Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - v10 Chapter 114 inner door

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Zhao Hai returned to the Fire Phoenix Sect. He went directly to the Inner Sect Disciple Management Office. As soon as he arrived at the Inner Sect Disciple Management Office, Zhao Hai saw an acquaintance. When he saw that person, Zhao Hai couldn't help but be stunned. He immediately smiled and said, "Senior Brother Hong." As soon as the man heard Zhao Hai say this, he immediately turned his head and saw that it was Zhao Hai.

The person here is none other than Hong Feicheng, and Hong Feicheng is also overflowing with energy. At a glance, he has just become a master of law, and after he becomes a master of law, he can't be an outer disciple and elder. Now, he will soon come to the inner disciple to report that he will officially become the inner disciple of the Fire Phoenix Sect.

Although it sounds like the status has become lower, it is not the case. Becoming an inner disciple is a very important sign in the Fire Phoenix Sect. It also means that you have officially entered the core of the Fire Phoenix Sect. In the area, you will officially represent the Fire Phoenix Sect outside, which is very important.

In the Divine Tree Realm, if you are an outer disciple, if someone teaches you a lesson outside, the Fire Phoenix Sect may not necessarily stand up for you, but if you are an inner disciple, if you are outside If someone is bullied or killed, the Fire Phoenix Sect will definitely pursue it to the end. The inner disciple and the outer disciple are completely different.

You go to the outer sect elders of the Fire Phoenix Sect and ask them if they would like to become inner sect disciples. Everyone is willing. Because you become an inner sect disciple, your identity will be completely different. The resources are also completely different. When you become an inner disciple, you can receive five hundred spirit stones every month, two bottles of medicinal pills, one magic weapon, and one custom-made robe. , choose five of the exercises in the Tibetan Sutra Pavilion, as well as a divine beast egg and a cave house, these are the treatment of the inner disciples of the Fire Phoenix Sect.

You must know that the exercises practiced by inner sect disciples are much stronger than outer sect disciples. Therefore, when you become an inner sect disciple, you are equivalent to ascending to the sky in one step. The most important thing is that when you become an inner sect disciple, your longevity Yuan can reach more than a thousand years, and no one wants to become an inner disciple. Unfortunately, if you want to become an inner disciple, you must be a master of the law. This one stops most people, although it is said above. In the World God Realm, there are a lot of law masters, but this does not mean that everyone can become a law master, but many people still can't, so there are many people who can't become inner disciples in their lives.

Hong Feicheng walked up to Zhao Hai, laughed when he saw Zhao Hai, and then said to Zhao Hai: "Junior Brother Lin, I really didn't expect that you became an inner disciple, hahaha, okay, great, It just so happened that I also came to register today, so let's go together."

Of course, Zhao Hai would not object. The two walked straight to the Inner Sect Disciple Management Office. This Inner Sect Disciple Management Office is not very big. It is also a two-story building, and there is no task here on the first floor. The hall, this is a place to help the inner disciples handle things. As for the tasks of the inner disciples, they are generally all issued directly by the sect. , Under normal circumstances, only one or two tasks need to be completed a year.

The two of them had just walked to the hall on the first floor, when a person came over, the person glanced at Zhao Hai and Hong Feicheng, then he walked in front of Zhao Hai, clasped his fist at Zhao Hai and said, "But Lin Brother Ze?"

Zhao Hai hurriedly said: "It's Lin Ze, I don't know who my senior brother is?" Zhao Hai was very sure that he didn't know the person in front of him, so he looked at this person with some puzzlement. This person heard Zhao Hai say this, He couldn't help but smiled and said, "In Xia Luohua, the disciple of Senior Brother Sect, Senior Brother said that Junior Brother Lin would come to register today, and he specially asked me to wait here for Junior Brother Lin. Who is this Senior Brother?" After speaking, Luo Hua looked at Hong Feicheng glanced at Feicheng, but Hong Feicheng was stunned. He didn't expect that Zhao Hai was so good now that Gale Feng personally arranged for Zhao Hai to register, which surprised him too much. It means that Zhao Hai is in Gale Wind, but he is very important. Otherwise, Gale Wind would not have such an arrangement. This made him curious about Zhao Hai. He didn't know what Zhao Hai did. Being highly valued by Gale Feng, at the same time, it also strengthened his idea that he must befriend Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai quickly said: "This is Senior Brother Hong Feicheng, and Senior Brother's disciple. We just met outside, and we came in together. Please ask Senior Brother to help us register together." Zhao Hai is telling the truth. , Hong Feicheng is indeed a disciple of Gale, but he is not as valued as Zhao Hai, and Luo Hua understood Hong Feicheng's identity when he heard Zhao Hai say this, and he was very enthusiastic towards Hong Feicheng. Said: "It turned out to be Senior Brother Hong, Senior Brother Hong became a master of the law, you haven't told the senior brother yet, right? If you tell the senior brother about your becoming a master of the law, then the senior brother will definitely make arrangements, the two of you please Come with me." After speaking, he led the two of them into the hall, and Hong Feicheng also understood what was going on at this time. It turned out to be because he didn't tell the senior brother the news, which is no wonder, but he He didn't say anything. He followed Zhao Hai and Luo Hua and walked into the hall. Now he has to register his identity first. We can talk about other things later. After a while, the three of them came to a counter, Luo Hua. Hua entered the counter and started to register the two and change their ID cards. He was originally doing this job, so the two would feel more at ease.

After a while, the two of them received the vestments. The vestments were the same as the clothes they used to wear. From the outside, the materials used and the methods of refining were completely different. It is stronger, it can be regarded as a defensive magic weapon, but the magic weapon is not directly given to them, but is given a brand. Have you ever had a divine beast egg before? This divine beast egg was given to you by the sect. It is a welfare and you must accept it. The medicine pill is also much better than the one used by the outer disciples, so it goes without saying that the spirit stone I put it directly in a space bag, gave it to two people, and gave each of them a piece of jade slip, and the two took these things over, and Luo Hua said to them: "This jade slip is for If you went to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion to get the exercises, you have put it away. This brand is for you to go to the Refining Hall to get the magic tools, but you can wait until you have the opportunity to use this brand in the future, because this brand It's the brand of your custom-made magic weapon, and you are already a master of the law. The former magic tool may not be applicable. You have to gather some materials yourself, and then hold the brand and let the magician of the Item Refining Hall. People help you to make magic tools, but there are not many opportunities to make magic tools, so you should cherish them."

When the two heard what he said, they quickly responded, and then carefully put away the sign, Luo Hua then said: "The eggs of the beasts for you, you have to put them away, I know Junior Brother Lin, you You already have a divine beast, and it was just given to you by the senior brother. However, the divine beast eggs I gave you were carefully selected and may be useful in the future. As for the cave dwelling for you, this one has already been prepared. A few cave houses, you can go and choose, how about it? Are you going to choose now, or are you waiting?"

Zhao Hai quickly said: "Thank you Brother Luo, let's go take a look now, choose the cave, and then go to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion and choose the exercises, I will go back to Huofeng Island. Senior brother said that there is a task for me, so I must go back quickly."

As soon as Luo Hua heard Zhao Hai say this, he immediately said, "Okay, let's go with me then." After speaking, he walked out from the counter and led the two out. The people in the hall seemed to think about it. It's no surprise that no one takes it seriously. They are just curious about Zhao Hai's identity. They must know that there are not many people who can be so valued by Gale. They are very curious about how Zhao Hai did it.

Luo Hua led the two of them around the area where the inner disciples lived. After a while, they came to a small branch. There are many houses built here. These houses are the same as the small buildings that Zhao Hai lived in before. Not the same, this house is bigger, and each house has its own small courtyard, which looks very good, Luo Hua said to the two of them: "The people who live here are all from the family of the senior brother. You guys live here too, there are still a few vacant yards here, I'll show you there, and if you like the one, you can just live in there." The two responded and followed Luo Hua forward. , The courtyards here are almost the same. The two quickly chose two adjacent courtyards, but Zhao Hai probably doesn't have much time to live here, but even if he doesn't live here, the courtyard is his. , This is the benefit of the sect. Unless Zhao Hai is missing, and the soul lamp in the sect is extinguished, it means that he is already dead, and the yard will be taken back by the sect. Otherwise, he is considered a If he doesn't come back for a hundred years, this yard is also his, and he won't give it to others.

After the two chose the courtyard, Luo Hua enthusiastically took the two to the Cangjing Pavilion, which was also on the fifth floor for the inner disciple. They looked around in the Cangjing Pavilion, but they could only move on the first three floors of the Cangjing Pavilion, and the top two floors, they couldn't get in, and this time even the strong wind couldn't help them, because This is the rule of the inner disciple's Tibetan Sutra Pavilion. If you want to go to the top two floors, you can only wait until later, after you have the contribution points of the sect, and then you will have the opportunity to go up. Not now, no one can Go up without paying contribution points.

All of these things were told to them by Luo Hua, but there is an advantage here in the inner disciples' Sutras Pavilion. You can copy the exercises you like with jade slips. This is allowed, while jade slips are allowed. There is a blank space in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion. You only need to hand in some spiritual stones to buy it. Luo Hua sent the two here, told them some of the rules here, and left directly. After all, he was managed by inner disciples. He is not allowed to leave for too long when he is working there, otherwise he will be punished.

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