you don't have to be so polite when you come to me, sit down, why are you here? But you have something to do with me?"

Lie Feng thanked him and sat down. Then he took out the two jade slips, gave Yi Jin's jade slip to Liu Yi, and then said, "Master, this is Yi Jin and Lin. The jade slip that Ze gave me, first look at the piece that Yi Jin gave me, and then look at the piece that Lin Ze gave me. This is a suggestion that Yi Jin gave me, and then I asked Lin Ze for his opinion. , Lin Ze's answer is what he gave me, Master, you will understand after reading it." Lie Feng knew that Liu Yi would have a deeper impression on this matter if he saw it himself.

Liu Yi curiously picked up Yi Jin's piece of jade slip, looked inside with his mental strength, and immediately saw the contents of the jade slip. After he finished reading the contents of the jade slip, he looked at Lie with some surprise Just said: "Okay, yes, this proposal seems to be good, and it is still pulling all the sects to act together, I am tempted to see it? Does Lin Ze have any comments?" After he finished speaking, he picked up Zhao Haijie Gale's jade slip, his mental power also probed into it, and carefully looked at the contents of the jade slip.

After he finished reading the contents of the jade slip, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief, then he looked at Gale Feng and said, "Lin Ze's plan is too bold, but this plan is too good, if it's really like Lin Ze's plan In that case, then those Shadow Clan people can return to the Shadow Realm alive, even if they are lucky, if we can really leave all those Shadow Clan people in the sea, that would be great, so For many years, we have been pressed and beaten by ShadowClan people, if we can really kill all those ShadowClan people, it will make us feel bad."

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